On-Chain Analytics Are a Better Way to View Crypto than Obsessing Over Price Action

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Crypto is a vast industry with lots of things happening simultaneously. One of the most important aspects of crypto is transparency.

Because of blockchain tech, we're able to see everything happening on-chain in a decentralized, transparent way.

This changes everything when it comes to investing and market awareness. On-chain analytics are where I've been pointing crypto "newbs" to gain market awareness... especially when I see them obsessing over the price action.



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Analysis allow user to understand the market sentiment before getting into it. Mere price never decides the market ....the different triangles, pattern are important for an investor to understand and invest

Indeed this on chain analytics is the right way has it gives an investor a better understanding and perspective of the performance of a token rather than just relying on the hype and all.

You are absolutely right sincerely, transparency of crypto make it easy to believe in a project, crypto price have it way of dealing with us psychologically but when you know what the project is all about and you believe in the vision of the project you should not any problem with the price.

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Experience has taught me better that I have to be patient and stop market guessing. When people ask me my opinion towards the market movement, I don’t fail to remind them that I don’t own the market so it’s unpredictable

The involvement of been into crypto is no regret and the project is awesome so looking at the price is definitely not a problem because it is what we will surely experience in the world of crypto the inflation and deflation of price.

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