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LeoThreads is microblogging on the Hive blockchain. It's something that we've all spent a disproportionate amount of time waiting for.

The key to LeoThreads is that none of the content posted on it is considered a Hive post. Instead, LeoThreads uses the LeoLightning & LeoInfra backends to database content on the Hive blockchain as comments.

So making a Thread is like making a comment on the Hive blockchain. You can still earn rewards, but autovoters and other issues with posting too frequently on the Hive blockchain don't apply.

How I Use LeoThreads

I love using Threads. It has completely and radically shifted my experience on the Hive blockchain. Sure, I still love writing and consuming long form content - like this article you're reading - but I also love to just login and casually read, engage and create short-form content.

LeoThreads has found its way into my every day life. It's more than just posting to get a few rewards or posting once a day to keep your account active on Hive... It's real engagement with your friends and fellow Hive blockchain members.

I often wake up in the morning and post a Thread about something that I think about first thing. Usually (naturally) I wake up and have some thought to something Leo Development related. So I'll sit down at my computer and post up a Thread about whatever the team and I are working on.

Other times, I'm reading a book and find a cool quote. I post up a Thread with the quote.

Not only do I get to share this quote with the entire community who can perhaps gain what I've gained from it, but now I also have an immutable notebook. I can go back and find that quote with an exact timestamp of when I posted it... Right on the Hive blockchain.

Threads for Polls we have Polls on the roadmap but in the meantime, myself (and many other Threads users) utilize Threads to ask the community questions.

For example, we were looking for a name for the new weekly podcast we do with founders from other blockchain projects. The podcast is now called Chain Chatter! I didn't come up with that name, we had over 20 name entries submitted to a Thread that I just randomly posted. I sent the winner - @steemstreams - 100 LEO as a thank you gift for picking the name.


In the sooniverse, all sorts of other polling mechanisms will be available. Imagine being a content creator like @taskmaster4450 and running out of topic ideas. You post up a Thread asking your audience for some ideas and maybe tip them some LEO in exchange for their help (tipping in LEO, HIVE & HBD also coming soon).

I also love to see a lot of friendly faces on Hive and LeoFinance using Threads to post non-financial content. They're posting pictures of their dogs or posting pictures of a view they had when they go hiking.

@onealfa posted some pictures from a trip he recently went on. We all spend so much time together here on LeoFinance/Hive but we often don't see that more casual side of eachother's lives.

Another great use case is to share links of your Hive articles. I always take the link from the latest article I've posted (just like I'll do with this one) and post it on Threads as well! It increases exposure, potential earnings and most importantly: engagement.

One of my goals is to start using Threads to show that more casual side of my life as well. I think it's really fun to have that non-serious place where we can all gather. Life isn't just upvotes, downvotes and autovoters!

Threads Are Dynamic

My point here is that Threads are dynamic. True microblogging is whatever you choose to make it. Twitter started out as SMS messages. Today, it is one of the world's largest social media platforms and serves as a gathering place for great ideas, collaboration, funny pictures, memes, and more.

I use Threads on a daily basis and am always discovering new ways to utilize it to supercharge my Hive experience and enjoy my time here on this blockchain.

I invite you to give it a shot. If you've tried it in the past, but not recently - we've made a lot of changes and Threads are better than ever.

If you've never tried it, then you need to go make your first Microblog! I guarantee that you'll love the experience!

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I'm hopping into threads more often. It's a great place not only to find new content to curate, but to learn about upcoming events as well.

Example: I keep missing Cryptomaniacs with Jong and Task as I never know when its going to be on. Sometimes I see a UTC time mentioned and I have no idea when that is. I need to know the ET (Eastern Time) so I can know when to tune in.

Often, the first time I hear about an event is after it's over. To help with attendance, we need more notice and not in that hard-to-figure-out abominable UTC time.

Are you getting the impression that I hate events being announced in UTC time? I hate UTC time. I have to work to figure out the translation to my local time. It adds unnecessary friction. It's a mess.

I miss out on lots of Hive Discord events because I don't see the posts. Maybe a future update to threads will allow us to opt-in to a publisher (think PIZZA events, polls, town halls, CRYPTOMANIACS etc.) so it would show up when I log into LeoFinance.

"The next episode of Cryptomaniacs is scheduled for Wednesday, 8PM ET"

It'd be great if there was some opt-in threads notification with a countdown to the next episode (again, ET not UTC). I see a lot of future uses for threads as a place to learn new things and boost attendance at events. We don't always see the posts, but we always have threads right in front of us.


