Call to Action! PolyCUB Marketing Week | Cointelegraph, DeFi Listings, and More!

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Wow what a big week. POLYCUB launched just about 8 days ago and it has been a wild ride, to say the least. The amount of attention being drummed up for LeoFinance and all of our applications through the launch of POLYCUB is going exactly as we expected.

In terms of sustainability, we saw a massive boom and bust of the initial hype cycle for POLYCUB. As typical with this high inflation model of launching - since there's no pre-sale of any kind - the only ways to get your hands on POLYCUB are to:

  1. Buy and stake CUB (BSC) for the airdrop
  2. Buy POLYCUB
  3. Earn POLYCUB by depositing assets in the Farms / Kingdoms

When the initial launch of a platform like this happens with such a limited supply, the boom and bust can be quite drastic. Now that we've made our way through that initial cycle where liquidity was way too low and the inflation was super high, we're on track for the first truly sustainable DeFi 2.0 Yield Optimizer to make a name for itself.

In terms of price and overall liquidity / TVL, POLYCUB is performing insanely well. We're attracting hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in capital and this is with just the initial steps of marketing this application in motion.

The real week of marketing for POLYCUB starts NOW!

  • Press Releases
  • POLYCUB Listings
  • Interviews
  • LeoFinance Community Word of Mouth

Marketing POLYCUB can be broken out into these 4 main categories. With our new Head of Business Development and our Social Media Manager / Head of Growth taking the lead on many of these initiatives, we're seeing a major boom in what we're able to achieve in a short period of time.

We'll keep pushing out posts here on Hive/LeoFinance to update everyone on what's happening in real-time. This post will be a quick overview on what we're doing now and what's about to happen over the next 4 days (Monday through Friday). There's a lot, so strap in.

Press Releases

We're working with Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and about a dozen other PR firms to push out Press Releases about

While we would've liked to get these PRs out on the day of launch, we had various agencies put our releases on hold while final drafts were produced and coupling that with the volatility of last week, we decided to wait over the weekend. All of the PRs that we've had in motion since 2 weeks ago are going to be released this week.

Cointelegraph, Coindesk and will obviously get everyone excited. These are going to be the big PRs that potentially grab the attention of tens of thousands of crypto users.

Our new Head of Business Development (acronym: HBD), is in charge of managing all of these PRs. He went out and researched and compiled a massive list of Crypto news organizations that we could work with and then he analyzed their traffic data to come up with the best list that we can tackle.

This is the first time we've made a coordinated effort to do marketing for any of the LeoFinance App Products. We're all VERY excited to see how this shakes out.

I have a feeling the flow of traffic to, and all of our applications will astonish everyone.

just kidding about the acronym, that would be super confusing for everyone on Hive



We're working on listings for POLYCUB on every possible DeFi tracker, exchange and application on the Polygon network. This is a massive effort and it is helped immensely by community participation. If you're reading this and want POLYCUB to succeed as a sustainable DeFi 2.0 Yield Optimizer, please go out and VOTE ON ALL OF THE LISTINGS. It is a huge help to get the community involved in these listing requests:

That's a lot of listings so far. There are more on the way. Again - PLEASE go out and vote on these. It will help us get POLYCUB listed so much faster.


There have already been several interviews featuring Khal to talk about LeoFinance and mainly about POLYCUB and why it was built. We're working on a number of other interviews that should get released over the coming days and weeks.

Recently, Khal was on:

  1. RiceTVCrypto's Podcast to Talk About PolyCUB
  2. 3speak's Community Token Talk Podcast
  3. @jongolson and @taskmaster4450's CryptoManiacs Podcast


These are just the few podcasts that have been posted already. There are more that have been recorded and we're waiting on the final release. This week, Khal is also booked on about 3-5 more interviews with more being set up as we speak!

LeoFinance Community Word of Mouth

The word of mouth this community generates is truly incredible. This is the #1 way to spread the word about our Web3 ecosystem and all of the apps like PolyCUB that we build.

