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I checked back and I missed writing content out of my mind. It kinda helped me think more and I'm glad I made the right decision. I saw HBD interest at 20% and I thought that will help some of my savings beat inflation.

I also checked about Genesis League Soccer made by Splinterlands creators and as a football fan, that made me really excited. What are your thoughts about the game?


Not sure to be honest and hope it does well. I am not into the card games and prefer games that you are actually doing something besides cards.

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Can you explain more about genesis league

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Sure. If you're familiar with Axie Infinity / Gods Unchained / Splinterlands, it follows the same concept. It is a turned-based game but this time, it is football. As I read on the white paper, player stats / formations / synergy and in-game action are very important to win the game.

The game is not released yet and currently on its first presale. You can purchase 1 pack for $5, which will give you 5 cards. Once the game will be officially released, you need a team of 11 players, substitutes, and reserved players for the game.