How much dCity SIM per day can you earn?

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dCity is an investment game where you earn by creating a healthy and efficient virtual city. What the player essentially is doing is creating a city that mines SIM tokens (the native utility token of dCity) that may be later converted to HIVE tokens or reinvested in the game to build your city.

In this subsection of the dCity Coin Guide, let's try and answer the question 'how much dCity SIM per day can you earn?' But first on this journey, you must have an understanding of the game mechanics.


As has already been stated, but is of utmost importance, dCity is an investment style virtual city building game. Income in dCity is paid in SIM tokens and every day tokens are earned based on the represented income of the cards within your City. To earn income, the cards must have sufficient workers to run them.

To earn SIM tokens in the game you must purchase game cards. The purchase of these game cards is your investment in the game. As well, the cards purchased determines how much SIM per day you can earn.

The important take away from these mechanics is there is no limit to the number of cards you may buy. You are free to grow your city as large as you want.


This is an impossible question to answer. As you can grow your city as large as you wish (and as large as your investment pool allows), your daily SIM token earnings are likewise unlimited. The only limitation on earning is the amount you have available to invest.

This game requires little player interaction, merely a couple of moves here and there to optimize your income. It is worthy of note that this subsection is discussing only the possible SIM token income you can derive from the game. Different strategies exist to maximize HIVE token income as well (maximizing population).

So what you have with dCity is a game with no limit on the return you may earn. This is nice as the base idea for this game is to make an investment and not be required to spend too much time playing it but rather just sit back and watch your assets grow.


Maximizing SIM, large cities earn BIG! One of the larger cities produces SIM as follows:

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Plus, there is the opportunity present to earn:

  • HIVE token by holding 8000 SIM (over a 30 day average period) and additionally by growing the population of your city to the top 400 cities in the ecosystem.
  • BEER tokens by purchasing breweries (that token production can be enhanced by purchasing a technology card).
  • WEED tokens by purchasing weed farms.
  • ENTRY tokens by purchasing stadiums and Gamer/Pro Gamer cards.

As such, the earnings potential present in dCity is HUGE!


Once you make your investment in dCity, you will be earning SIM tokens daily. The amount of SIM you earn is dependent on your investment but potentially is without limit. Just think about it for a minute - when was the last time you got paid earnings for letting a game play itself?

Yes, investment is required so all the ordinary warnings apply. Before you make any investment, be sure to diligently review the project to make sure it is a good fit for your investment goals and strategies. And as always, never invest more than you can afford to lose. Good luck!

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I love my SIM investments.

One thing to note is that if you HODL SIM, it pays an interest rate in HIVE. The "cool" thing about the interest rate is that it pays if off the pegged value of SIM which is 0.00500 meaning. I bought mine at similar prices than what we have now and I am very happy with my investment.

I look forward to future developments in this game. I am sure great things are still to come.

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When it comes to blockchain gaming on Hive, Splinterlands has all the attention (and rightly so).

Gaming is where the crypto community's attention is focused right now and Splinterlands is a fun, visually pleasing game to play.

But for those looking for a more subtle, gamified-defi experience, then dCity is the place to be.

I have no doubt that dCity will also break outside our Hive community echo chamber and find its niche in the broader community.

These potential SIM earnings figures just back that up.

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You are correct as I surely do enjoy the subtle gameified-defi experience.

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I used to play #dcity a lot before
not so much these days.
My earning is alright.
I need time to understand the new UI for the game
and try to improve.

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It took me a while to catch onto it too, so I decided to just keep it simple and HODL SIM instead, to take advantage of the interest rate.

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I started in crypto games with dcity, but I didn't continue because I didn't understand it very well and I invested a lot about $120 and when I wanted to liquidate my cards to get back my HIVE I received about $26.

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oh no :(

I think this is one of those "classic" examples where if you just HODL (what feels like indefinitely) you will make your money back, and then some.

Hope you kept a few cards to keep your SIM growing.

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Guess I've grown my City a bit since the original posting:

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