$30k BTC Would Be the Ultimate Back Up the Truck Moment to Prep for $100k Bitcoin in 2022

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In this clip, Mitch talks about BTC and his ultimate BTFD moment if and when it hits $30k.

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😂 I will take a loan to buy bitcoin if it goes below $30k. That’s an obvious one in a million opportunity.

Lol I loved that line!

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I will like to get enough or to take loan to buy BTC if the price below $30k, and I believe it will be better

Who says that can't happen,to me it is very visible and I can even say it will get better than that too

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I would try my possible best to get enough in other to invest in Bitcoin and I don't mind taking a loan as well to fulfill the mission.

O 30k BTC again would be awesome, But only for the short term haha

Would be waiting to grab some at that point if BTC ever get towards that price. I believe many will also be waiting to jump in at the offer

I doubt that it even hit the 34K, but still who knows what will happen

Damn, maybe I should have said 5 years for 100K lol.

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