Promoting Hive at the Breathe! Conference in Vegas Last Week

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Breathe! was a blast! We had a huge booth for Hive along with some main stage promotions and logos all over the place. You couldn't miss Hive and her dApps if you were at Breathe! this past week.

I went to Vegas for 4 days, the conference events consisted of 3 of those days. This was the first in-person meetup I've done with other Hivers.

Having been here for so long, I have known a lot of them for 5+ years and seeing them in person was a blast.

I just wanted to share some photos and experiences we had this past week. We did a ton of great networking for Hive and all of the amazing apps here and I got a bunch of leads for new onboards - stemming from Radio personalities to elite business professionals who are interested in creating a Hive Community on to serve as an alternative to their Facebook Group.

p.s. if any of the pictures are a little blurry, I apologize. The upload was slow - if I get some better quality upload links, I'll drop them in the comments.

Shoutout to Crim


@crimsonclad is the GOAT for putting all of this on. So much work goes on behind the scenes that nobody really sees. I don't even know how many hours Crim spent on all of this but it must've been insane. None of it would be possible without her organizing things and of course, the Valueplan initiative on Hive. There's always gonna be some level of controversy around things like this, but having seen it in person - I can say that it is a massively beneficial thing for Hive.

I hope to see Crim put on more events like this for Hive and all the dApps to go out on the road and make connections. Personally speaking, I met some awesome leads and have meetings set up all this week and next to discuss bringing their projects to Hive in some form - whether as a community or as a new dApp launch. @anomadsoul and I will be slaving away on Zoom calls.


Crim on-stage giving a speech about Hive, Web3 and decentralized social media.

Mitch & I At the Leo Booth


Here's Mitch and I at the Leo Booth. We were surrounded by our fren dApps on Hive and it was awesome to get to talk to people who streamed in and out of the Hive booth.

I spent some time at other booths as well just to get a feel for how we stacked up to other Crypto projects. This is going to be no shock to anyone on Hive but we are truly amazing and unique. Most other crypto projects have 1/100th to offer people than we did.

Everyone who came by and asked about what Hive was, what LEO was and what all the dApps were quickly found out that we had a huge ecosystem.

Most of the people I talked to were blown away but what Hive is and how all of our dApps have created amazing (and importantly - real, functional) applications.

We got a ton of leads and sign ups to Hive using the QR codes I brought to the table.

The Hive Booth


I captured this before everything started getting crazy. The Hive booth looked awesome. All the card designs were great and we even had this red carpet that Crim managed to finesse.

The Hive booth popped way more than any other booth on the floor. I think we also had the largest booth since all the dApps had a section within it as well.

People flocked to the Hive booth to see what it was all about. At certain times, we had 20-30+ people asking directly about Hive and what all of it was.

Post-Conference Fun

After the conference, a bunch of us went out for some drinks and chatter. We hit some casinos and some clubs. We had a great time.

Here's a pic of Starkerz, Ben, Mitch and I having a drink at Resort World.


It ended up being a long night, a few of us were still out drinking until 9 AM 😂

That was Vegas! Like I said - tons of fun and tons of leads. We have a lot of calls lined up to onboard some communities Hive and we'll announce the details of that very soon. I have one confirmed already with a community of 3,000 people in it! They said to expect a minimum of 100 of them to be daily active users on the community on Hive from day 1.

Much to come, also - see y'all at Hivefest in less than 1 week!

Want to Help Us Double the Userbase of Hive?

Our DHF Proposal is aimed at driving new users to the Hive blockchain through a new onboarding funnel that we've built. Hive Lite Accounts allow these users to instanteously sign up to Hive. Then our UI guides them through creating Threads, Posts, Comments and giving out Upvotes. After a bit of time, the UI begins prompting them to take a course that we built and learn more about Hive. From there, users are driven to download their private keys (becoming a full, self-custodying Hiver). Afterwards, we send them to other Hive dApps where they can learn more and get deeply involved around Hive.

Our mission is to onboard 9,615+ new Hive Monthly Active Social Users. If you want to support us, please consider voting using the links below. If you want to learn more about the plans, the following reference links will take you to various aspects of the plan.


Learn More:

1- Proposal to Double the Hive Userbase
2- Overview of our Marketing Strategy
3- Traditional Marketing Plan
4- Collaboration Marketing Plan
5- Guerilla Marketing
6- Adoption Campaigns | Engaging, Retaining and Educating Thousands of Newly Onboarded Users
7- Influencer Marketing

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The post we have all been waiting for! Looks like an awesome classic event and a great way to spread the vibes and news about hive/leo. From the looks of it 5,000+ people attended the event so the loads should have stacked up nicely from it.

Did you onboard people directly right form there to make their first post? I'm curious how seamless the process was or if things showed up that could be improved for even easier onboarding.

The highlight I bet was getting to see the CAT lol glad you all had a blast and got to make a solid impact. Good work all around.

Yeah there were tons of people! I think almost 300 people signed up using the QR code I brought

I walked them through signing up (which takes 30 seconds using an X or Google account to verify)

Then I had them post their first Thread. I upvoted it right from my phone after they posted and talked them through how that whole system works

Loved meeting Mitch, he was hilarious and we had tons of fun

Awesome, I love that! Doing it first hand like that and it going so smoothly is a huge win!