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Thanks for sharing how you use LeoThreads.

Some great ideas here for those who comment a lot, but haven't made their way over to Threads.

Have some fun with it.

Nothing to lose :)

I also love to see a lot of friendly faces on Hive and LeoFinance using Threads to post non-financial content. They're posting pictures of their dogs

Gary says bark (hi).

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Literally nothing to lose.

If you aren't Threading, you better hate using Twitter/microblogging. It's amazing to see a gap in how many people we've got on Hive vs. Threads.

We'll see this gap close in the sooniverse

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This is true .. I like seeing more different sides of the people I interact with here on the platform!
Thank you Khal for creating threads - this post comes to a moment that I was thinking of creating content about microblogging sites!
!LUV everything you do about us LIONS!

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Thank you Katerina! Happy to bring a great microblogging experience.

We've got a lot of work to do, but I think we're onto something big with LEO and Threads

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hot take - are you even a lion if you aren't Threading?

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I think it's funny when some ask wens but they aren't #Threading!

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Threads is #fire!

Great post, you explain the feel of threads perfectly.

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Thank you! I personally love using Threads. I'm super excited to grow the platform and scale

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What you have done here is expose to me the multiple ways I can use the Leothreads platform and the wide variety of stuff that can be shared there. Well done and thank you🤗.

I'll do well to use threads more often than before.

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Glad to bring a great experience! We'll keep improving it!

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Leo thread is an amazing place to microblog and I have been enjoying my time there. Some of my articles as also been rewarded through thread.

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Love to hear that! Keep up the good work

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Embedding new types of posts like polls in the threads is brilliant and simply will bring new dynamics and engagement to the platform. Nice to see smart features in the roadmap ;)

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Threads evolves each and every day! It's amazing to see it unfold

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Wow! Thank you for the many ideas on how to use Leo Threads. 😇



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Thanks for all the useful information on this post, I’ll be glad to have where I can drop mini post, thoughts, ideas and the likes without wasting time on trying to creat bulky contents

I also love sharing threads and interacting more active people online. We can discuss something important via sharing threads and commenting on them!


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#Leothreads are everything. It has equally shifted my experience here. Coming to casually talk about some bullshit going on in my life and chat with my friends about it is something I look forward to everyday. For me I use it like a dump, sharing my thoughts and other non - finance related conversations and equally driving more visibility to my regular Leo posts. Threads for polls would be amazing, looking forward to it.

Chain Chatter sounds great, it is unique and rolls off the tongue nicely. Great job @steemstreams 👏

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is LeoThreads Project Blank?

Project blank beta

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Leo threads a home of engagement and Socializing which Unites everyone together.

#threads is what will keep us dropping it and come back again.


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#threads is an excellent further evolution of the #hive blockchain via #leo of course. Now we have a facebook alternative (in Hive), a youtube alternative, and a twitter alternative in Threads. I use threads regularly.

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I made a thread on Leothreads yesterday, it was my thoughts and feelings at that moment. And it felt sort of cool. I think the “nesting” UI still needs some work


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Yes, there is no nesting UI in the current product form. You just reply to your previous reply to nest.

Eventually, we'll add more advanced features like this

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Very interesting and useful information.
I tried to make my first Thread yesterday and was given a warm welcome.
It really is a useful tool to get in touch with all the other users.

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Threads for polls should surely increase the amount of interaction and probably users to depending on the poll.
People love to see their opinion and how it aligns with others.

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I being a data analyst and mainly my posts are related to data .

I am thinking of using Threads to post various data related to Tribes , Tokens and Hive . Let me see how it goes .

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If I solely curate via leo threads will my votes still maximize my hive curation or do I need to look for threads or leo posts above a certain payout threshold?

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I love #Threads too and I'm excited to know that it will grow even more.

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Task running out of ideas??? That'll be the end of the world!😁😁😁

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If it becomes just another hive post link dumping ground, similar to some of the chat room options from the past, Threads will be ignored.


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Threads reminds me of a suitable spot for something that I would consider a forum post. In fact I always thought the HIVE.BLOG frontend for the HIVE Blockchain more resembled a forum than a blog site or put more accurately, a hybrid of the two. Threads was/is a great idea. At some point I'm going through my old articles and making myself a glossary in the thread section.

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Threads truly are a huge thing, especially for those who haven't really gotten into comments yet. Hive is and always has been so much more than just a place to click submit then log off.

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