Budgeting: A guide to income Budgeting

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Budgeting one's finance can sometimes be a daunting task. However, when you master effective budgeting by using some of its strategies, you realize that you gain absolute control over your finances thereby giving you and edge to achieve your financial goal.

Managing your resources wisely is as a good result of budgeting. Here are some helpful tips to help you budget your income:

  • Evaluate Your Current Finances:

Before you proceed to budget your income, it is necessary that you assess your financial status. You need to take stock of your income sources which includes your salary, your investments, or any side business.

To achieve this, list out things you spend on such as groceries, rent, utilities, transportation and any other thing you spend on.

  • Clearly define your Financial Goals:

Ensure that you determine your long and short-term financial goals which could be saving for emergencies or investment plans, paying off your loan(s), buying a house, vacation or even for retirement.

When you have a well-defined goal, it helps you have a clear sense of direction and thus motivates you to be focused on your budget.

  • Have a Realistic Budget:

So many people create budgets that are not realistic. By this i mean, they create budgets that do not align with their current financial income.

For me, I always achieve this by categorizing my expenses into essential and non essential expenses.

By essential expenses are expenses that are seen as your needs. They are mandatory for our survival.

These includes houses, utilities, groceries, and transportation.

Non-essential expenses on the other hand are just things that you can do wuthout. Such as eating in a fancy resturant, clubbing, buying luxurious things and so on.

Here, you need to allocate a particular amount of your income to each category. Ensure that your expenses do not in any way, exceed your income.

  • Take Note of Your Spending:

Tracking your expenses is mandatory if you want to budget successfully. Recently, i started reviewing my transactions and it has helped me to identify areas where I have been overspending. Right now, i am trying to make the necessary adjustments.

We need to Understand the way we spend as this will enable us make informed decisions and find out areas we need to cut back.

  • Be Mindful of unnecessary Expenses:

Lifestyle such as eating out often, hanging out, impulse buying can derail your budget. While is it important to enjoy your money, it is also important to set limits.

Constantly look for ways to cut down spending unnecessary like cooking and eating at home, if you love to party, you can buy some drinks and party at home. The idea is to minimize discretionary spending.

  • Constantly revisit your budget
    Budgeting is a continuous process

Ensure that your review your budget regularly and make adjustment where necessary. Sometimes, your income may increase, thus it is an avenue to increase your saving plan. You can stumble on a legit investment opportunity and may want to jump into it.

For me, I think budgeting should just be flexible. Adjust and re-adjust Evey time as this will help your finances a great deal.


If you want to have full control over your finances and work towards achieving your financial goals, then you need to master the act of budgeting.

Budgeting helps you to evaluate your current financial situation, set clear financial goals, create a realistic budget and track your spending.

You can manage your income successfully and have a secure financial future. All you need to do is to budget. All you need is persistence and discipline. With that, you can attain financial stability and achieve your dream life.

This article is not a financial advise. Ensure that you consult your financial advisor or do your own due-dilligence before you start the journey of budgeting.

Thank you for reading. See you in my next article.