Introducing CUB's Decentralized IDO Launchpad: Economics, Impacts and How to Participate

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What's an IDO Launchpad?

The term IDO is quite similar to some other cyclical launch structures that the crypto industry has seen over the years (i.e. ICO, IEO, etc.).

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering and essentially allows anyone to launch a token and gain:

  • Initial liquidity
  • Access to a community
  • A launchpad to begin their project

Launchpads are becoming increasingly important as new projects are popping up all over the place in the crypto industry right now.

What's more, there are new tokens actually popping up claiming to be "launchpad tokens" that will serve the same purpose that we are building here into CUB.

Such is the function of our development: continually find the latest and greatest features that are gaining traction in crypto and look for ways to incorporate them at every layer within our own community (LEO & CUB) versus launching new token after new token to create a shiny object effect. More on this later in today's post.

First Decentralized IDO On CubFinance: $CAKEPOP Token Launch  -  Strategic Partnership With CubFinance

The Difference Maker - CUB IDO Launchpad

CUB is a somewhat mid-sized platform in DeFi. We're not the biggest platform but we're also far from the smallest platform in terms of TVL.

This said, the difference maker for CUB is our LeoFinance community. Our community is extremely engaged and projects love to see that. As much as projects are looking for TVL and the ability to raise funds, they're also looking for real and engaged users to back their new project, talk about it on social media, etc.

Our community is incredibly impactful in this sense. It's what drove these first few IDOs to our project as soon as the Launchpad was announced as under development and we believe that it will drive a very large number of projects down the line - especially as these first 3 IDOs are successfully fulfilled and under the belt of our community.

Why is It Important For CUB?

CUB's IDO black hole theory.png

You may ask: what's the point of an IDO? Why should we host other projects on the CUB platform and give them both a voice and access to CUB-based capital. What does CUB really get in return?

As discussed since the very beginning of CUB - our goal is and always will be to expand the scope and scale of the LeoFinance ecosystem. This expansion entails growth from a width and depth perspective. We're looking for more users (width) and we're also looking to significantly grow the utility within our project (depth).

Creating an IDO Launchpad on top of the CubFinance ecosystem creates a number of impactful effects:

  • New potential users
  • New utility for the CUB token
  • New opportunities (deeper incentives) for our existing community

New Potential Users

When a project uses the CUB IDO Launchpad, they're hoping to gain access both to CUB-based capital and our CUB-based community. They're looking for a raise and for engagement in their new project.

Many projects already have some degree of following. Even if they don't, their ambition is to gain a following and build their own community. By using the CUB launchpad, they're gaining access to our community but we're also gaining access to whatever following they currently have and whatever following they may gain down the line.

Creating this launchpad is as much about creating utility for the CUB token via burns as it is about collaborating with new, up and coming projects that have the potential to bring LeoFinance new users over time.

New Utility for the CUB Token

Speaking of new utility: the 4 IDO models we've designed are all intended to drive massive utility to the CUB token. Using the CUB Launchpad isn't free. It costs CUB to gain access to CUB-based capital and our community.

The CUB doesn't come out of pocket for the new project looking to gain initial liquidity. Instead, it comes in the form of the raise itself.

For example, the CAKEPOP raise is utilizing our first IDO Model: based on the PancakeSwap IFO model. In order to participate in the CAKEPOP IDO on CUB's Launchpad, you need to deposit CUB-BUSD LPv2 tokens.

The project that initiated the IDO (CakePop, in this example) receives the BUSD portion of the IDO. The CUB portion of the sale is sent to 0xDead (the BSC burn address).

  • Project gains seed capital for their initial liquidity pool
  • CubFinance ecosystem raises CUB for a massive burn event

In the case of the CAKEPOP IDO, $125,000 worth of CUB is going to be burned (189,393 CUB tokens at current prices - or 3.5% of the total CUB supply)

Note: the total current CUB burned is 285,605 CUB. This 1 IDO will nearly double the amount of CUB that's been burned since the launch of the platform.

Keep in mind that CAKEPOP is also the smallest of the 3 IDOs. They're building an interesting brand behind this reflection token but they're also giving us a great opportunity to see the impact of an IDO and test it out on a slightly smaller scale.

The next 2 IDOs are scheduled to raise anywhere from $2M - $5M. The amount of CUB getting burned just in these first 3 IDOs is mindboggling. Getting this first, smaller IDO under our belts will show us the true impact of creating a Launchpad product to compliment our new CUB Kingdoms setup.

Tokenomic Impacts: Liquidity Black Hole Theory

That theory we've all heard so much about - it applies to CUB's launchpad as well:

  • CUB-BUSD is raised for XYZ IDO
  • Massive amounts of CUB are burned
  • CUB Price increases
  • APY on all Kingdoms & Farms increases
  • TVL on CubFinance increases (since APYs are exponentially more attractive to outside capital)
  • TVL increase = higher CUB burns & BNB rewards for CUB Kingdom stakers
  • More TVL = more attention = more new IDOs looking to utilize CUB's decentralized launchpad contract
  • 🔁

Aren't All LaunchPad Tokens Shitcoins?

