How to Stake Crypto With CubDeFi!

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Khal gives us step by step instructions on how to stake crypto using

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Delegate HP & Earn 16% APR, Paid Daily. Currently @ 2M HP



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It is excellent. I have bought some pleo and wmatic, then stake it for a high Apr. There is already $0.27 ready to claim. I'm going to add more liquidity to it. That's literally 1% in less that a day. That's amazing. I also buy polycub and staked it too !

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Great video tutorial on cubdefi. Farming cub for a living. Now I am on PolyCub staking those for Xpolycub. Loving the whole DeFi experience

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I really appreciate the steps giving in other to stake Crypto and I believe more people will utilize this opportunity to do so. Nice job

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In fact I really appreciate the effort and time spend in giving us some update...

Very much needed video guide for newbies or those having difficulties getting on the cubfinance. Every hiver should be on this. Thanks for sharing

I appreciate this short video tutorial or step. Lol. For someone like me I don't know how to get PolyCub stake but once I view this I will have the fully knowledge on how to stake into xPOLYCUB

Jumping into cubdefi is one the best thing I've done in recent times. Great experience thus far. Nice one with step to step instructions

Good guidelines as regards using cubDefi to stake, having been making use of metamask wallet while it comes to cubDefi and it is a very great experience.

Thanks for the update too,this will make it more easier too

Good one on this update,this will give everyone who is yet to understand how cubDefi works to have more knowledge and even give up them the chance to stake CUB for polycub airdrop