9 reasons I enjoy using Ecency app!

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I have been hesitant for using @ecency but it seems out that I ve been missing all the fun, all this time!

It's been a month since I downloaded ecency for iOS and till now there are already a few reasons why I would not change it!!

(Image from ecency website)

  1. I get push notifications about every upvote/comment/mention that happens on the same instant (of course you can choose which ones you wish to receive or not!)

  2. I get to use more than one accounts with the same app
    (At the moment I am handling the accounts @aboutheraklion & @iamkikaki - they are not so active due to lack of time, but that could change in the future

  3. You can save draft posts on the app & you can also schedule a post!

  4. You can use the app on a browser :) ecency.com

  5. You are rewarded with points for whatever action you perform on the app (like, comment, reblog, post etc)

  6. You can boost or promote your posts on ecency, therefore they may reach a wider audience!

  7. You can post through any of your communities, via the app!

  8. It is very user friendly and easy to use and ...

  9. It has been an active app for a very long time, always being updated and I feel safe using it!

So, what do you think?

Do you use ecency or any other app?

If you with to read more about it, check out this link here and feel free to ask me!

Are there any other apps you enjoy using? Let me know in the comments ;)

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I adore ecency and its user friendly concept. The team behind the project is amazing, too :)

Very true ! I feel sorry it took me so long to discover it!! !luv Thanks for coming over!

The platform does not support TWITCH video links, see example here:

I like ecency but I got a bit tired of keeping it open all the time. It's still an app I use from time to time to place comments outside of LeoFinance because I get rewarded for doing so.

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Keeping it open to engage or for earning Points? 😊

Well I left it open for both but I got a bit tired with notifications working sometimes and other times not. I don't know but sometimes I don't mind the pings but other times it gets a bit annoying.

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I love Ecency!
the only thing I would add is to be able to insert posts in your blog and not among all posts (like Peakd)

You mean reblog your own posts?

No, on browser I usually use Peakd and on it there is the possibility to insert a post (when you are writing it) in "your blog" or in "all your post".
Here on Ecency there are 2 section on profile: blog and post.
If I publish an article with Ecency app, it goes always in post and never in blog section.

There is Advanced section on Editor page and there is Reblog button. Check here:


Oh, thanks, I never see it!
5 🌟

Sorry, but on the mobile version (Android) there isn't this possibility



Yes, you are right, we will add that option in next release.

It's wonderful! ❤️






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Need to integrate key and Dex.

Another things worth mentioning:
ecency is opensource.
Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think other frontends are.

Wow, This was very informative and helpful.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.✌🏻

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Just recently being active on Ecency, before the update it keeps on crashing on my phone. But now its really good imo. :D it was so much fun to engage with other user on the phone while I do some curation on the pc. Kudos to the team!!

I'm feeling good. I like it and I truly believe it likes me too.

@ecency is actually the best hive frontend! 🤗