There are good and bad aspects of adding this Launchpad contract to the CubFinance ecosystem. We've outlined a lot of the good impacts here in this post.

As with anything in Crypto/especially DeFi - there will be shitcoins. There will be scams. There will be tokens that downright don't deserve to see the light of day.

In a few of the podcasts & AMAs, we've talked about the idea of Yolo Kingdoms. These are Kingdoms on emerging platforms that are potentially filled with risk but also filled with high APYs and upside.

Whether you look at Autofarm or Adamant Finance, etc. there are many platforms out there that are simply seeking to provide their community with the tools and opportunities of DeFi. How you choose to utilize those decentralized tools is completely up to you.

We currently have 3 scheduled IDOs, a 4th in talks and likely many many more in the coming months. The CUB Contract provides these prospective IDO Projects with the tools to reach the LeoFinance community but at the end of the day, it is up to you the user to decide what is worth your attention and capital.

As with everything in crypto: DYOR, not financial advice, risk what you're willing to lose, etc. etc. The CUB ecosystem is rapidly expanding now and in the future. That expansion will never stop and our goal as a community project is simply to provide the leverage to the community: tools, resources, knowledge, accessibility.

With risk comes upside. That is the world we've all chosen to be in when it comes to crypto & DeFi! Act according to your own portfolio strategies and risk tolerance. There's nothing wrong with sitting in the CUB Kingdom and never touching an IDO and there's also nothing wrong with throwing a few CUBs around to play with participating in these new projects that are utilizing the CUB Launchpad contract.

How to Participate in the 3 Upcoming IDOs:


What You'll Need:

  • CUB
  • BUSD

It's very easy to participate in the CUB-based IDO Launchpad contract. Before the IDOs launch, will become available. This new page will feature the current and upcoming vaults that will be utilized in each IDO.

On IDO day, the approve & deposit button will become available.

These vaults work extremely similar to current /farms vaults on CubDeFi. Pool CUB-BUSD tokens (this time on Pancakeswap) and then deposit those CUB-BUSD LP Tokens into the new IDO vault.

The IDO round will complete at a predefined block using the overflow method. If more than the preset amount ($250k in the case of CAKEPOP) is raised, then each participant will receive a proportional share in the total amount of tokens allocated for the raise. Any funds over the cap will be returned to each user's wallet automatically once the IDO is completed.

We chose the overflow contract method because it gives every user a fair opportunity to participate. IDOs are often dominated by whales and sniping bots. This method allows everyone to deposit and gain equal opportunity to the new token in the Launchpad.

Prior and on launch day, there will be many official and community-created guides on how to participate. All you'll need are CUB-BUSD tokens:

  • Pool CUB-BUSD on PancakeSwap
  • Head over to the page (not yet live)
  • Choose the current IDO vault (CAKEPOP for IDO #1)
  • Approve the IDO contract to spend your CUB-BUSD LP Tokens
  • Deposit CUB-BUSD LP Tokens
  • You're in the IDO!
  • Once the IDO completes, you'll receive your proportional share of IDO tokens. If the raise is overcommited, you'll receive your share of IDO tokens less any overfilled amount. All of your un-utilized CUB-BUSD LP Tokens will be returned to your wallet automatically

A New Future for CUB

CUB is entering a new kind of future. The first stage of CUB was to simply launch a liquidity platform like GooseDeFi and other projects.

As we realized that model was unsustainable, we began redesigning the entire platform and migrated to a whole new set of liquidity mining contracts. Autocompounding, cross-platform mining.

With sustainable yield farming in place, we began to look for ways to exponentially grow not only the market value of CUB but also the opportunities for the existing LeoFinance community and for ways to expand our community outreach. Find new users, develop new relationships, collaborate and build deep value capture for the CUB token.



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It is starting. Long-term game is always the one to play, especially in cryptocurrency. Those projects that are continually developing are going to have a chance of success.

Cubfinance is certainly on that path and, in turn, feeding into Leofinance. This is going to help all who are involved in the community.

Continued evolution while building the brand is a big deal.

This is going to be a powerful platform.

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I so much believe in cubfinance and even if we are not there yet. The progress is mind-blowing

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Exciting times ahead. Getting ready to to participate!

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Good one from you,get ready should be our ultimate goal for now.

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This is fantastic information. Thanks for the clear explanation. Guess I better get some more CUB and BUSD and get ready.

And even if not interested in participating, more CUB is always a good thing.

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More CUB was basically my plan for Q3 and Q4 anyway. So... Yeah. Definitely a good thing.

With little convince I might participate and more interested

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Ready to see it in action! It's going to be interesting.

Keep the Cub Chapters coming.

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Is it too early to ask what the next one is?

