Swap.app: Send your STEEM and receive HIVE, SBD or BTC fast and easy! [1 step process]

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How do I exchange my STEEM to HIVE?

This is one question I have had myself in the past and also seen very very often ..

There are a number of ways to swap STEEM for HIVE.
I recently created a tutorial using beeswap and hive-engine but now I come to you with an even easier and simpler way!

Say hi to .. Swapp. app!


I first saw this application mentioned in a reply posted in the new quello app and I decided to take a look.

Swap.App is a very easy application, that allows the users to send STEEM and receive HIVE, BTC OR SBD in just a few seconds (or minutes). You don't need an app, you just use your steem wallet and follow the process below! I also did a small test, scroll to see how it went!

Follow the link below for more information or .. bear with me :)

General Instructions


To swap STEEM to HIVE, go to your steemit wallet and transfer STEEM to @swap.app. You will automatically receive HIVE in few seconds.

You can also specify different receiver of the HIVE by typing in the memo the @username that should receive the transfer. If left empty, it will be the same as the sender.


To swap STEEM to SBD, go to your steemit wallet and send STEEM to @swap.app with memo: sbd


To swap STEEM directly to BTC, go to your steemit wallet and send STEEM to @swap.app with memo: btc your_btc_wallet_address
Example memo: btc 13iLn6rGNW53tM22uzubhN8zw5B1kwxdSF

You can also encrypt your BTC wallet address by placing # in the memo

The BTC will be sent to your BTC wallet in few seconds and the BTC transaction fee is 0.0001 BTC.

The total fee is 0.7% at the moment this post is being written


The instructions are valid the moment this post is written (20 July 2020) - Please visit the links above to make sure you got the updated information at all times


  1. I am about to transfer 100 STEEM, for which I will receive 97.5 HIVE


  1. I am logging in my wallet and send 100 STEEM to @ swap.app (on steem)

MEMO: leave it blank
I wrote HIVE but it is not necessary.


Click Next and OK to process the transaction

  1. In just one minute I saw them in my hive wallet!
    How amazing is that? Even though I see a 503/502 error in steem wallets, the HIVE was well received :)


Thank you @cardboard! (I think you are responsible for this, correct?)

So, what do you think?
Would you use it?
For any comments or feedback do let me know or visit their Discord for more :)

Thank you for visiting!

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This is very useful information. I used to get confused about the way to exchange it. But I did it last week. Right as you say. This is very easy and very fast.

Yep, a great idea and implementation.
Thanks for coming by my post :)

You're welcome, my friend

I used this service already several times! It is very easy and just perfect!

This is cool. I was trying to do all stuff via ionomy. but it was a long route. :)

Hi Dev, I hope you are doing wonderful :)
It is for sure a brilliant thought and project!

I am good, Kat. Hope you are doing good. Btw I already transacted some via this. so quick! I am pretty sure many might have done this. swap team should thank you and give you some bonus. :)

Great app @cardboard ! Thank you for everything you do for Hive.
@tipu is a great curation system !


Ωραίο ποστ Κατερίνα!!!!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ Νίκο!!

Gonna try it out thanx

Finally an easy way to convert Steem!

Thanks for sharing to us. From time to time we always have to make some conversions.

From what I saw and understood ... would you do the opposite right?

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Hi, thanks for coming by!
The opposite is not possible, at least not for now.

Ah got it, thanks.

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Thanks for sharing, love the examples you posted.

Great ! where do you find the exchange rate ?

When you enter the website, select the 'to' and 'from' to see below


When I swapped steem for hive, I got the exchange rate as a message in my wallet

Thank you for sharing the information!