This is the best time to onboard newbies onto hive; Twitter debacle and economical Inflation.

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Designed by me.

It is no doubt that hive creates opportunities for the ordinary man, these opportunities aren’t just to earn but, to gain knowledge, but as much as hive offers these things which a lot of social media platforms don’t, most individuals still do not know that hive exists.

I remember when I was onboarded onto hive, I didn’t even believe that a platform like that existed and it made me suspicious about it; how can something like this exist and people aren’t jumping on it? Well, it’s two years later, and I can’t imagine a life without hive.

So what can be done to create awareness for hive? Well, I was speaking to my friend a few weeks ago and she recently returned to Nigeria from another country due to inflation and other things, she is someone who has an “unusual” degree; as a Nigerian, you will understand this, and due to her degree, she hasn’t been able to get a job.

To be honest, I wanted to onboard her for a while but, I was scared about a lot of things but finally, a few weeks back, I got to tell her about the opportunities on hive and she was shocked about earning while writing and it being that easy and convenient; earning immediately after 7 days.

Also, minus that friend, I got to speak to some of my Twitter friends since twitter is currently in disarray and they were immediately interested in hive and how it worked.

Telling these people and having them being interested literally shocked me because I always thought it would take some convincing to get people into hive but, I realized that with the current state of the economy and how much drama comes with other social media platforms, more people are looking forward to something new and while hive isn’t “new”, it is a platform that most people do not know about and would welcome with open arms.

Looking at these things, I will advise you to take this chance to onboard more people on hive, I feel like there are so many people who are looking forward to this opportunities, and with the more people who join, the more publicity hive gets and that would surely help boost it, so what are you waiting for? Take the chance today and maybe, one day soon, you will be grateful you did.


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It isn't the best time because there were others in the past but it certainly the best right now. I'm comming up whit a way to make some noise over there and bring some members back. just hadn't come together yet.

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Nice poster, I like how you distorted the hive logo to fit the watch

Thank you

You are welcome

People will not grab an opportunity on time until things started to go down and wrong especially in a country like Nigeria. I believe if there was nothing like inflation, some people won´t see the need to come here to start writing because they will see it as a waste of time. There are many people I have talked about Hive to and I just wasted my saliva in explaining. The few people that are here are already doing fine and one can´t keep thanking me each day she sees me and was like ´where was I since these days?´
I dey where I dey na.... na una no ready. Lol

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