The Constitution of India: A Monumental Document

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The constitution of india is the supreme law of the land the longest written constitution of any country on the earth it took the constituent assembly a little less than three years todraft this monumental document the assembly adopted the constitution of independent india on the 26th of november 1949 and it came into effect on the 26th of january 1950 the preamble which commences with the magical words we the people of india captures the lofty spirit of our constitution india is a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic which assures the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation the nation recognized justice liberty and equality as basic priniciples of a citizens lives and seek to promote fratemity among them our constitution established .


India as a union of state with a parliamentary system of democracy all about citizens have the right to vote without any discrimination on any ground making universal adult franchise a hallmark of a democratic system it envisages that the legislature will represent and enact the will of the people while an independent judiciary will serve as the conscious ether of the nation the fundamental right and directive principle of state policy which are the conscience of our constitution are enshine in part three and four fundamental right are essential for leading a dignifed existence and are legally enforcable in court of law .

We are not only protect individuals from arbitrary trade judicial state action but some of these right also protect them agaist action of other individuals the directive principles of state policy are not enforceable in courts of law but are fundamental in the governance of the nation it is the duty of the state to strive to apply these precepts in formualating laws to establish a social order and to promote the welfare of the people part 4A of the constitution noorn enforceable fundamental duties of citizens which form the bulding blocks of the india that we the citizens have resolved to build .


The constitution of india is a living document and amendment multiple have been made to it over the years to accommodate emerging needs and challenges it is incumbent upon me the people of india who have adopted and enacted this document as the cornerstone of our democracy not only to understand appreciate and protected sancity but also depoite to verb we build a saree jahaziel change in buspar amara jaya .

The article of 370 dream the babasaheb ambedkar had now has been fulfilled ambedkar who is also father of the india constitution dr ambedkar was bron on 14th april 1891 in mhow mp his childhood name is bhimro ambedkar father work in subhedar in the british army in those day the goverment ensured that all the army personal and their children were educated and they ran special school for this purpose this ensured good education for bhimrao he storngly opposed to this tittle for the untouchables but the india national congress succeeded in introducting the term harijan ambedkar felt bitter that he coul not have any say in what they were called .


In 1947 the first prime minister pandit jawaharlal nehru invited dr b.r.ambedkar who had been elected as a member of the constitent assembly from bengal to join his cobinet as a law minister then he was appointed as the chairman of the constitution drafting committee and he become the chief architect of the india constitution in feb 1948 dr ambedkar presented the draft constitution before the people of india and it was adopted on nov 26 1949 the he lost his 4 son and wife but he never stop working for the nation after the completion of his book 'buddha and his dhamma' .

Dr babasahedamambedkar died on 6th december 1956 at his home in new delhi that day is called 'mahapari hirvan din' which is considered as one of the saddest day for the nation dr b.r.ambedkar will always be alive in our throughts .


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