Adoption Campaigns | Engaging, Retaining and Educating Thousands of Newly Onboarded Users

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Objective: Weaponize the Hive Community to generate snowball effects through Guerilla initiatives and Social Media prompts.

This might come off as an agressive statement, but it means exactly what you think it means.

We will use a platform called Zealy to run these Campaigns. The way that Zealy works is simple: A Project creates a community on Zealy, sets some tasks for the members to claim and offers rewards for those who finish the most tasks.

It gamifies the experience of getting involved in grassroots initiatives that grow any project. In our Zealy campaign from this past May, we saw a ridiculous amount of activity and one major example was making certain Tweets from official accounts go viral on Twitter. These tweets led to thousands of link clicks and traffic to Hive through LeoFinance.

It's easy to customize and adapt the tasks to encourage users to focus on the things you want them to focus on. The platform is also versatile in providing a gamified experience with levels, ranks and incentives to stay active.

We've seen it in action. It works. It works to a point where protocols like zkSync, Optimism, Arbitrum, Venom and Linea are using it to create snowball effects in Web3 and Web2 to materialize growth and convert casual users into hardcore users. When fans become superfans, some really interesting effects take place.

Your best marketers are your superfans.

Zealy played a big role in our recent 150% user growth over this year. Our previous Adoption campaign back in May ‘23 got us hundreds of thousands of Twitter impressions, tens of thousands of YouTube views, thousands of Medium reads and significant brand awareness within and outside of the Hive Ecosystem.

This Zealy campaign was the very first attempt we had at something like this and it was wildly successful. We've spent the past few months since the campaign ended in May analyzing the data and how certain activites performed. With this data in hand, we are about to launch a next-level Zealy campaign. We will dwarf the numbers we saw on the past Zealy campaign by cutting what didn't work and adding more of what worked incredibly well.

With our know-how, experience and learnings from past initiatives on Zealy, we are going to leverage this platform to double the Hive user base. We believe that the Adoption Campaign aspect of our DHF proposal will be a cornerstone in driving new user signups through our Hive Onboarding Funnel.

We are going to emulate the good practices from this first campaign and avoid mistakes we made in the past and if this time we have the involvement of the whole Hive community, the support of other dapps and their user base and not just the Leo community, the snowball effect this can create is going to be massive. We're going to work with other Hive dApps to get the whole community involved in these campaigns and make Tweets not just from Leo trend, but Tweets from other Hive dApps trend as well. The viral effects of Zealy are incredible. Just wait till the 1st campaign launches and then watch your favorite Hive projects on Twitter and other platforms.

Zealy Communities

Yes, two communities, and each of these will have their own approach and focus:

The Onboarding Community - This is where new users will be referred to so they can experience Onboarding in a Gamified way through a mix of instant gratification and a long-term mindset of building their personal brand on Hive. Paired to the Onboarding Community, we also have our own Hive Onboarding Course so that new users can learn in a fun, rewarding way and pick the methodologies and speed they want to grow on Hive.


Once the user learns how to navigate around the Leo - which is going to be hyper-familiar to them thanks to our work to make it look/feel just like Twitter - they will learn about the Hive Blockchain and the ecosystem built on top of this incredible technology. After they are familiar with what Hive has to offer, the next step will be to onboard them to other dApps built on top of Hive. The Hive Onboarding Course coinciding with the Zealy Onboarding Campaign is going to supercharge our ability to get them into other Hive Apps.

The majority of Apps within the Hive network do not engage in direct competition; rather, they adopt distinct approaches aimed at delivering an exceptional user experience. It will be up to each App to captivate these new users and encourage them come back to their platform.

We can get the people here. We can give them the stepping stones into your App. It's up to your App to roll out the red carpet and retain them as users. Our marketing proposal is all about bringing new users into the Hive ecosystem through one-click onboarding. Then we funnel them into Hive Keychain by teaching them about Private Keys and the Hive ecosystem. Then we give them some surface-level education about Hive apps and finally, we set them free into the Hive ecosystem.

We believe this is the proper approach to onboarding: a unified experience that deepens with each interaction. How do we incentivize them to stick around long enough to learn about Hive? That's where the Zealy Onboarding Community comes in.

