Cointelegraph Covers PolyCUB! | DeFi 2.0 Protocols with Yield Optimization on Polygon

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Cointelegraph - one of the largest crypto news outlets in the entire industry - has covered in an article today.

They did an awesome job with this post, talking about the key features of PolyCUB and also covering the LeoFinance team and Web3 ecosystem in some detail as well. The links in their post drive people toward both and as the CTA.

This is the first in a long series of press releases and articles that are going out about PolyCUB this week. There are so many different outlets that we are in contact with who are covering PolyCUB right now. It's going to be really awesome to see all of this attention come to fruition.

In this post, we'll review their article about POLYCUB a bit. As we mentioned in yesterday's AMA: be the slingshot.

We want everyone to go out and share this article six ways from Sunday. Spread it on all Web2 platforms, write an article about it here on and Hive. Get the news out there.

It's one thing to work hard and have a big budget for these type of press releases, it's another entirely to have a hardcore community come into play and amplify the PR traffic this can generate. Most projects don't have a hardcore community but we do. We need to leverage our strength and spread this news about PolyCUB from these various outlets far and wide!

This is why you'll see coverage of each PR on this account (@leofinance) on all social media platforms, including Hive and LeoFinance. It's important to spread these things, get clicks and shares and create some virality.

So if you haven't yet, please click this link. Go to the article, read it and share it far and wide!

Ushering in an Era of Sustainability

"Similarly, as DeFi 1.0 brought about earning opportunities and liquidity concerns with users switching between platforms to pursue better rewards, 2.0 protocols are looking to build stable value with more advanced concepts."

Cointelegraph on PolyCUB

DeFi 2.0 is next turning point of the yield industry. We're seeing a wide range of platforms coming out which are aimed at sustainability and building better mechanical infrastructure to handle the future of DeFi.

We spent 7 months building POLYCUB. We researched so many platforms and came away with a very deep take on where the DeFi industry was heading.

xPOLYCUB is a mechanism ahead of its time. It's truly amazing to watch this thing play out better than we ever expected. Right now, you're seeing stupendously high yields (4,000%+ APY) for xPOLYCUB staking.


Right now, the displayed yield on the staking UI is only 800%. This covers the yield generated simply from the POLYCUB / block payouts.

This does not factor in the early harvesting penalties. Some LeoFinance community members have estimated the real yield to be around 4,000% APY when including the early harvesting rewards earned only by xPOLYCUB stakers.

"Helping to usher in this era is LeoFinance, a team that has been building and managing applications over the past three years. Their collection includes social apps like LeoFinance and LeoMobile (for iOS and Android), both of which exist as the backbone for the team's larger goals."

Cointelegraph on PolyCUB

We talked with Cointelegraph and gave an interview for this article. It's important to us as a team to highlight our history.

We're not the jump-in-jump-out, faceless dev teams behind many other DeFi projects.

Instead, we're a community. We're a team and we've been building apps in the crypto industry for the past 3 years including highly complex apps like and LeoMobile.

Web3 is the future and for us, this encompasses more than just decentralized social media. It includes DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and the whole shebang of what crypto is building on the next generation of the internet.

Value Accrual. Now and Forever

In this model, long-term earning sustainability is ensured through POLYCUB's underlying scarcity model. The app's token operates similarly to Bitcoin in that it is not a medium of exchange. Instead, POLYCUB has value directed toward it, ensuring that the necessary deflationary pressure is being applied in distribution. As a result, xPOLYCUB is ideal for those planning to hold their assets for the long term.

In practice, anyone staking POLYCUB as xPOLYCUB in a single staking pool will hold a forever deflating asset. xPOLYCUB's value against POLYCUB only gets larger with time (10.71 PC per xPC at press time). xPOLYCUB acts as a claim on early harvesting penalties generated by external capital (TVL) in Kingdoms vaults.

Cointelegraph on PolyCUB

PolyCUB is designed to accrue value now and forever. It's an ecosystem we built with heavy mechanics that are all aimed at one purpose:

Design lasting sustainability and build a yield optimizing platform on the Polygon Blockchain that will last for the years to come.

Most people in DeFi think of the next 5 minutes, not the next 5 years. We're different.

Go Spread the Article!

This is just a sneak preview and some quick commentary on the article Cointelegraph just published. Please go out and spread this article far and wide! Amplify our community's reach in the crypto industry 🦁

There's over a dozen more PRs coming out this week with a new one published every few hours on a different outlet. Stay tuned! Cointelegraph also has a separate PR coming out about PolyCUB that dives into it from a different (deeper) angle!



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I wonder what is next? AvaCub or LunaCub..

It looks like a great article. While it isn't that long, it does look like they understand the key features that PolyCUB provides and I am looking forward to how many more people join because of it.

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Reading the article about Polycub on one of the popular crypto news platform like Cointelegraph is the greatest means of marketing the project for everyone to know abt the project and will drive some investors to the platform, which is 👏 amazing and bravo to the team....

