NFT´s: My Vision.

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Most of the cryptocurrencies that we know were created to be fungible (FT), that is, to be exchanged between them, it is even possible to exchange fractions of a cryptocurrency for its equivalent of a different one.


In the case of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) we should conceptualize them as a single piece, which cannot be fractioned or exchanged for any other cryptoactive.

A very common way to appreciate them is to compare them with a work of art, where it is precisely in their reason for existing that their true value lies, in their uniqueness.

Initially, the NFT's had their first appearance in some video games like "cryptokitties".
In other video games, users could obtain special achievements, "weapons" or "powers", characteristics that would empower the characters, these would be representations of NFTs.

Intellectual property
NTFs were very innovative by providing a method that allows registering the intellectual property on an asset, keeping it permanently and securely in the blockchain, so its metadata, property and all transaction records are transparent and cannot be destroyed or tampered with.

What good is an NFT if it can't be sold?
It can actually be sold, as long as someone is willing to pay for it.

An asset acquires monetary value when it represents operational, emotional or any other value for any person, company or organization, transcending into a representative element of development.

Currently it is possible to create a non-fungible token from the representation of some physical or intellectual property, in this way, a company, for example, could represent its assets, which could be revalued and be transferable, auctionable and even inheritable in the future.

The tokenization of real assets, found a new niche in the NFTs.


The Real Madrid soccer team launched a line of collectible NFTs with the images of their players. Some of these cards have been sold for thousands of dollars, as in the case of the player card, Kylian Mbappé's unique card, which was traded for $ 65,694.


Is it possible that the new era of NFTs can surpass the achievements of DeFi?
Many experts believe so. The volumes of capital mobilization reached by investments around NFTs have broken many records and reached unthinkable levels.

The tokenization of assets can cause the revival of different industries, such as music or art for example. A musician or painter can trade his work through peers without relying on a middleman.

Time will define the future, the unimaginable is about to happen once we start tokenize anything.



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