HBD is Coming to POLYCUB!? | The Deepest Liquidity Pool for Hive's Algo-Stablecoin

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As Hive users I think we all believe that HBD - Hive-Backed Dollars - is one of the most superior algorithmic stablecoins that is out there.

One of the most frustrating parts about it is the lack of liquidity. Outside of that, HBD Is one of the most fundamentally sound stablecoins that we see in the crypto industry today.

With all of this being said, LeoFinance has been expanding our Web3 ecosystem to new blockchains.

Democratizing the access to financial opportunities within and outside of the crypto space is our entire mission. We do that through education on LeoFinance.io user-generated content but we also do that through building tools that serve as portals to the DeFi world - which is rapidly changing the power dynamics behind Web3 access to financial opportunities.

We're building our own version of a wrapped HBD token that we're preparing to launch on the Polygon network. This will rely on an oracle which can be seen as its main weakness however it will also be the deepest liquidity pool that HBD has ever seen.

We're creating a pair for HBD as HBD-USDC on Polycub.com. This will also be subject to the governance voting on LP Incentives that we're building into the xPOLYCUB Governance Token structure. The mechanics serve both PolyCUB and Hive:

  • POLYCUB benefits by accruing vault fees + interest on HBD
  • Hive benefits by getting a super-deep liquidity pool for HBD



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Hive benefits by getting a super-deep liquidity pool for HBD

HBD liquidity is something that our blockchain has been crying out for.

And once again its LeoFinance stepping up and creating value for Hive on your own.

Hey @ecoinstant, did you see this? ☝️

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I can't wait! thanks for the tag

Keep fighting the good fight my friend! ;)

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To be honest, I was all out on Hbd as savings just a couple weeks ago, I pulled out over half of my HBD from savings last week to.. Guess where? Yep, Polycub. I think HBD is cool, I mean, 12% isn't so bad, but I feel owning some more Polycub makes more sense to me right now. I can still get more HBD from my posts, but Polycub would become hard to get later.
It would be great to see HBD on Polycub, think that would give investors more options and also kinda make Polycub more affliated to Hive.

The dilemma of too many choices. Amazing how we can turn our backs on a low risk 12% return.

Yet that is what many of us are doing. A lot of cool things emerging.

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Another massive advantage for all the polycub holder once more,good to see how the airdrop keep attracting lot of development

This is definitely exciting, I had in mind that hive/HBD would be mentioned as taskmaster once made a post that it wasn't certain.

This just clears the air, what a win...

excited. make it happen!

There is so much happening at Leofinance. Now we have the wrapped HBD. I can understand the volume is small on hive-engine. So best to swap it on polygon and then use it on polycub. There be a lot more liquidity. This is very useful indeed !

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The LP on Polygon was huge. This is going to provide a much greater degree of access for Hive.

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So much Rolling and coming out from leofinance that one need to be proud of the latest developments. This will be a massive one to be accepted

HBD - Hive-Backed Dollars - is one of the most superior algorithmic stablecoins that is out there.

The HBD as a stablecoin is really nice having in the blockchain which we all believe there's more progress that will occur having such coin but at the same time polyCUB is also moving in a progressive state that's need to have more Cubs staked in other to benefit more from it soon

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It's really great and exciting for HBD to come to PolyCUB. I can't wait to see this.

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We can't keep up with the amazing benefits that comes with being a polycub holder anyone, and this latest update on HBD coming to polycub is so cool and I can't wait,

Thank to the leofinance team for all that you do.😊

Highly looking towards this ever since I heard about it in one of the AMA's. Been saving up HBD for this. I believe we truly needs more liquidity for HBD

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Awesome move planning to include our very own stable coin into the polycub DeFi. This move should see lot of hive users jumping in on that LP. Can't wait for this

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We're creating a pair for HBD as HBD-USDC on Polycub.com

So cool. This is why I love the leofinance team. Always working and seeking to satisfy it's users. Can't wait to move some HBD over to polycub

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Awesome. This is going to be EPIC. This Liquidity Pool will definitely help the HIVE community to get some exposure to DeFi outside Hive.

The future is multi-chain and this will increase the liquidity of HBD which is going to benefit us in the long term. Bring it on!

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Great news!
1 more earning source for pCUB, 1 more added value from pCUB.
APR of HBD-USDC LP staking should be a bit higher than 12% to attract people pull out HBD from saving account and put them in HBD-USDC LP to have very deep LP :)

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Amazing. The stable coin pool and Xpolycub governance mechanism would give extra layer to the ecosystem. And, then - marketing :) Make more tiktoks

This is going to be big. We need this to come out ASAP.

It is time to start building upon HBD. There is so much potential. We need to get it moving forward. It will pull Hive to a completely different level.

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We're creating a pair for HBD as HBD-USDC on Polycub.com.

OMG thats awesome shit! Maybe a HBD/LEO pair too? I mean that could be the ultimate way to spread hive!

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That awesome ! That's exactly what I was waiting for ! Another way to make HBD even more interesting ! Just after @themarkymark signalling 20% interests on HBD on some witnesses ! !PIZZA

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I feel like every day, in some little way, things just keep getting better and better. It's fantastic to include Hive in PolCub, as it includes everyone on Hive in this opportunity to invest in Defi with the token they earn everyday on the Hive blockchain. They are now literally one wrap away from a huge opportunity.
Bravo! Clapping Emoji

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