Word of mouth can happen in so many ways. Whether it's a post on LeoFinance / Hive or a tweet talking about PolyCUB or a Linkedin post or a Facebook post or a comment on someone else's post... It's all spreading through the actions of our Lions.

More to come! Stay tuned for the real-time updates of what we're doing re:marketing It's going to be yuuge as @scaredycatguide would say.



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Awesome job guys. That's a shit ton of work. @anomadsoul and other team members have busy bees!!! 🚀🚀 Upvoted all the listings!!!

I will do everything I can to get the PolyCUB word out. I have been running a LEO Giveaway to get more views and activity on Khal's podcast with Rice TVx. Glad to see so many folks participating. :')

If anyone wants to win some LEO for sharing the podcast link on their social media, do checkout my post.

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It's been a pretty good week for PolyCUB. As marketing increases, more investors will be aware of PolyCUB and more investors will come. This is very effective in increasing the price. It might be profitable for me to buy polycub more before more investors come. You are doing great work, thank you.

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Great to see the idea of spreading the news. We have a lot going on in terms of a foundation. The pieces are starting to come together.

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I have written about it many times. The marketing impact will be huge! I'm glad to see these updates. The interviews did alot too. The recent one with RiceTv has more than 2k views already!

I'd jump on the listings request now, Let's goooo!

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We're working with Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and about a dozen other PR firms to push out Press Releases about

That's the marketing Hive was missing. That's the reason why I stick with Leofinance and I don't regret a minute spent in this community. I am not involved with polycub, but I appreciate any type of marketing for Leofinance and implicitly Hive. If polycub will give us more exposure then let it be...

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The amount of attention being drummed up for LeoFinance and all of our applications through the launch of POLYCUB is going exactly as we expected.

Absolutely true, the engagement and turn up of users to the polyCUB launch have been amazing and encouraging to show that they appreciate every part of the what polyCUB have to offer am really impressed with it

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Truly Interesting first week I must say having to interact on PolyCub. Awesome seeing the marketing moves and all. Doing my part to bring in some of my folks over here. Anything for the community. Heading to cast my votes at those listings. We sure need to see a lot of attention out there. Looking to the press release on Cointelegraph and several other interviews lined up.

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You guys are doing an insane work! Listing PolyCub on 30 platforms is huge on itself and I don't think many projects can pullout such feat!
Hopefully I'll be reading about PolyCub on a CoinDesk article soon!
Keep up the great work!

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Getting PolyCUB to get listed in different exchanges will really do a great job with advertising it to different individuals.

To support the listings I have voted for PolyCUB in all the given links to different exchanges.

I can’t wait for more links so I can keep on voting for PolyCUB.





This is huge. The interview is going to have a impact. Marketing is where it take Leofinance noticed like coin gecko. I can see that Leo prices reach $1.00 easily. Especially the name of the token relates to Leofinance !

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Nice then after all the coin sites have it listed it can be easier to market to people the tokenomics behind cub

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I did them all within a couple of minutes 💁🏼‍♂️
It is great to vote for the project that you are one of the stakeholders. We are going to make it altogether with our collaborative efforts ✌

I have no concerns about the quality of our products, we will be recognized by VC eventually.

A rolling stone gathers no moss 💎🐾

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It's an honor to be a part of this. I voted on all except one that identified as "closed".

Great work you all are doing... More grace... ❤️

And the community members are doing a great job of getting the word out. The buzz can't be avoided. Bravo Lions...

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Mission accomplished! I have voted on all platforms. 🚀

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Upvoted all except for zapper, it says closed for some reason. Let's spread the word and grow the POL so much that PC makes it past the moon!
Lions together strong! 🦁

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Looking forward to seeing the angle that you guys go with.

Imo, the narrative of PolyCub being backed by a Web3 social community on Hive has so much potential.

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The interview is very nice and turn up the users to the polyCUB launch is very great and to show the appropriation that was off I'm really excited on this. Good job

Wow what a big week. POLYCUB launched just about 8 days ago and it has been a wild ride, to say the least. The amount of attention being drummed up for LeoFinance and all of our applications through the launch of POLYCUB is going exactly as we expected.

