My Crypto Journey Part One: How I eventually ended up on Hive

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“Stacking – A synonym for the mnemonic HODL" ~ Some anonymous Gothic Stacker.

I've been blessed by the Great Shibe.
I stumbled on Dogecoin back in late 2015 but was not my first Crypto. As a former YouTube content Creator, I did not get paid one red cent. Rather, it gave me a good standing among the Metals community by adding my modest video contribution, luckily winning some Giveaways and more important was networking with people with a common passion.

I fully understood the trajectory, dangers, and ramifications of the current economic system. With dependents to feed and house my wages were enough to stack slow but with nagging sense of urgency I wanted to Stack faster.

Putting the pedal to the proverbial metal I took on side cash jobs to supplement my Silver Stacking when I saw something like this on my Bullion Dealer website.

I have to give these guys credit for being first to accept Bitcoin as payment for their gold and silver products. At the time, their payment system was in the planning stages and wasn’t going to be ready for at least another six to ten months. I didn’t have the spare cash nor there was any handy exchange, so I did it the only obvious way.

Faucets, yes faucets. I remember some of them yielding as much as 1k Satoshi an hour and Bitcoin climbing from $1000 to $8000 per coin. Claiming at spare moments while waiting for and riding the bus, in line for that cup Coffee, waiting for my next medical client or patient. About the same time two other Cryptos came along; Litecoin and Dogecoin and claimed them as well on a regular basis time permitting but I wasn’t sure at the time these would be useful as payment of an option. I will happily explain my experience with these in Part Two.

I was notified by September 2017 that SilverGoldBull’s (SGB) Bitcoin payment option was finally online. The conclusion to this alternative currency experiment was at hand to see if this real-world exchange can really work.

By October 2017 when BTC hit $8000 is when I spent my collected BTC Crypto and purchased the following silver.

Top: Monarch Precious Metals 1 Troy oz. Poured Bars
Weight 31.1g, 0.999 Fine Silver
Mintage Ongoing
Bottom: 2017 Canada $5 Maple Leaf
Weight 31.11g, 0.9999 Fine Silver
Diameter 38, Thickness 3.21mm
Mintage of 400,000

Due to the volatile nature of Cryptocurrencies transactions must be done within 10 minutes

Are you kidding me! I remember the transaction confirmation was slow, seemed cumbersome and unintuitive. So therefore, it had to be party guided over the phone to verify and acknowledged the transaction. It was as if this was SGB's first a transaction as well, and I was their first guinea pig crypto customer. The Customer service representative was understanding and said that the rule wasn’t hard and fast, being new and a few minor quirks may pop up.

Left: 2017 Australia $1 Kookaburra
Weight 31.103g, 0.999 Fine Silver
Diameter 40.6mm, Thickness 4mm
Mintage 500,000
Right: 2017 Australia $1 Year of the Rooster
Weight 31.135g, 0.999 Fine Silver
Diameter 45.6 mm, Thickness 2.6 mm
Mintage of 578,000

When I got these, I was convinced Bitcoin can really work in the real world. Since then, SGB added ETH, LTC, Dash, Bch as other Alternative payment options. Other Bullion dealers like Apmex and Provident Metals also put out the “BTC Accepted Here!” Shingle. However, Provident Metals as a US dealer will not accept BTC from a Canadian customer. Go Figure.

The Sign from the Crypto Gods

If that wasn’t enough, I got lucky on an Instagram Giveaway from a fellow that was totally in on Bitcoin as payment for his Pawnshop goods.

Satori Bitcoin Poker Chip
Contents; Paper Wallet with Private key to 0.001 BTC
Series 1 Prefork BTC, BCH, BTG etc.

A quote from the Description of the Satori webpage. (2.)

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening and is also commonly translated as enlightenment. It is called Satori because of the life-altering power of Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin users will attest that they see their lives as divided into two main periods; before understanding Bitcoin and after understanding Bitcoin. Indeed, knowing Bitcoin can dramatically change your view on what may arguably be the most important matter in life, money.

Satori Bitcoin Poker Chip
Weight 11.4 grams
Diameter 39mm, Thickness 3.4mm
Quantity ‘Minted’ undisclosed, maximum 999,999 serial no.

And my eyes were indeed opened, not just for stacking precious metals but also understanding the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as an important part of my Off-the-Grid portfolio alongside precious metals.

And thank you for dropping in on my blog today

Link to my next post

Hive: My Crypto Journey Part Two
LeoFinance: My Crypto Journey Part Two

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor I am just a sword swinging gal that likes to share her personal stacking and HODLing experiences, if I made any money it could be just dumb luck.


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


Silvergoldbull’s Payments page
2. Satori Bitcoin Poker Chip
The Shibe Mint

Educating Africans on the benefits of the Block chain
Join our Discord,

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”



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Nice to know you were able to purchase precious metals using BTC. You deserve some accolades.💎😄

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@citimillz It was an amazing validation and a step of faith by to have the vision in 2015 of being a front runner of accepting Crypto currency as a valid payment alternative.
This was a critical milestone for me to getting into Blockchain technology.
And I hope to be able to buy a Tesla with Dogecoin! Lol!

