Uniswap Explained: How to Instantly Trade Ethereum Tokens

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Uniswap has quickly become the top decentralized exchange to use for trading Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens (ERC20s). Using the swap feature of Uniswap, you can instantly trade tokens on Ethereum without having to leave the interface.

A common use for Uniswap is for trading DeFi tokens - especially up and comers that may not even be listed on major exchanges like Bittrex and Binance.

There is a lot of attention on Wrapped HIVE (wHIVE) and what potential use cases we might see out of that project. Having a wrapped HIVE token on the Ethereum network would allow Hive holders to wrap their HIVE and then utilize wHIVE to trade ERC20’s/ETH on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap.

This is just one use case among hundreds of potential use cases. Having a bridge to the Ethereum network provides a lot of flexibility and opportunity for HIVE hodlers. Hopefully this tutorial shows off just a little glimpse of what’s possible when you have at token on the ETH network.

In this tutorial, I quickly run through the swapping feature and show you how to convert ETH/ERC20’s into ETH or any other ERC20. I use BAT and DAI in this tutorial because of BAT’s latest rally in price.

It made sense for me to withdraw some BAT from a MakerDAO CDP vault that I have and then convert it into DAI and then use the DAI to pay back a portion of the collateralized loan that I had taken out.

Despite the high fees on the Ethereum network, swapping can be a lucrative game. Trading these new coins can also be a risky game, so swap at your own risk!

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Nice one!
This is a hot topic now :)

Its super simple, but what I find a bit constraining is that you cant browse the markets.
Like you cant search for market pairs etc ... you need to know exactly what are you buying/selling and enter those.

Yeah it's a very hot topic, hopefully we capture some outside attention and bring them back to 🦁

The nature of swapping means that uniswap is less of an exchange and more of a utility to swap from 1 defined token to another defined token. It would be nice to have some charts/markets/more exchange features too

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Try uniswap.info

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It's really interesting this development in the cryptosphere. It's simplified trading. I saw that if one is trading HIVE, a minimum of 193 tokens are required.

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I love Uniswap, I used it to buy BAND when it launched an ERC-20 and then later converted it to the BNB chain version picked up up for under a dollar and now I'm bawling. Have you started using liquidity pools yet?

The gas fees on these transactions are absolutely INSANE

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Well done. Nice job.

Uniswap but on hive and with smt

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