We will just get a Soon™ so no point. 😁😁😁

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It's going to be the new CUB Polygon token. Khal said it in one of the latest AMAs. He also said he preferred to launch CAKEPOP first since the raise is going to be smaller and in this way they can try the launchpad more safely.

This is going to be massive for the CUB holders. I am sure, there is going to be a liquidity shortage in the market and the price is going to skyrocket. Let's go.

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CUB is entering a new kind of future.

Super happy to be part of CUB and LeoFinance community.

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Just wondering, is the LP token for the CUB/BUSD on pancake different from the one used for the Farm?

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I am wondering this as well, I think they are the same.

Thrilling time and I can barely wait to see the effects of the first IDO launch... either a drop in the ocean or a waive that will build up and let us surf! Risk assessment needs to be in place, but is great to see a moderate IDO chosen to try the waters...

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

For me, it is all about the impact on Cubfinance.

It could be a tremendous opportunity to make some money for those IDOs which are successful. Either way, holding CUB is betting on the house and who know who always wins in that instance.

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Did anyone do enough research to understand how Cakepop plans to incentivize transactions?

The problem I see with tax-based tokens that also pay dividends is that they contradict themselves. You are incentivized to hold it and only reap the benefits of the dividends but for those same dividends to occur someone needs to move tokens around and pay the tax in the first place.

Not saying that it is a bad idea though as I will probably participate in the IDO regardless. Just genuinely curious what are their long-term plans for generating the funds needed to pay dividends.

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A very interesting question. Now you have me wondering the same. Think I need to reassess my involvement in this first endeavor.

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And another chapter begins... This could be the start of an incredible ride. It's very interesting to see the evolution of Cub and Leo. So far the hand steering the ship seems to be navigating these waters pretty well. Hopefully this is another step on the road to becoming a major player in the defi world. I'm certainly not going to bet against it. I'll be participating when the time comes and we'll see how it goes.

One question: will any of these IDOs LPs earn CUB? Or will they all just earn the IDO tokens and/or the base platform token? In this case that's CAKE, right?

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Onto the next phase. Evolution is vital and we have a development team that is churning out new opportunities.

For this reason, as I stated above, it is best to bet on the house. I believe we have a real winner here.

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Great news! Looking forward to see the impact of these IDOs

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I will check this one. Nice job!

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Congratulations boss!!

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Well, I guess i need to do more research but I think we are progressing.

Great job guys. I really hope for the best in this launch and more growth in the future

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Ameen to your prayers, because with prayer we will all get there by his infinity mercy.

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Awesome to read about the upcoming IDO. So this will all be based on Binance or will it move to Poly?

Edit: Re-read the intro post and found the explanation.


With so much happening around hive and leo stuff. It's hard to follow everything 😂 I'm really excited for this IDO. Great job team and community.

Is there a minimum amount that needs to be invested in order to not get obliterated by fees? Similar things I've looked at in the past don't make sense for the small player.

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~0.50 cent fees and this will be at least 3 tx (approve, create LP token or withdraw it, then post it to the IDO), anything with fees can definitely eat up small players profits.

Thanks. That helpful. 😊

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I use a minimum stake of $100 'cos as your other replyee says, there's three lots of fees at around 50 cents.

So Vest a minimum of one hour's worth of Splinterlands earnings at a time!

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So Vest a minimum of one hour's worth of Splinterlands earnings at a time!

😂 😂 😂

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In fact have invested must on cubfinance through trust wallet and I so much believe it will grow well

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Rebloged. Promoted.

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This all seems like a win win for the IDO maker. It is like Leo is becoming an investor club and with the social layer on top it will be good to see discussions about said investment. Hopefully this will keep the whole thing transparent and the community will be a sort of audit on the proceeding.
I will invest a bit to support the idea and also have some skin in the game

Rebloged. Promoted.


Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Hi to everyone one here !am new here and I wish to learn more about cub,if not mind to enlighten me more ad better.

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Very interesting update on IDO launchpad.

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In a few of the podcasts & AMAs, we've talked about the idea of Yolo Kingdoms. These are Kingdoms on emerging platforms that are potentially filled with risk but also filled with high APYs and upside.

I know that one voice doesn't mean much but I would personally prefer CUB Kingdoms to be well-researched pools rather than degen farming opportunities. Those that want to gamble can go to Adamant, Autofarm or any other similar platform. Having a clean and well-rounded list of auto compounding pools and farms would be a unique feature in the BSC Wild West.

Just a thought to explore.

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Dope and creative innovation. This is a pleasure for sore eyes.🤗

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Wow this lovely though haven't heard anything about this platform before but I believe it gonna be the best ever

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Hi @leofinance - thank you so much for the thorough explanation on IDO's, very useful!

I have actually read that small text at the end about delegating HIVE POWER to @leo.voter - well, I have actually delegated my LEO POWER by mistake :S I'd like to know if it still works or I should undelegate it?

Also, if there is anywhere to check on the delegation status (how much is it already delegated) and estimated rewards. Thank you!

All the best,


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