Adding AFIT liquidity on TribalDex for rewards in AFITX

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If you are in the crypto-sphere for some time, you surely know that time flies too quickly. So many things happen and it is not always possible to keep up with everything.

Yesterday, I found out about a brand new thing! We can add liquidity to TribalDex and get rewards!

First of all, please comment below if you already knew it/use it.

I decided to try this out using some of my AFIT.


If you have never heard of AFITX before, it is the governance token of the renown fitness app @actifit. Please see below


More about it:

Adding Liquicity - 1st step: Visit website

I visited TribalDex, where I simply signed in with my KeyChain.


Visit the Add Liquidity Option

And search for AFIT to see the pool that we are discussing now.
You can also find any other pool you wish to add liquidity to.


After you find AFIT:SWAPHIVE or any other pair, you need to check out the info and fill in the Base or Quote token

I am trying out small amounts to check this out


Click on /Add Liquidity/

Liquidity Added

After that you can check out your position:


My liquidity added is very small but I always try small amounts first with everything.


Visit the: to check out the rewards, and enter AFITX for this specific AFIT:SWAPHIVE pair

Click between 1 day .. max to see more information



(Can anyone tell me what LP rewards is? Liquid Providers???)

What is even better? For the next 3 months, the participants will receive 2% extra rewards!

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As with everything regarding financial projects, please know that I am only posting for educational/informational purposes and my posts are not to be received as Financial Advise.

Thank you for checking out my post
Please do let me know your point of view and your experience with Tribaldex
I feel like there are many possibilities :)

Feel free to connect: @katerinaramm &
For my photos & relaxing moments:

Title Edited

Thanks to @steemmillionaire I discovered that I had been confused with AFIT/AFITX. The users are asked to provide liquidity in AFIT/SWAP.HIVE and as a result they are receiving AFITX rewards.

Thank you for your understanding!


Just a gif I created :)
I upload these on and who knows, maybe they are seen by more people!

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I think you are mixing them... As long as I can see, there's no LP for AFITX, but for AFIT. Can you please double check? If you made an error, maybe you can also correct the post...

Hey @mcfarhat and @actifit can you please let us know? 😊🙏
Is the LP for AFITX or for AFIT?

you don't need @mcfarhat or @actifit for this. you see it on LP explorers:

The Pool is for HIVE:AFIT liquidity, with rewards in AFITX.

I think you are right! I will correct this asap!
I had the impression that I did not have AFIT on hive-engine, this is why it did not even cross my mind.
Thank you!

Hey @steemmillionaire, you just received 50 AFIT tip from @mcfarhat!
For more info about tipping AFIT tokens, check out this link

I use tribaldex a lot. I have provided liquidity before. But I have removed it, due to amount changes everyday. I'm not sure if I earned any tokens. With cuddefi you can harvest your cub or let it accumulate, at least you know your earning. So now with tribaldex I just use it to sell and buy tokens !

Thanks for your comment!
I also use cubdefi and I enjoy it a lot. I agree that it provides very useful info.
I believe it will be interesting to make a comparison about the defi projects offered.

Interesting stuff. Seems simple enough, do you know if it’s possible to single side stake?

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I ve also thought about that, but I have only seen Liquidity Pools.
It seems that there is a lot to learn about this..

LP means Liquidity Providers from what I know. I kind of prefer Beeswap a little bit to see how much you get from your positions without glitching out. Tribal dex does include how much your entire portfolio is worth and what you earn from fees are though. So I visit both sites from time to time.

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Interesting, thank you for your input!
I ve never used Beeswap, I think I should organize my time and check more apps out :)

Hey @jfang003, here is a little bit of BEER from @katerinaramm for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

I have be struggling to use Tribaldex, I can login via Hive KeyChain but it just wont let me do transactions.


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Maybe you have not given the appropriate authority on KeyChain
Check out if you have also your active key added in the KeyChain. If you have, then you can check it out with their support:
Let me know :)

-- edit: I responded before seeing the image.
Yes, you will need to add your active key into KeyChain
Go to the KeyChain, click on the three lines on the top and then Manage Account
I think that this is where you can add it from, I see 3 keys for me there

Let me know when you are ok

I tried that it tells me wrong IP yesterday. I suppose I just have to keep trying will let you know if I win. Thanks

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I am not familiar with this error, maybe google it or check out with a KeyChain guide?
I found this great guide, you can check this out:
Maybe changing the browser could help?

I ended deleting KeyChain and re-installed it, added my keys and it worked like a charm.

Thank you, you are a star!

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Nice to see that it worked out!
Thanks for the update!

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Tap to help.

Hey @katerinaramm, you just received 50 AFIT tip from @mcfarhat!
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Never used actifit before. Sorry for being so direct Kat, but how much can you earn in a day using the app? Let's just say I hit 10k steps everyday, how many AFIT do I get? Is there a use case for holding them?

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