Tutorial: How to delegate HP via peakd.com & Please share options of delegation with benefits

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Ever since we come to Hive, we dream of increasing our Hive Power ..
(I personally wish to earn Dolphin status before 2022 - let's see if this will be possible)

If you are new to this platform, you may need some more information about the definition of Hive Power and why it is so important. It actually shows our 'power' on the hive blockchain.

You can read more here by @leofinance if you have questions.

HIVE POWER is simply the staked version of HIVE. There is no actual currency called “HIVE POWER”. Instead, the term is used to describe HIVE that is staked in your account which is illiquid and cannot be transferred out of your account unless you initiate a “Power Down” (which would liquidate your HIVE POWER back into HIVE over a period of 13 weeks – 1 payment each week for 13 weeks).

HIVE POWER can be used to upvote content, vote for witnesses, vote for proposals, delegate to other accounts and more. I won’t go too in-depth here as to what you can use HIVE POWER for as there are so many use cases. The best way to explore these options is to simply start using the blockchain and get a feel for how these mechanics work.

  • In this post we will see how you can delegate using peakd.com in just a few clicks.

  • In the second part, I will ask you to share with me all the different delegation options you are aware of .. This way maybe we can create a file to compare the rewards, what do you think?


Part A - Delegating via peakd.com

For this post, I will select to delegate to @poshtoken, a project by @acidyo
Recently, I read a post where it was mentioned that we can delegate hive to @poshtoken, in exchange for their #poshtoken (and some more rewards, as they say ;))
If you wish to receive #poshtoken for sharing your hive posts on twitter, check out this tutorial

Lets go to our peakd.com account. You will need to be signed in to use this service.
Move over to your wallet and .. click on delegate
Please note: it is recommended that you leave at least 50 (I would say 100) HP undelegated


Fill in the name of the delegatee & the amount of hive you wish to delegate


Click on continue, confirm and you are set!

You will see a success message and then you know you have succeeded.

You can also check at any time this link:


PART B - Let's share our experience :)

If you are reading this, let's share our experiences and lets gather some useful information!

  1. Where do you delegate your hive power & with what return
  2. Do you have any questions regarding delegations?
  3. What do you do with your rewards?
  4. Do you hodl your other tokens in your hive-engine? What do you do with them?

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope to have your input in this :)

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Currently I do not have any Hive delegated. The reason is that I do not fully understand how much Hive needs to be delegated to reach the same or more rewards as having it undelegated and using it for curation and author rewards.

Dear @katerinaramm,

Do you mind supporting the HiveBuzz proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency,

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I don't have any delegations right now because I want to increase my current vote value first. In a way, getting my normal comment upvotes over the dust threshold might be a goal for a while. However if I did have some extra, I would delegate over to leo.voter for passive LEO income.

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