CUB Has Flippened Deflationary in the Month of March

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the long-overdue CUB March Burn Report. In the sooniverse, time is all relative anyways, right? We were waiting on some data from the team to get the report pushed out but now we've got everything ready.

In the month of March, 855,000 CUB was issued for LP Incentives through the 1 CUB / Block Inflation.

In the month of March, 858,537.83 CUB was burned by the CUB DAO. This marks the very first month ever that CUB is deflationary.

Wen Price Moon?

We actually don't want the price of CUB to moon. Not just yet. The Multi-Token Bridge has done an amazing job of getting us to this point. The CUB price being so low is a huge part in enabling the DAO to buy/burn more CUB than is issued on a monthly basis.

If the CUB price stays low for the forseeable future, we can eat away at the inflation created in the past 2 years since CUB was launched. That is our ambition.

The CUB supply is just over 21M tokens right now. Our goal was to first flip deflationary on current months (which we've now down as of March) and now the goal is to eat away at that previous inflation each month.

For example, if we can burn 1M CUB tokens in a single month, then we'll be eating away at 150k in previous inflation.

CUB is one of the oldest DeFi platforms out there. It survived the massive DeFi boom/bust cycle. We've emerged with an incredible model and opportunity with the Multi-Token Bridge.

CUB has also undergone some tough times in terms of liquidity and negative sentiment. We talk about that more in the report and also talk about all of the plans we have now and in the future for CUB.

For now, we aim to not only keep our deflationary status for CUB but actually grow the amount of CUB being burned each month so that we can reduce the supply and return to the glory days. Growing the MTB is at the core of this.

Enjoy the report!















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That’s a well organized report. Good job. It’s funny ti say it that way but yeah, CUB is one of the OG Defi platforms, lol.

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Thanks for sharing this amazing report with us. All I know is, the lower price of CUB is an entry point to buy more and leverage on DeFi features attached like farming pool..

Watching CUB closely 😜

The thing about CUB is that it is either a huge opportunity and could return to $1+ valuations + earn massive yield or it will drop from $0.015 to $0 in the coming years

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I agree with you. That's the story of crypto... I believe one of the factors that boost the price action of a token or make a token price withstand it's normal price is the use case which does increase the demand of such asset

Great job and I think CUB is doing great if it can continue to decrease the supply.

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This is ultra bullish for CUB, I can't believe that we are finally on this much expected stage where this deflationary status will turn things around for the DeFi side of Leo Finance... right on time for mass adoption and the path for 5k MAUs!

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This is a massive update from cub, am definitely looking forward to what the token as to offer too, expecting some big move from it In the market

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Really a Big news. Let's watch out how the new phase of CUB eventually appears with time. It's a win for us all.

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Nice presentation. I love a nice graph.

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Not really the place for Ads like this. Try Twitter.

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