This Zealy community will have around 25 missions or tasks separated into 3 sections. This will allow us to offer a smooth and digestible onboarding experience to new users.

The Adoption Community - This one is aimed at existing Hive users who want to get involved in spreading the word about the Hive ecosystem and get rewards in the process - this community is the one that will leverage Guerilla strategies and Social media prompts to achieve better results.

We proved how incredibly powerful this tactic is in our May campaign. We made several Tweets go viral, getting thousands of link click traffic. We will leverage the very same tactics here to get users into our Hive Onboarding Funnel.


The focus of this Campaign is to leverage Hive platforms to bring more users into Hive, sprinkled with activities within the Hive blockchain in order to gamify the experience and make it as engaging as possible while providing rewards to those users who excel on these campaigns.

Both campaigns will run non-stop until December 2024. The timeline of the Onboarding Campaign is going to be permanent. The timeline of the Adoption Campaigns will have a monthly basis approach, resetting leaderboards and rewards at the end of each month. Hive users are going to get rewarded for driving new non-Hive users into the Onboarding Funnel.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Our intention is to onboard as many new users to the Hive Ecosystem as possible. Using our App as a gateway platform for web2 users to get familiar with Hive is the key. By having an easy way to signup with our Lite Accounts protocol along with a smooth, short and almost flat learning curve.

Users will first learn about the Leo platform, how Threads work and about options in Long-Form content and rewards as a part of the Hive Ecosystem.

Once they are familiar with the basics of Leo, which have several common denominators with other Hive dApps, they will be prompted to learn about Web3 concepts they need to know about before being able to maximize their Hive experience.

After that, users will be prompted to learn about the Apps that live on Hive and will be encouraged to try them.

This might sound like a lot of information but the Onboarding Funnel we've built is very successful at breaking this information into digestible bites. When you combine this well-built funnel with some small incentives, you can easily retain users throughout the funnel and lead them down the path to downloading their Hive Private Keys and then plugging them into Hive Keychain and logging into other Hive Apps.

By this point, you have probably seen the new LEO UI. We built the LEO in a very specific way. It's easy to understand the second you land on it due to how familiar it is to its Web2 counterpart. The sign up process to a Hive Lite account takes less than 30 seconds. Then the user can easily use Hive without even knowing it. As they create a few pieces of content (Threads/Comments/Votes), the UI starts to prompt them to take a short course about the Hive Ecosystem. It incentivizes them to take this course and then at the end, incentivizes them to download their Private Keys and go from Lite Account to Full Hive Account. From there, they can login to other Hive Apps and we teach them how.

Leo is the gateway to the Hive ecosystem and once they are familiar with it, it's up to them to keep using the App while exploring other Apps within the ecosystem.

One of the incredible aspects of Hive is that this ecosystem is non-competitive. We don't have to fight other Apps for users. What Hive lacks is users from the outside. Inside of Hive, we have so many different applications but they all have very different and specific use-cases. Competition is not internal on Hive but external to Web2 platforms. Hive - as a community - does a great job at building apps that aim to be better than their Web2 counterparts. We just need to funnel users into this ecosystem and keep them around long enough to learn that.

This is exactly why we believe that a rising tide will lift all boats. Get more users into this ecosystem and keep them around long enough to realize how great it is. If we can achieve this, then we can achieve growth.

We are not an ecosystem the size of Ethereum. We don't have seventeen DeFi ecosystems competing for the same user base; Hive doesn't have four fitness apps struggling to stay afloat; our ecosystem doesn't have seven Instagram alternatives.

The more eyes we bring to the Hive ecosystem and the more options we provide to them to stick around, the better chances we have as a community to double or even triple our user base. Again - bring them in and keep them around long enough to realize it.

Many have asked how the community can get involved to amplify and help our marketing plan be successful. The key is engagement so that we can retain these new users. We are 100% confident that we can get the users into this ecosystem. Our mission is to onboard them into the funnel - give them a Lite account, convert them to a full Hive account and then teach them about Hive and other Apps.

From there, engagement and retention with other Hive apps is key. We all need to work together on this front and we'll be working hand-in-hand with other major Hive apps to keep these users around and active not just on LEO but on the entire Hive ecosystem. The plan here is to get HIVE USERS. A Hive user is someone who has Keychain and utilizes several apps, not just one.

