Financial freedom: Balancing side hustles with Profession

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These days, people are juggling with their regular job and a side hustle. Of course it is expected because of inflation. Depending on your salary job alone may not sort out your financial need. So you need to add something else to fetch you an extra means of income.

People have now grown from having a side hustle as a means of income to hustling something out of their passion. This is where you see people who love to cook and then make money from their cooking. Balancing your passion and your profession is not an easy feat actually.

In fact the first question one should ask is, why have a side hustle?

A side hustle as earlier stated is to have another means of income. But if we look carefully, side hustles these days are born out of passion and out of personal growth.

I have a side hustle asides my normal salary job and I have learnt few things from it.

I cook for people and bake for events too. In this my short period of starting, here are few things I have learnt:

Extra income: Of course, that's the essence of starting. I get extra income which is one factor that gives me moral to carry on. Ye, money is the motivation and the goal at the end of the day.

Learning new things: I have learnt new things over time. One time I made small chops for someone and added onions. The person called back to say it was nice apart from the sight of onions. So I learnt that some people do not like to see onions in their meals.

What did I learn?

I discovered a way to cater for these set of people too by grating the onions so that the flavour is still in the meal and people won't see it too.

Meeting new people: I have met so many people in this my life through my side hustle. Some of these people have turned to be family too. Some people I have met have opened more doors for me by introducing me to other people who have patronized me.

Expressing myself by doing what I love: This is the beauty of doing what you love. You express yourself freely without any fear or favour. Because I am working with passion, it is easier for me to develop myself and my skills. Recreate and create new recipes without stress too.

However, there are some challenges too:

Side hustles comes with their own challenges. You have to understand this fact as it will help you manage them when they arise better. It is not easy to manage both a side hustle and a primary job. Thus, these are things you need to know:

Time management: It can be draining managing your full time job and a side hustle. It can really be tough. You have to devise a means to manage both effectively. Without letting one interfere with the other.

Stress management: Working on both jobs can tire you out. Some times, you may find yourself wanting to do both jobs at the same time. Here, you really need to be careful so that you don't end up failing on both jobs.

Separate your job from your side hustle: This is very important. You need to map out time to do each. Stick to the time and ensure that you do not overlap.

Effective planning: You have to map out a plan and work with it. This will help keep you insane and not overwork on each jobs.

Take care of yourself: We will all agree that working on a job is stressful not to talk of adding another job to it. Make out time for yourself to relax and refresh. This will help you mentally and emotionally.


The urge to make extra means of income is the reason why most people do other jobs aside their main full-time job. However it has its own challenges if well managed, will pave way for your financial freedom.

It is important to note that while doing your side hustle, try as much as you can not to cross the line of the other job. Do not use the resources,information and any other thing belonging to your main job to run your side hustle. These things are intellectual properties and it is an offence to do so. So be cautious of this fact.

If you balance things properly, you will realize that your side hustle and your main job will bring you utmost fulfillment.

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The importance of side hustles cannot be overemphasized. Here in my country, side hustles are pretty important. I still wonder how teachers survive. Over here, teachers get nothing more than 20k. The highest is 25k. 25k in a month? How do they pay their kid’s fees? How do they buy foodstuff? That's where side hustles come in.

Thanks for sharing.

Even if you see the money, bills alone will take the big chunk of it. It is a pity that the government isn't even doing anything for the betterment of her citizens.

I pray we find our feet soon.
Thank you for reading and contributing

blockquote So I learnt that some people do not like to see onions in their meals.


I can relate to this statement honestly and I learnt to avoid that too, many people I have know hate seeing the sight of onions and it's preferably blended into the paste you use for the small chops.

Side hustle is really needed!! Because the economy is getting worse and no one would survive if they don't get a side hustle. Side hustle can also involve the use of social media platforms like for example this Tiktok that's trending! Youths are coming out in folds to do whatever they want in this platform and at the end it's monetized. But the issue is the time management and with what you have listed someone can really manage two to three jobs at once but it's hella stressful!

Side hustle is very important if you want to be financial independent.
Learning to balance it with your main job is a skill that you should possess.
Ye I see young people involving in social media these days just to make ends meet. It is a good thing.

Thank you for your contribution.

Inflationary pressure is rocking the world economy and several countries of the world are yet to recover from the aftermath of Covid19. When the economy is suffering, it also affects the microscopic side of the economy and people's personal finance is taking a big hit.

The need to improve our income has been on the increase and one of the ways to do this is to get into side hustles.

Like you said, running a side hustle is not an easy thing to do but it is worth giving a try especially when our side hustle is related to something we are passionate about.

Side hustle is something that we should give a try. The economic situation is getting worse each day. And if you decide to live off with just a stream of income, you end up being choked.

Thank you for reading and your comment

Sometimes I want to be in different business fields. But this is a subject that requires interest and talent.

Look for what you are passionate about and create a business with it.

Thank you for reading