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RE: How Will CUB Hodlers Be Able to Participate in CUB IDOs?

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So there’s two different approaches - what you’re thinking of are the “launch pools” that some other platforms have implemented. This might also become a feature later on but IDOs are different.

In an IDO, you’re trading your CUB-BUSD LP tokens for the IDO token. If the IDO is exactly 100% committed (or less), then you don’t get any CUB-BUSD back. Instead, you’ve used your Cub-BUSD to buy into the new IDO token.

In the case of an overflow (an IDO that raises past the 100% mark), you will receive a proportional share of the IDO tokens based on the total $$ committed and then you’ll receive any leftover CUB-BUSD LP tokens back to your wallet.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, crystal-clear!
But how can we ensure that those IDO tokens are worth our precious CUBs? I mean, there are so many shitcoins out there, with an insane inflation or supply (or both). How it is taken care, that at the end we are not provided an impressive amount of worthless tokens? There is quite a lot of trust involved, since nobody can know in advance how the IDO tokens will perform! Or do I miss something?

This is the gamble and the dilemma.

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