We want more users in the Hive ecosystem. Hive Users are the rising tide that will raise all Hive App boats.

If you want to join the Onboarding Community, click here
If you want to join the Hive Adoption Community, Click here

Want to Help Us Double the Userbase of Hive?

Our DHF Proposal is currently 100% funded which means that it is over the return proposal. This being said, we still want to campaign to keep getting votes to signal support from the community. We have so much in store for the proposal and our aim is to get over 30M HIVE POWER in backing votes. We're at 25.2M currently. The funding begins on September 1st and so do all of our marketing funnels. Vote now to help us grow Hive, together!


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I love it! More power to LeoFinance!

Thank you! Together we will reach the goals and maybe even surpass them by far!

"Objective: Weaponize the Hive Community to generate snowball effects through Guerilla initiatives and Social Media prompts."...

How? by using Zealy.


@crypticat are you seeing this? What a coincidence... the second @caribdao Zealy Sprint starts today!

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 6.33.27 AM.png

Interesting, are you in touch with the team?

Let me know if you are in touch with this team fren

I really love to see this, @leofinance team trying to onboard new users and educating them but what about old users who are using hive from steemit days like me

Please don't mind but unfortunately we still have to improve hive Curation system to keep everyone with us, believe me it's very very hard to get noticed or earn more then few cents on hive blockchain, which is a top reason we are still struggling to increase over users base

Well to some extent you are right, but the entry of new users can also be a good option for possible new investments in hive.

Exactly, and it is up to us, the experienced users to engage with them and show them around so they come back for more. There's plenty of room for everyone 💪

You are right, we as old users have to guide the new ones in a good way here at hive, those users can potentially be important in the future for the development of HIVE.

A programmer, a graphic designer, an analyst or any other skill that these new users have, you can develop it here and with that help many more of those who make life in HIVE.

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I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

As you can see one of the Campaigns or communities is focused in give value for value provided by old timers, and you are one of them fren. Join the Hive Adoption Community with the link above, there are a ton of rewards for Hivers who help us spread the word about our ecosystem!

OK but where is a link above to join the compain?

Moar strategies to double the Hive userbase incoming.
New users onboarding will be so easy and exciting as they now have to undergo training. I love this part.
Welldone Team Leo.
You guys are Stronk 💪

We are stronk, because the community is stronk!

Absolutely, and we shall go stronker because we take the lead. 💪🚀

This is really great. With the methods being outline adopting more users in to the hive platform is possible.

We are hoping to more than double the UI, but step by step, first goal is 450 new users in September!

We can do it Eric. Just like the post said: first we bring them to leothreads which is just the same like tweeter, then we exposed them to the communities on hive. Who doesn't want to be rewarded for using a social platform? I have people to onboard.

We've learned a lot both from the first Feedback Campaign back in February and then the Adoption Campaign for the new UI launch in May. They have definitely brought a ton of experience to the team and we hope to use this to grow the Hive user base a lot! 2x is just the base goal, I'm confident we will surpass this objective by far!

This is it! Let's put our hands on deck and do what we can to help build this awesome ecosystem. LFG

Whatever you need my help for, let me know. I've been bullish on Hive since 2017....And bullish on LEO since day one too. Any value I can add, let me know guys!

The adoption campaign in May was such a massive success and this shows that the next one can be on fire too. The strategy looks great and I am positive about it

Let’s make it happen 🦁! Voted for the DHF of course and I will tweet my fair share of #Leofinance posts/tweets!

we are about to launch a next-level Zealy campaign.

Did it start already?

Not yet fren, you will hear about it days before it kicks off


Hive users are going to get rewarded for driving new non-Hive users into the Onboarding Funnel.


How would you compare the onboarding process to Web 2 social media in terms of ease and simplicity?

breaking this information into digestible bites.

Yes, that's what people need.

Our mission is to onboard them into the funnel - give them a Lite account, convert them to a full Hive account and then teach them about Hive and other Apps.

So is this the gist?

This is going to be a milestone for the Leofinance community and I look forward to contributing my part to making this a success. So can we start inviting new users to the on boarding community on zealy?