Khal's BTC Price Prediction for 2022! | Earn 100 LEO for Engaging With Leo on Tik Tok!

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Hey everyone! Here is my price prediction for BTC in 2022.

As mentioned, this account (@khaltok) is for the tik tok content that we post on LeoFinance's new Tik Tok account which is aimed at bringing the Web2 masses to Web3 via LeoFinance.

This video clip is now live on Tik Tok! You can find it on the LeoFinance Tik Tok Account Now:

Earn 100 LEO!

Earn 100 LEO if you like and comment this clip from the LeoFinance Podcast over on Tik Tok! We're looking to boost engagement and this is just a small contest to boost this one piece of content.

We'll be sending out the 100 LEO in the next 24 hours to one person who likes and comments on this BTC price prediction video!



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That's is really awesome and a way to promote Leo to the world.

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I think 30K is the Real floor. Bitcoin gonna Rise from 30k but not sharply. I can an Uptrend not sideways in 2022