LeoFinance HiveFest Keynote - What We've Accomplished in 2020 and Our 2021 Roadmap

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This year's HiveFest was awesome. While we couldn't meet in person, this is definitely an interesting way to meetup and beats any sort of Discord call we all could've jumped into. I presented LeoFinance on Day 2 of HiveFest and talked about a few of the key pieces of our project.

The talk starts out a bit slow in my opinion, but picks up around the 4 or 5 minute mark as I settled in and worked out a few technical issues I was having. Overall, I think it went pretty smooth and I felt the finish was strong. Our 2021 roadmap is going to be a lot of fun to deliver on.

In This Keynote

  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:01:39 What is LeoFinance?
  • 00:03:18 Why We Chose to Build on Hive
  • 00:04:35 The DeFi Expansion - Wrapped LEO (WLEO)
  • 00:05:57 The DeFi Expansion - WLEO Geyser Incentives Project
  • 00:08:18 LeoInfra - The Solution to Onboarding the Next Generation of Hive Users
  • 00:09:21 LeoInfra - How We Created Lite Accounts for the Hive Ecosystem
  • 00:11:36 LeoInfra - Early-Stage Data Analysis on the Accounts We've Onboarded
  • 00:12:55 Preview of LeoFinance's 2021 Roadmap

I had a lot of fun with this talk (again, especially toward the middle-end). Based on the audience reactions, I think our expansion into DeFi, the creation of Lite accounts and the 2021 roadmap are what garnered the most hype and attention.

As we get closer to the end of 2020, we'll release a massive post summing up our year and follow it up with the in-depth version of our 2021 roadmap which was briefly previewed in this keynote.

Enjoy and shoutout to @roelandp for putting together an amazing virtual event!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the keynote was and if you have any questions about it or our project in general.

I wanted to do a Q&A at the end, but we ran out of time so here's what I want to do: leave a comment below with a question that you could've asked live but didn't get the chance to. I'll collect my favorite ones from the comments and then record a follow-up Q&A for a post.



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A few people have asked for a copy of our 2021 roadmap slide that I presented at HiveFest. Here you'll see a screenshot of it. Please note that this is a preview of the 2021 roadmap. It's missing a lot of key details and instead gives a broad overview of the 6 major sections of our roadmap.

The full roadmap is much more complex and includes in-depth details that were too lengthy to include in the short presentation I gave at HiveFest. For now, this can serve as a little teaser of what's to come. Expect a 2021 roadmap to drop right around the turn of the New Year.


And here is the full slide deck from the Keynote if you're extra curious: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1H8pFqKhsWUlGZCcrXE3nT-Ii7DX7JDEQatKzf3fSaZ4/edit?usp=sharing

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Hell yeah man!

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I like Decreasing Reliance on Hive-engine and just want to know about that.
Will Leodex be isolated from the Hi-engine?

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Of everything on this list, I love the idea of microblogging the post. I hope that some people will not begin to downvote the posts on the Hive frontend as exploitative of the reward pool. If this happens, would you do anything about it? Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to your mentoring and correction @gandhibaba

Thanks for sharing 👍 !

this publication is very good..

Me parece excelente la aclaración, muchas gracias.

Nice post.


but then will you make a post with the roadmap? unfortunately I don't see details by video


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I just dropped a comment here on the post with the screenshot :)

Keep in mind that what I presented was just a preview. The full 2021 roadmap has a very different styling along with more in-depth details. This one is just a distilled overview

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thank you! I've read the overview of what's to come and it's really that exciting! But I await a dedicated post or a more detailed roadmap to know as much information as possible 😍

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Considering everything I've read and heard about the roadmap, 2021 will really be a very promising year.

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2020 was a big year for us. Launching our own UI which took over 4 months to build V1, adding on to it with 2 more versions after that and then all of the other amazing things: WLEO, DeFi, Geyser model, etc. etc.

It's a long list.

This time next year, we'll compare the list of what we did in 2020 to what we did in 2021 and it's going to be no competition. 2021 will be our year to really shine and break through beyond Hive and even Ethereum as we connect LeoInfra to other blockchain apps and ecosystems while listing WLEO on more dApp protocols and exchanges 🚀

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I have a question about the upcoming microblogging into the refinance platform.

How do you plan on fighting off abusers and spammers?

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Abusing the microblogging platform will be very difficult. Unlike the other solutions currently built on hive.

I saw your notes on a post recently. Best to wait for us to actually release details about how the platform will work as I think you’re speculating on how it will function based on what already exists on Hive.

Ours will be much different.

