Starting a crypto journey? Here are few things you should know

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Seems to me like crypto has now become one of the investments that almost everyone is getting interested in. Funny enough, it is not as profitable as much as many people make it look it. It is volatile in nature which makes it unique but it also carries it own risks too.

However, people make a decent living trading on cryptocurrencies. But if you want to delve into cryptocurrencies, there are few things you should know. These few tips will help you with your decisions and likely improve your chances of making profits.

First is getting rid of fear.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, generally when starting a business or anything else, you have to understand that fear itself will hinder you from achieving a lot of things.

As a crypto investor, you need to be strong at heart and don't let fear make you miss out on opportunities. Sometimes the market might look bearish or bullish. Fear may make you buy a token or sell a token that you shouldn't at that moment.

So try as much as you can to control yourself and take away fear from your body. The best thing to do in such a situation is to wait it out.

Do your Research

These days it is not advisable to jump into anything without doing your own research. Let's understand that people who want to sell their business will always paint it as genuine and valuable.

But if you do your research properly, you will end up finding out the important things there is.

Before you buy any cryptocurrency, please always carry out your research. Know the value of any cryptocurrency and don't just follow the band-wagon.

Most times these people who project these cryptocurrencies are paid to do so.

So whether or not you loose is not their business. So ensure you carry our proper research so as not to waste your money unnecessarily.

Get knowledge:

Knowledge they say, is power.

Try as much as you can to keep up with everything that concerns crypto. The #leofinance community for instance is a good place to learn so many things. I follow up some tokens daily by what I read here on the block chain.

Keeping up with the latest news will help you know when there is a loss and when there is a profit.
Apart from the block chain, gladly social media is filled with lots of news that you can try to keep up it.

Look for genuine sites that do not just aim at promoting crypto simply for their gain but sites that are truthful and gives genuine updates.


Don't ever invest with more than you can afford to loose. This is a general rule for investing. Invest in what you can let go and not with what will make you start begging before you feed.

Set your priorities right and don't use money meant for your house rent or any other bills to invest in clearly what you don't even understand.

Start small, be patient and watch it grow.

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Thank you very much for your nice write up about the things we need to know before investing in crypto or while investing.

I am glad this article is helpful..

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