This is very great and awesome news do to writ5the articles, this is really awesome to see the community is growing higher. Kudos to the teams

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

Awesome news! Do they write the articles or is the Leo team doing all of the writing? I read the first one that was posted. Really awesome to see our community getting highlighted on such a large scale!

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Marketing at the next level and the article on CoinTelegraph simply puts us under the spotlight and on the main stage. Let's see how the entire PolyCUB project is lifted and more and more investors are hording to it!

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I came across their detailed post on polycub about 10hrs ago and I must say they did a good job on this. Thanks for reminding me to share

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Hello Team, you have done your part and you can count us for doing ours. I will be running giveaways for the entire month to get the polyCUB word out there! Collectively we have thousands of followers with a much higher potential reach. We shall blast these links all over social media.


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When I first saw the article on Cointelegraph yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes but I was was glad because it was a win for Polycub. I totally agree to preaching the word on Web 2.0 platforms so people understand something different now exists and that this isn't just a regular Defi platform. Thinking Long Term also pays off when involved with something as big and unique as Polycub.
Polycub Forever!!!

This is awesome to read, as I was sleeping I was dreaming of PolyCUB and in my dream it made me rich, looking at a well PolyCUB is going it will definitely come to pass.I definitely made a good decision in staking PolyCUB because it’s building a good future which is starting now.

I will do well to share the article too to create more awareness.

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Happy to read about PolyCub on cointelegraph earlier today. The publication over there is a great way for the project to be well known. I believe we'll be getting more attention from henceforth has investors see the true value of PolyCub, cub and leofinance

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It is amazing seeing this article which is pretty nice in making polyCUB trend in s positive note which am really impressed about and the efforts the leo team have contributed as well it's definitely a good way forward

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It's a nice one getting on coin telegraph. The marketing truly going full scale. We deserve to be out there. Looking forward to seeing more attention coming over here. Kudos to the team

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They did an awesome job with this post, talking about the key features of PolyCUB and also covering the LeoFinance team and Web3 ecosystem in some detail as well

Good to see how well the token is now the talk of the town,more interesting fact keeps on coming as regards the token, which as make it a successful project

Amazing times over here seeing the marketing and all going on. Pushing polycub through Cointelegraph and other media outlets is a awesome move. Our DeFi of a kind sure needs to get out there. Impressed with the performance of the team and the community. 2022 is set to be our year all things been equal. Polycub to the moon

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Building has been one of the most sucessful project of the Leo team, and its amazing to see how this has been continously growing thus far. It's great to see cointelegraph talk about polycub, I think we ourselves deserves to market our own and hopefully we can see growth overtime.

This is awesome. It really is, I just checked the ratio is 11.9 near 12. Not long ago it was like 7. Now with the cointelegraph, Leofinance and polycub shall get noticed. All the marketing is going to really get us lot of publicity. It really is about substainability !

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

Getting to the more updates on the token is actually making it look so great and having it listed too is another level of how well the token will become in future

We are a really strong community. If we tell the people around us about the developments and news about PolyCUB, we will inform many people about this great platform. We must use the power of our community. Let's show our strength.

I liked the article very much and now I'm going to spread it on all my social accounts. Thank you for doing great work.

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Cointelegraph is well-known name for crypto articles and this is great for polycub. Glat to see of this innovation happening and this highlight is surely a plus for the project

Well done team, Brilliant marketing efforts, hopefully we gonna get new users into the project. I believe polycub has huge potential, im not worried about short term price actions. Let's spread the world about Polycub.

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We're not the jump-in-jump-out, faceless dev teams behind many other DeFi projects.

That's the main reason why you're building such a great community. The weekly AMA's are awesome to learn more and feel part of the Leo community, views and attendance will grow exponentially as the whole community multiplies.
Proud to be part of the pride 🦁

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What even excites me the most is understanding that if, and emphasis on if, if this isnt it, then it must be super close to 'it', and paying a lot of attention here will dictate how successful the next projects will be, For me, I'm here for the entire experience.

Love the work leofinance is doing! Thank you for bringing me on

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a great job by the whole team! I am really excited to see PolyCUB on cointelegraph!

I have been following the PolyCUB marketing stuff for some time now, and am impressed and proud of the leofinance team and a proud member of the community, It was nice to see Cointelegraph make a post about PolyCUB and talked about Leofinance yesterday.

This is simply Epic, the exposure is just getting started!

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Spreading the article is one of the way to advertise polycub . Polycub has come to stay

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Gradually bringing the world to Hive through leofinance and other apps built on the Hive blockchain. Glad to see this, hopefully thé LeoFinance gets more exposure.

When you're on Twitter, make sure you find the original version that the news outlet or the journo themselves tweets out and reply to that.

Maximise getting in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

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Great to see you taking your marketing game to the next level. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for PolyCUB.

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Well nice one tho. 4000% APY is mouthwatering but could be a risky deal (my opinion 🤔). Anyways, wonderful work you got there, keep it up 👍

good news..

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