Huge Opportunity for pHBD to Gain a Foothold in the DeFi Stablecoin Space

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In this clip from the Weekly AMA, we talk about building great onramp and offramp liquidity for HBD through pHBD.

The entire goal for any Stablecoin is security and reliability. People want to earn fixed interest with little exposure to market volatility.

This opportunity for pHBD to take a foothold popped up when HBD's on-chain rate went to 20% and got even bigger when everything with UST went down and with the recent fallout of the crypto markets.

Stablecoins are on the rise. HBD could fill a HUGE gap right now.

The rise pf UST/LUNA was really because of this anchor 20% interest rate. So if this interest rate can be marketed correctly, it can cause HIVE/HBD to take off in a very similar way to LUNA and UST.

The key difference: the Hive community. In this clip, we talk about the opportunity that Hive has roight now to gain a large market share in DeFi and we also talk about what we're doing with and our pHBD deployment to help that vision move forward.

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So interesting when hive goes to 20% phbd will gain more opportunities through HBD

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HIVE could do incredible things with HBD gaining adoption. I’ve never been this excited to be a HIVE stakeholder

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I think you hit a winner with this one. I only recently transferred assets across and it has been very fruitful and the APR is good. I feel like CUB is doing great things once again!

Well done

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CUB is just getting started and I think this is the future - multi-token bridging to build massive ecosystems that can operate with huge value accrual

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It is really nice seeing pHBD get that momentum in Defi which am pretty much excited about

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I’m excited about that too!

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It's definitely a great initiative

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It great seeing HBD gaining a large share in DeFi ecosystem.

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Just the beginning. I think HBD has huge potential. It just needs to be positioned properly and have good on-ramps and off-ramps. pHBD is our delivery of something that we think could solve these issues

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Stablecoins are on the rise. HBD could fill a HUGE gap right now.

That's right most stablecoins are gaining their momentum back on track I'm also happy to see HBD Bouncing back too is a good thing, I'm seeing the entire market pushing up a little bit from this low.

HBD has been battle-tested already and existed for so many years. As an alto-stable coin, it may be one of the few that is actually hardened money.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for it with increased adoption

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Yeah that's right the future is bright

Hbd has lost its peg in a large way before no? Or was it sbd?

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I think HBD had trouble with the peg even within the last year, when it reached USD 1.200. However, the last Hard Fork which took place should have taken care of that problem. It could still happen again, but not as often as before.

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Ok, thanks. How can we know it was fixed. And what dictates the "pegging"?

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As long as HBD stays between 0.950 and 1.050, the peg is OK. Anything outside this margin is reason for concern (even if it looks like a good deal).

Since HBD is an algorithmic stablecoin, part of the algorithm is enforcing something called the haircut rule. This indicates that the market cap for native HBD is 10% the market cap for native HIVE; "native" is anything on the blockchain or the internal markets. If there is too much native HBD in relation to the rule, then additional HIVE is created until the market cap ratio is restored.

My understanding is that if you're looking at HBD or HIVE at centralized exchanges (or wrapped versions of HBD/HIVE), then the haircut rule does not apply. For anyone else seeing this comment, please confirm or correct as needed.

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HBD needs billions in liquidity to be a contender.
Else it's not a stable coin, but a STALE COIN.

See how important that B is.

Lol that’s funny

Billions would be great. It’s not necessary IMO but it is a future that would be great for HIVE.

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Just love that PolyCUB is going as planned and pHBD is taking the lead...

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It’s pretty cool to watch. PolyCUB has actually not gone as planned. Things have changed dramatically since the beginning but the exciting thing is that we’re changing with the tides and making progress on achieving our long-term vision of sustainable yield

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That's how result unveils themselves gradually, PolyCUB halving has been going as planned as the halving took place some days ago. Regardless of what the outcome has been so far, you and the team have able to still steer PolyCUB in directions that wasn't speculated at the start.

PolyCUB is a long term game so there's enough time to get things just the way you'd expect it to be. We're with you all the way...

At least your sincerity proves you want more and inadvertently, we all want more but slowly and surely the result would surface.

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I agree that this is great opportunity for HBD/pHBD to increase value here on Hive, Leofinance and Polycub.
I am very impressed with the protocol earnings numbers you give for the pool, and the positive effect these changes like pHBD-USDC had on the price of Polycub before the latest market downturn took it away. I think we can still view the current relative price stability as a positive in the current market where double digit losses are more common.

I have added two new pools to my DeFi as a service business @easydefi for pHBD-USDC and pSPS-Polycub as they service the bear market stable coininvestors and the Splinterlands investors.

I think that in any other bear market the 20% APR for HBD on Hive,, and the higher APR on Polycub for pHBD-USDC would have attracted lots of attention because it’s a stablecoin pair, so it’s a great place to store your money to preserve value during a bear market, and it’s a sTablecoin pair, which protects the LP provider against Impermanent loss, so it’s a Win-Win investment. I think we should all be impressed with the rapid accumulation of total value locked during this time of FUD and Stablecoins failing, and being under significant regulatory pressure.

Your building value, utility and a User Interface focusing on ease of use. I think success and high prices will come. We all just need to be patient.

Lastly, your moving fast and breaking things. So things can be pretty buggy. But that is part of the double edged sword of being in a cutting edge project. Potentially exponential gains and a symmetrical level of things not working. But your ticket system and response time are greatly improved, so all these things work themselves out.

Thank you.

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“ I have added two new pools to my DeFi as a service business @easydefi for pHBD-USDC and pSPS-Polycub as they service the bear market stable coininvestors and the Splinterlands investors.

That’s awesome to hear!

“ Lastly, your moving fast and breaking things. So things can be pretty buggy. But that is part of the double edged sword of being in a cutting edge project. ”

Yes, this makes some people angry. Those who get it, get it.

If you want asymmetric gains, you need to do asymmetric things.

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Yep! yep!

If you want asymmetric gains, you need to do asymmetric things.
Words to live by

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HBD and pHBD are two different asset and contracts, but my question is that why there is no such mechanism to keep their price correlation right now HBD is $0.88 on Tradingview, but pHBD has slightly above the peg at $1.001?

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That piece where you talk about people now will be looking harder into on ramps and off ramps on their stable coins is a good point. How do you plan on doing that? I mean I know pHbd is a start for an off ramp but then what's the off ramp out of that?

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HBD definitely has a huge chasm to fill after the UST meltdown, and what I see, a coming USDT face-shredder. Was there any plan to add a pHBD-POLYCUB Vault? While I understand the need for variety to encourage deposits, USDC is backed by BlackRock, among its other corporate financiers like Circle and Coinbase. BlackRock is the antithesis to decentralization, so if there were another pHBD LP, I would be much more interested in farming that on POLYCUB than just leaving all my POLYCUB tokens in xPC

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