LeoMobile App Development Update | Android Deployed & New Build Version Ready, IOS Awaiting Approval

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We've been working hard on LeoMobile to deliver V1 by Christmas.

We believe that it's going to be a radical change in the day-to-day use of LeoFinance (especially when IOS FINALLY gets approved.. any day now, Apple!).

Android development in the meantime has been great. We've successfully integrated LeoInfra V3 and are now testing it behind the scenes.

With V3 integrated, you'll be able to seamlessly sign-in and sign-up to Hive & LeoFinance with the click of a button and:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Apple

It's incredible to watch the app come together in these final stages as we prep for V1. There's some exciting features on the roadmap that we shared in the last @leofinance dev update for the mobile app.




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Great work!! But am crying 😭 for the iPhone app.

Approve Apple, approve it :D


Leo finance are doing a great job, these are exciting times for hivers.

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Android Mobile app has been cool. Great to the see development still ongoing. I trust the coming weeks and months will be very exciting around here

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I have to test it! I've been a little disconnected from LeoFinance, but I've been watching all the development, and it's amazing!

Who need to read the FT or the WSJ when leo Is with us.

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Been using the new Leo Mobile, works pretty slick. And, it looks great!! Nice work Leo team!!!

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This will really be nice, I also need to rest run as well

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Great work guys
Thank You

Nice... Accumulating LEO under the radar.

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Thank you for the update @khaleelkazi
Good to know that you are focusing so much on easy sign-ups.
And better user experience.
Looking forward to the release of the IoS version.

Leofinance is a huge community, we are waiting for your apps

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