Supporting the Man Cave Initiative - Feels good owning more BRO!

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I can't believe it's been 9 months already since I got my first BRO badge :)
Remember? here

Now, the time has come to own at least 20 BRO! And I am about to make that happen.

Because it is always cool when you got some goals and you fulfill them.

It all started with a notification on my email > which led me to Twitter


Twitter link >


The @brofi account has now more than 400K HP and it will support its supporters, by upvoting their content.

If you already own more than 20 BRO, then you don't have to do anything but to write good posts. No tags or anything else is required.

As per @raymondspeaks, this

works on a sliding scale. 20 BRO = 1% upvote. 2000 BRO = 100%

Checking out my BROs

I immediately wanted to check out my BROs!!

Happy to see that I got 12 BROs, so only 8 BROs to go

Checking out the stats

To buy some BRO, I will need some Swap.Hive
I decided to use this website and check out how it works


I wanted to try out this site, and it worked quickly & efficiently.

I have sent my hive and waited for swap.hive to be received to hive-engine.


I am now one step closer to 20 BRO and hope to reach it after my getting some hive (after selling liquid hbd)

Do you own any BRO?

If you delegate some HIVE to @brofi you'll also get some extra BRO


As always, pls note:

  • NFA & DYOR

If you wish to know more about The Man Cave Project check out this website and check out the @brofund account to get the newest news of the blockchain directly on your screen!

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This was very well written! Thank you :) Limit is 1 per day :)


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Why should you never brush your teeth with your left hand?
A toothbrush works much better.

Credit: reddit
@katerinaramm, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @gillianpearce
Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.

I never knew if you own 20 BRO you can get upvote as well when making a nice post, it's really nice. I need the BRO token as well and I have delegated hive to brofi to start earning.

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Website look professional.
Do they have any frontend?

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Thanks for visiting my post :)
There is no front-end. BRO is an investment (not curation) token.
(I received this reply from the Man Cave Project Discord)

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What did they say?

I get upvotes from Brofi on @finguru and yes, they are juicy AF xD

BROs rock. ❤️

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Nice goals to my 20 bro if you need some more hit me up and i see what i can do to help you


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This is nice, used to own more than 10 Bros sold them, but I will be back soon.

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Awesome. Two questions....

How many bro does delegation bring?

The quality post is it restricted to financial posts?

I have some BRO and I should get more. There are just way too many goals so I might try to sneak in BRO to my monthly goals starting next month.

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I am planning to buy some. Nice article abou4 bro