Who's Buying Dogecoin??

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Judging from a lot of the things I've heard from people in real life, I've realized that Dogecoin is attracting the next generation of crypto "normies".

Instead of gravitating toward buying Bitcoin, they're going right into Dogecoin! It's pretty fascinating to watch the new generation and how they act when they first get into crypto.

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Great to see you expanding into other social media. I wish rest of the big names on HIVE had the same level of prudence. So far only @leofinance and @splinterlands have been really killing it in the marketing game. This is a great video with some helpful tips that can end up helping you up your game. Best of Luck!

PS: Can't wait for a THORchain listing for LEO/CUB. Things don't look like HIVE is going to get there. Imagine half of 76,800 HBD for HBD stabilizer was instead allocated towards bringing HIVE and DAPPs infront of users. !PIZZA

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Doge made many people millionaires and Doge hype is good for crypto in my view

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Doge is definitely a good investment for people to invest in anyday and anytime

I personally wouldn't buy doge. But I believe the hype around it is getting people to jump into crypto due to the major success it had in the previous year. It may be a good thing has from it people get to stick to better solid projects after getting understanding on how cryptocurrency works

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They unable to judge between crypto or alt coin rather they belive on meme coin after it made many people billionaire....they are going with the trend unable to notice where they are heading too.

Too hard to resist for normies after many were made millionaires. The hype doge brings cannot be overlooked. I think it's a good one has many get to jump into the crypto verse but the problem will be their mentality about it. Guess they'll get used to this space overtime.


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