It as really went the way we all expected what a great opportunity to invest only the wise one will understand this


The interview with RiceTV was a nice one. Exciting week it gonna with lot more to go. The impact of marketing are good. This would help see lot of buzz and attention around here


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Now this what I love with the marketing going full scale. I still believe polycub is the game changer to the Leo ecosystem. Great job team. Let the action begin. Polycub to the world

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Listing request is something I need to jump on and also create awareness for others to do same. We can personally help market polycub.

I think your right. If any of us have particular talents like getting coins listed exercise that talent now. We are about to catch a wave!

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Wow what a big week. POLYCUB launched just about 8 days ago and it has been a wild ride, to say the least. The amount of attention being drummed up for LeoFinance and all of our applications through the launch of POLYCUB is going exactly as we expected.

Polycub is the web3.0 ecosystem bitcoin this is just the beginning polycub is going to spread to the entire blockchain because is the best project running currently in the entire hive community every body is talking about it I'm glad... I also want to appreciate leofinance for bringing up this wonderful idea.


Voted for all listings! After a great week, another even greater is coming!
Great job, LEO Team!

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Getting the brand in the open and across all these crypto and DeFi platforms is a step into wide expansion and tapping into more markets. With these the DeFi projects participation increases (CUB and PolyCUB), but I am sure it also brings more and more users to Leo Finance. We need to act as one and conquer all these marketing pitstops one by one!

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I agree!

More eyeballs on Leofinance, more members and more prosperity for the community.

I think once people check out everything the Hive Community has to offer they will sing it's praises and get more involved.

Watch us roar!

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WOW! a great program! A truly incredible week awaits us! Marketing is key to getting known out there and that will benefit the Hive ☺️ community as well

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The word of the mouth is incredible, some listings would actually excite holders of cub and PolyCub as well and I'm hoping we can get to pull this off, especially the one's with cointelegraph.

Voted on all the listings.

Great to see there's been some stability price wise.

Great job!
I agree that Listings is part of the well laid out plan to market this community into the lime light. It feels amazing to see this much marketing activity.
I feel something coming...prosperity!

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really awesome stuff. I've always pushed for press releases for cub so I'm glad you finally have the staffing to make it happen for poly. Im along for the ride no matter where we head.

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Voted for all
Bought more CUB
Wrote about and promote CUB/PolyCub
Will continue to spread the word through the email lists I created about CUB I starting last year

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Let's make this Yuuuuuuuuuge!!!!

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I'd be keen on undertaking an interview and promoting it across multiple decentralised news sites. Who is the best person to make contact with to ask a few questions too?

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This is really strong move. This will certainly make Polycub as a scarce+ desired asset.

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Highly commendable actions and steps taken towards the marketing of PolyCUB.

As part of my support for the community, I'll love to join the marketing team of LeoFinance. I am a content developer/ publisher on a crypto and blockchain news sites with over 10,000+ visitors monthly - LightBlocksNews

I believe it will be an added advantage to talk about LeoFinance and PolyCUB to this audience.

I'll be awaiting the response of those concerned.
@anomadsoul @khaleelkazi @taskmaster4450

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Great job guys! Keep it up!

I'm sure PolyCub and everything under LeoFinance umbrella will be a huge success!

Doing my part here and I'm sure many Lions are doing theirs

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Marketing is very important, learned all I know about cub from what I read on hive, been trying to make some moves to get word out also.

I'm seeing the sustainability of polycub Soon. Buying Cub and staking it, to get polycub will help polycub to be sustainable.

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Left my votes. Hope polycub gets all the listings. Cheers!

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Hurrah 😃! It has come and is quite a nice read. Let’s share the shit out of this PR. So much more than we can do to list our tokens on every DeFi app.

Community is the key 🔑.

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Is there a good way to get enough MATIC for claiming PolyCUB? I don't have any in Polygon, so it is just kind of sitting there. I mostly have BSC stuff - if someone could direct me to a guide, I would be grateful. Thanks!

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Fabulous news, I really feel like this project is going to be the breakout project for Leofinance!
50 million in TVL is coming!

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Your picture here!

This took a few minutes, but I got her done!

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