Thanks for dropping in, Telokanda forever!

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That was a smart step they took. Hahaha, yeah! Hoping to see you soon on your Tesla purchased with Doge profits. I'm Hodling Doge myself.

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I've been hearing about Bitcoin for at least 5 years now, I definitely should have bought some back then, but I was broke...still am broke... Bitcoin bought back then and held would definitely have changed that...

As the sole wage earner in my household I couldn't spare much outside what I earned. I would be sitting pretty if I didn't buy the silver but I needed to try. At the time I wasn't very comfortable with BTC and if it ever went bust then I'd still have the Silver to show for it. I still have over a million Satoshi's sprinkled in wallets all over cyberspace.

Thanks for dropping by @amberyooper , Part two is coming soon.

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A million satoshis at today's price is pretty darned good! :-)

Just sent some LUV for the Doge. See the LUV tokens on

Ah, a Token I am not familiar with yet.

Thank You @errdlx , I will look these up when I get the opportunity.

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LOL I had my share of faucets omg! I think the 'Moon' ones were my favorite and easiest to negotiate. Some of them got all wrapped up in ads and you couldn't even claim anything.

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The Moon faucets were good, been around for a long time but they have passed on like most of them. I now have enough equity to trade and it's exciting staring at all that trading activity happening, those green and red candlestick charts, buying and selling. A new game. On the eye out for upcoming coins, too bad the ACOM token never airdropped for me, on to the next project.

Thanks for being my Witness @enginewitty

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It didn't? You had your addy in well before cutoff. I send you some of mine if they don't wanna come off with anymore. There are some cool new projects coming ;)

My Metamask is a bit erratic, have to troubleshoot later.
Have Part two Up of the Journey up!

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You have had so much success with cryptocurrencies, sis!
Keep it up, @kerrislravenhill!

Sis, I made my fair share of mistakes from the very beginning. Minimized by my original personal policy of not committing cash I would have already set aside for physical. What I lose is my time and effort. I believe we are fortunate to be in the leading edge of this technology and benefited together with our friends here.
Untitled 7.jpg
With this crypto Bull market booming I have determined for myself in crystalizing some of those profits into a Stable coin or into Precious metals is my next step.

Always, with love 🤗 🌺 💖

Screenshot_2021-02-20 Drunk Kid Meme Generator - Imgflip.png

Snapshot of CCTV Footage of said Ninja with 40" sword.
Note: No confirmation of Crypto nature or intent.
Not wearing a Dogecoin button.

Things have come a long way with crypto! I think it's going to go much further as it is adopted globally. A lot of folks I've talked with have heard of Bitcoin, but they have no clue to the reality of what crypto is today and will be in the future. Thanks for sharing @kerrislravenhill, part of your journey. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

Evidence that even some Alt coins are being considered as payment for Goods and Services. Elon Musk has really spearheaded Dogecoin, hoping he would announce accepting Doge can buy a Tesla car! I'd never think Dogecoin was a serious Crypto to warrant the current prices.
In my next blog you will see why I am once again excited for Dogecoin.
Thanks for dropping in @elizabethbit

I will be sure to stop by and read it. Have a good one, sis!💜🌻

Nothing like using a Faucets to earn Crypto @kerrislravenhill !😀 What a way to flip your Crypto ....Silver, you scored very nice my friend!!🤗

Many faucets have disappeared since but they were a great way to get your feet wet into the technology. With those gone, signing on to communities like Hive are by far safer, better and a faster way to build digital equity.

Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

Absolutely @kerrislravenhill, plus a wonderful SSG Community!😀

That's pretty cool, I have been thinking of looking for some of the old faucets, I must have some coins out there somewhere.

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There are not very many faucets left, and it's not worth starting over again and the balances I have built where the result of years of claiming. They were meant to get newbies started into cryptos and if you had spare cash that you won't miss if you lose it then buy some form an exchange. But you already knew that.

Thanks for dropping in @tbnfl4sun

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wow you bought some awesome coins with crypto coins :P

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It was an Experiment in 2016-2017 to convince myself that Crypto currencies have a real world use. If I could buy Gold or Silver, real money, I can do likewise with any other Goods or Services in the future. It is the High Water mark that proved it will likely work for public and private commerce.
Exciting times isn't it?

Thanks for the Comment @filotasriza3 👍

What a way to be introduced to crypto :D

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In hindsight joining Steem way back then would have been an easier journey for me. Just wait until I post Part Two with my experiences with Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Thanks for Dropping in @kaerpediem 💚

Thanks for sharing and showing the Silver Treasures, still available, but going fast, @kerrislravenhill.

Checking my Bullion retailers... Ouch, the prices are still very steep, way above spot. I have a few in mind I would to get for Show & Tell and I may have to Bite the Bullet for.

Thanks for dropping in @cve3

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I remember you talking about it, "Bit...what?" Looking for other means of Income and investing.


Hi Neighbor, you know every little bit helps.
There's a new Dogecoin round at the , are you building an order there lately?


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And another big HUG to my alliance family,

Thanks @fambalam 🤗

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