Looking great!
Great to see events like this.

It was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one

💪🏻 Excellent guys! Sit back and have a

Im sure everyone appreciate your hard work and effort I do too, will be looking at the proposal, bit by bit Hive can keep growing and making it easy for new users without all the wallet, keys, passwords, etc is the right direction to keep new users coming in, thanks guys, looks like you have a blast too

Growth comes in all ways. Was fun chatting with new people about Hive at this conference

This is beautiful, I was grinning from ear to ear while reading this and . I can see that you had great fun.
I'm so proud of this team. Let's keep soaring higher 🚀🚀


I'm very excited for what's coming!

The wheels have begun to spin, it's only a matter of time until 2x or maybe 3x the hive social side user base 🚀

1000%. It seriously is only a matter of time - people are blown away by Hive... they've just never heard of it!

This is a great event and good for hive promotion.


Amazing! I could not make it to Las Vegas, but I'll be at HiveFest! I'll see you there!

Would love to see if there’s a video link or recording of @crimsonclad speech.

I actually don't know if there is! Maybe she'll jump in here and let us know

I love how the picture of us having drinks. Is me running my mouth and making Starkerz scratch his head.

Nice recap! I agree after attending this and the RareEvo event in Denver. I believe we are in a new phase of growth and it is thanks to everyone in the community.

Nice to finally meet you.


Let's hope this is the first of many 'Hive Coming Out' events, showing who we are and what we have to offer on the blockchain. Well-done guys! Oh, and I just added my vote for your Hive onboarding proposal!

That's nice. Congratulations! Slowly but surely Hive's breaking out of the cocoon of anonymity...

100%, people really enjoyed everything we had to say. Most had a similar reaction - "I can't believe I've never heard of Hive"

Many will say the same in the years to come.

I hope you find great partnerships for hive and great experiences for you! Good luck guys!

Tons of potential partnerships

You look awesome guys.

I adore seeing LeoFinance, PeakD and Splinterlands together!

Crimsonlad is adding value to the ecosystem

Hive On ✌🏼

It was super fun to be there all together! I finally met Aggy

Awesome stuff ser!

Great to see Leo and Hive front and center at these events.

It's super fun! I have never made it to a in-person conference like this before but I want to start doing more of them. Lots of connections made

The word about Hive ecosystem is getting out there little by little. Cheers to y'all for tha awesome outing. Thanks to @Climsoclad for all the efforts put in.

This is exactly what we need in terms of marketing. Congratz and big thank you! I'm absolutely sure of vote for Leo Finance DHF proposal!

I need to come to one of this events! Good job guys!

haha, I love you! I am genuinely surprised we still look as.... fresh... as we do given the timing and circumstances of this particular photo 😂😊 Also, because apparently your phone camera is an actual fucking potato.

I'm so stoked to know how many signups we were able to channel thru Leo, given this was more a b2b event than a direct to consumer, it goes to show the power of our offerings! Not to mention all the great work done on the ideological outreach with our gestalt of dapp representatives... I'm looking forward to sending a little something to all our new friends.

Thanks for being you, and huge kudos to you, Eric and Mitch for not turning me down outright when I launch these cockamamie schemes at you 🖤

I mean, we're collecting receipts and finishing up final tallies of what people contributed to these full platform efforts now. If you give it a little bit, you'll see the final reimbursements here on our fully transparent ledger for some of the upfront cash that all these awesome Hivers spent out of their own pockets to pull off this particular event, and you can add to your list after that. Not really sure that this is the gotcha you think it is.

not really sure what you're on about but it reads as if you're trying to be threatening or intimidating but it's not really resonating with me. My response was simply to point out that when we do any outreach work, we pay up front IRL in cash, are reimbursed one to one with proof of receipt, and it's all completely visible and literally line by line itemized on chain so everyone can see. Can't really understand why you seem to think that's "hiding" but if it makes you happy to dig and try to intimidate a random net of people over whatever personal fights you've got going on, that's certainly a thing you can pursue that I can not particularly be interested in being drawn into. You're correct, downvotes don't hurt, which is why I can answer you as I see fit and people downvoting you doesn't change your ability to access the platform or to have discourse with others.

Your personal threats are noted

this is absolutely amazing. For what it is woth, I am proud of what you are doing and pulled off in Vegas. Cannot wait to get some details on the onboarding.

Going to be one hell of a onboarding campaign. You all rock.


@khaleelkazi! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (1/50)

Holy cow, the cat is tall! 😄

Really cool to see these amazing faces at the conference. I heard that all the Hive related stands looked amazing.

You guys are legends for this. Respect! I'm not surprised a lot of people were blown away when they realized HIVE has a pretty extensive ecosystem.

I am so glad how you all promote hive.
Great job and kudos to everyone involved

it's seems that conference was full of fun, excited to know upcoming events......

Wonderful work there, guys!

I really hope that starts a buzz (sorry) about Hive. The number one problem is that people haven't heard of it and the second is that they may not know what it offers. If we get a few communities migrating over then great things could happen.

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Go to see the funds being spent well and if you bring in those 3000 then well done.

I will love if one can get the video link that captures the whole events

So this is where the DHF money went.. to a party in Vegas...

Nice to see your dreams come true.
Good for you.