How to Use Introjection to Be a Better Investor, Hiver or Musician

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If you know me, then you'll know I love a good Tweet Thread. Although these days, I spend a lot more time on Thread Threads 🦁

Anyways, I was perusing some good Threads this morning and came across this one from Billy Oppenheimer:


"immerse yourself in a universe of music"...

If you want to be good at anything in life, obsession is a requirement. It's never an option. It's something that you always need to have for the craft. If you don't have the drive to be obsessed about something, then I believe that it's likely not the right thing for you.

If you know anything about my story, then you'll know that I've been obsessed with investing, trading and finance since I was a little kid. While other kids talked about being an astronaut at age 7, I literally told my parents that I wanted to run a hedge fund.

I remember being in school and saying that. Teachers and other adults would ask me if I even knew what a hedge fund was. I would promptly explain exactly what a hedge fund was and quite honestly, probably had a better understanding of what it was than they did.

Immerse Yourself in a Universe of Blank

Ah the infamous blank. Just when you think you'll never hear Project Blank again, you'll hear it once more.

This time, I'm using blank in different terms. Blank is whatever you want it to be.

If you want to be a musician, then Blank is music.

If you want to be a writer, the Blank is writing.

If you want to be an investor, then Blank is investing.

If you want to be great at your craft, then you need to be obsessed with it. You need to eat, sleep, breathe, listen to and read your craft. Everything, everywhere all at once... and no, I'm not talking about the movie (great movie, btw).

How to Use Introjection to Be a Better Investor

In this Thread, Billy mentions Introjection. I had actually never heard of that word, but I have heard of Andrew Huberman, whom Billy quotes from:


Investing is my thing. It's my blank. So, I'll use this post to dump my thoughts on using Introjection to be a better investor.

I've spent basically my whole life watching investors. Reading books about investing, listening to podcasts about investing, reading tweets about investing, writing about investing concepts, investing in things, trying new asset classes, finding people on the internet who invest and following them...

I've immersed myself in a universe of investing. I eat, sleep and breathe investing. That much is obvious, right? I mean, LeoFinance formed out of a literal interest to only read and engage with Finance content on the steem Hive blockchain.

Today, things have changed quite a bit but my immersion in the world of finance has only grown deeper and deeper. I have a lot more tools and resources at my disposal and I'm capable of going deeper still.

If you're reading this post, you likely care about investing as well. It's likely at the core of a lot of things you do. As a Hiver, even more still. As a LeoFinancer, you are probably somewhere on the spectrum alongside me - obsessed with investing.

Introjection is a really interesting concept. Like I said, I'd never heard of it until this Tweet Thread.

"In psychology, introjection is the unconscious adoption of the thoughts or personality traits of others." -Wikipedia

How I Use Introjection

There are a few places I use Introjection that I think can be helpful to share. If you want to be a better investor, take some notes.

also, leave a comment below with how, where and who you follow to do this on your own. I would love to add some more to my list.

  • Twitter - following great people. Creating good lists of people who know what they're talking about, etc.
  • Podcasts - find some good ones and listen regularly. I like All-In, Tim Ferriss and a handful of others
  • Books - an endless rabbit hole. I've read many great investing books and love all kinds of books in general. I've got "The Intelligent Investor" sitting on my desk right now
  • Threads & LeoFinance - one of the core reasons we built LeoFinance in the first place. A hivemind ;) of people who love investing and talk about it daily
  • YouTube - similar to podcasts. Find the right channels and follow along
  • People - find some people to follow. there are a lot out there. Become a historian of your craft - billy talks about that in the thread above too. Find people like Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and others. Great investors who you can follow and be a historian about. You'll absorb their qualities and find better decision making habits
  • ....

Leave a comment below with some of your methods! I would love to expand my own list.

Stay obsessed, frens 🙏🏽

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I love listening to Jay Abrahams. He understands business/wealth building like not many others. Even though he uses seemingly quite simple concepts.

The most important ones are leveraging the unused resources of others, using the trust that others have built, becoming the most trusted advisor for your customers which he calls pre-eminence.

His videos on YouTube look like they are from the early 2000’s, but make no mistake. He is one the best paid business strategy consultant in the world.

I heard first time about this word introjection now just Google it, it means the unconscious adoption of the ideas or attitudes of others, I don't think it's always worth considering

I'd always considered introjection to be more of an unconscious process, but I suppose it could be channelled consciously towards one's own aspirations

Learned a lot from this one

These are ways one must really go through, thanks for sharing this and enlightening us all

People who eat, drink, sleep finance always find ways to get out of very difficult financial situations. Just like you, when I was a kid, I was obsessed with finding gigs on the internet, make money and attain a certain level of stability.

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I totally agree, this was me upon entering hive and getting to come across writers that spurred my spirit, I literally breathed them, I still do and I can admit that they greatly contributed to my writing style and composure. I delved into the world of finance somewhat late when I woke from the brainwash that the legacy system wasn’t going to cut it for me, but even then I’m still glad to be this early shaping and feeding my curiosity with opinions from likeminded people and get to try amazing tech I never have. Hive, Leofinance is one place worth every immersion

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I'm hearing the word Introjection for the first time but it sounds like an idea I have been applying for a very long time.

This is is the first time I will be seeing this word but it is actually the best way to describe me.

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This is quite interesting and I must be honest that learning and opening to every opportunities here on leofinance too is #blank

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Word for the day. A nice one.
I can get understand and agree with this concept as a driving force for success.

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