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I think its better to wait then. I sincerely hope it's different. Till then, I must confess, it's been a great work so far on the platform

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Neat presentation that checked all the important boxes from the current focus of Leo Finance. A lot of attendees and one session without the other technological hiccups from Hive Fest. Great to be there and witness Leo Finance getting in front of its public and bringing awareness within the Hive ecosystem and outside.

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i wonder how many ppl showed up

a dozen of people

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Although this wasn't much new info for me ( I am lurking in the Leofinance shadows for some months now ), it was exciting to get a recap of how much has been done this year and how very much there's still to come. It's communities like these that will keep me here, they give me faith in the future and make me feel like my investment in time and money was all worth it.

Onward and upward!✨

Love all the things you guys are doing! The road map looks awesome!

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I'm so glad you guys are posting these. Wife had me on honey do work all weekend so I didn't get a chance to attend. Keep up the great work and 2021 will be ever better!

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It's today! Do not miss the opening of HiveFest⁵

Great video @khaleelkazi . When you get a chance can you upload it to youtube? I know you're busy.

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I am having deja vu all over again.

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You should take the tip from @cflclosers and post these stuff on YouTube. That's free extra exposure.

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Experienced achiever and powerful influencer... very promising. I would love to see someone withing the team to contribute or be involved in the HIVE blockchain code development even if that's not the scalable path for LEO, and I understand that it's not a matter of choosing sides but instead keeping the momentum and collaboration for healthy growth.

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I'm very happy to be part of this community!
To many more achievements! 🍻

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I like the concept of wLEO as a DeFi token.

There have been some great changes to Leo finance. I'm really excited for everything that's been coming from this project. LEO is doing a lot of great things for the Hive community! Thanks for being incredible man!

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I've just provided my witness vote to you. This looks like an awesome initiative and I hope it does well.

Keep up the great work! Best token and community on the Hive Blockchain!

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I have a question? I have been trying to register on the site https://leofinance.io/ 2 times and more than 3 days now and still can't? Logged in both with HIVE and https://twitter.com/, but also there is no registration? Why such difficulties with registration when the question of new members for LeoFinance? Especially today I made 2 additional accounts, but this did not help either. The wheel turns and that's it...

the hive is alive

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I agree more for success

Wow, that is quite interesting, the keynote look like is decentraland? or is it a hive dapp, and if so, which one?

nice writing 🤌🤌

Nice one

In meetings of this nature time should be created for people to ask questions in order to be sensitized. Practicals should be provided for beginners.

Wahala for us wey no attend

I want to buy Hive coin as future investment

Thanks alot

This is great publication 👏🏽

This is really a nice idea cos it will help In so many ways most especially on the build up on hive

I so much love and always use the product of the community such as leodex. I want to ask. Is leofinance the accounting community of hive? Thanks

Looking back on this is crazy. LEO and CUB have really gone far. The tech that has been made since then and the updates are great.

Looking forward to years of development coming from the team. Still got my 500 cubbies

Merry Christmas my friend.
Leofinannce wishing you a happy New year in advance ✌️😀

me explican?

So you posted this video on 3speak, how is it? are there enough spectator to be an alternative to youtube? i already found out that they livestream function doesn't work yet. 🤭⚠️

very informative. thank you

Congratulations Leo Finance!

i think the videolink is broken... but hey i like the microblogging part :)

Thanks for sharing!

nice very detailed

Good publication

Thanks for sharing it's really interesting

Thanks for Sharing...

Biggest project

I was just wondering if @roelandp has any plans for a 'live' HiveFest 2022? Mexico is the spot, and would love to have it here somewhere... Even the small version :)

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I missed last year’s hive fest but I would absolutely love an in person one for 2022. Hopefully we hear about it soon!

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This is quite very interesting, thanks a lot for sharing

Great post :)

Am finally getting to know more in his lovely community @khaleelkazi am new but with the help of all post I believe I will definitely improve, its a gradual process @leo.voter

Wow! That's interesting. Congratulations on your achievement so far. Please I will like to know more about NTFs. Can you you help me out with that?

Hey, I do got a question. I'm thinking, for a while, actually about writing a post about CR7 and his relation with money, investments and even cryptocurrency as well. But, my question in deed is: can I post it (what I just told you) right here on LeoFinance community? Is that ok to you? Please, let me know and thanks. @khaleelkazi

Please can you teach me something on crypto

This takes me all the way back to when I first joined this community, confused as I was, I saw prospects in the community. This was an awesome video to watch, too bad I didn't get to attend the fest. Thank you so so much for sharing the video.

Really appreciate on this

I am confused, (Nothing new) What year is this about? 2022?

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Not sure what you mean with this

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Really you are inspiration for me @khaleel