Rapid Fire Q&A | The LEO Token Economy, Updates and Where We're Headed

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Hey everyone! In this video, we did a rapid fire Q&A and covered a ton of topics.

I wanted to get through as many questions as we could from our threadcast. This was a huge one with over 100 questions asked on https://leofinance.io/threads.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Q&A!

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.

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Web3 & DeFi

Web3 is about more than social media. It encompasses a personal revolution in financial awareness and data ownership. We've merged the two with our Social Apps and our DeFi Apps:

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Suprised this is not on 3Speak !!! Guess we have to bring outside audience. Hope I can engage more with the #Leofinance platform. I do hold some tokens, which have been staked.

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Leo finance is great