Let's spend some hive while promoting it, shall we? [online shopping at https://hiveswag.io/ - tutorial]

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I saw this post 2 days ago and I immediately thought - now, that's a cool way to spend my earned hive!
To help a new online shot at the blockchain, while at the same time promoting it and also not to mention that 10% of the hiveswag earnings will be spent on charity

A special thanks goes to @jaynie -- I joined her amazing challenge Share your Tunes & win and amazingly I won, so that was another reason for me to help bring the money back to the community!!!!

So let's start!

Let's visit https://hiveswag.io/

I like minimalistic look, it does not distract me - so I felt at home when visiting the website

Scrolling I see a few products and also I see some important pieces of information

I can pay in hive, it delivers worldwide (oh, look - I made a poem :)) and 10% of the earnings will be donated to charity!

Visit https://hiveswag.io/shop/ for all products

If you visit https://hiveswag.io/shop/ you get to see all the products
I do like hoodies, but it is summer time - I live in Crete (with 30 C + at the moment), so I have to go with something light :)

I find my choice and enter Size/Color information

(It would be nice if there was a size guide)


(If you hit the arrows you can select more than one items of the same product)

Click "add to cart" - the same action can be done for more items if you wish to purchase more than 1.

The product has been added to my cart so I will now go to 'check out'

If you have a coupon, you can use it

Unfortunately my 10% coupon expired but its ok :)

Check out

Scroll and click on update to add your country & address, where you get to see the extra amount of shipping

When you are ready, click on 'proceed to checkout'

When you are at check out make sure all the contact information you enter is correct, I suggest adding also a telephone number (for instance - where I live we only have postal boxes so it is not easy to be found - we usually get called for a parcel delivery)


At the end of the check out page, you see the Payment Options

You can pay with

  • Hive
  • Hive Backed Dollars

(Click currency to select)

Or with

  • Ethereum
  • Basic Attention Token
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Gemini Dollar
  • Litecoin
  • USDC
  • Tezos

I selected HBD and I proceeded

Payment Process

I got a hivesigner prompt

Remember you have to 'approve' the transaction in order for it to proceed

Order Received

At the end, we receive a confirmation where the order id is mentioned as well as all the other information

This is my Order number: 1589

Special shout out to @nulledgh0st & @hiveswag

That was it! How did you find the process?

I hope it will come quickly and of course stay tuned for some photos!

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great tutorial. re-blogged.

Hey Stellabelle! Thank you so much, I am honored! 🙏

very good tutorial! We have re-blogged this post for more visibility.

Thank you!!! 😊🙏 We appreciate everything you do for the community ❤️🌹

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You're awesome @Katerinaramm - we truly appreciate this shoutout (and your support). Expect to see a little HBD coming back your way, the coupon SHOULD have been valid until noon our time (which it's noon right now) so that was an error on our end!

Working on a style guide, or at least clearer size listings, is definitely on our list to do ASAP, as we've had a few people mention this already. The feedback is definitely appreciated!

We'll get this processing immediately so it gets to you as fast as possible. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, actually time zones always confuse me so I thought it was over :)
I will be looking forward for receiving it!

Hi, nice to meet you and greetings from Peru.
I liked the shirt.