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If you go back several months in time, then you'll see our early talk about LeoFi. As we first began our research into LeoFinance's expansion into the DeFi space, LeoFi was our natural progression.

While LeoFi was under initial development, we started researching platforms like PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain, etc. That led us down the path of developing products like Cub Finance. Through that, we sidelined LeoFi for a few months - knowing that we'd run some more extensive testing and development of the backend for a later release.

Today's the day for LeoFi to move from closed beta to open beta!

Introducing LeoFi Leasing

LeoFi will have a large array of features in the future. On the LeoFinance roadmap, we've planned out a multi-year rollout of various DeFi-like features which we'll bring to the Hive blockchain and native LEO token through LeoFi.

Our first product for LeoFi is a Decentralized Leasing Marketplace. If you've ever leased or requested a lease for HIVE POWER, then this UI/UX will feel very familiar.

Since the beginning of LEO over 2 years ago, many people have requested new use cases for LEO POWER itself. Some users don't have the time or desire to curate manually but they also realize that automating their upvotes doesn't necessarily help the platform grow.

Enter LeoFi Leasing.

With LeoFi leasing, users can earn LEO passively by leasing out their unused LEO POWER and most importantly, benefit the platform simultaneously.

Instead of just automating upvotes and letting a small selection of authors continuously earn rewards, you can lease out your LEO POWER to another LeoFinance community member who may do more hands-on manual curation.

There are a number of amazing curators in our community who are continuously onboarding, helping, upvoting and discovering new users.

With LeoFi leasing, you can see who is requesting leases. You get to choose who gains access to your LEO POWER delegation and if you want to be more selective in helping the platform grow, you can check-in on the user you delegate to and see if they manually curate.

This gives our users the best of both worlds: passive LEO earnings on their LEO POWER + the ability to help the platform grow through manual curation.

How to Use LeoFi Leasing

The LeoFi Leasing Page has a variety of data points and functions.


LeoFi Leasing Page

Request a Lease

To request a LEO POWER Lease, click the "Request Lease" button in the top right.


Once you arrive on the request a lease page, things are pretty straight forward. Start by entering the amount of LEO POWER you want to lease, then how much you want to pay per week to lease that power and then the duration of your lease.


The APR and Total LEO Payment will automatically calculate itself in real-time as you manipulate the fields above.

Clicking "Next" will take you to a "Confirmation" page to review your Lease Request before submitting it. You can complete the Transaction with either Hivesigner or Hive Keychain.


After a few seconds, you'll see your Lease Request populate on the main Leasing page.

Your request will be filled when another user clicks "Lease" and fulfills your order for LEO POWER.

Note: if you want to see when your Lease Request is fulfilled by another user, you can find a notification sent via a LEO Memo to your LEO wallet on-chain. Otherwise, you can return to the "Dashboard" and view your active / pending leases.

Leasing Dashboard

The yellow "Dashboard" icon on the leasing page will take you to your LeoFi Leasing Dashboard. You'll find your active Leases, Requests and Expired leases.


The dashboard is pretty self-explanatory. You can undelegate and cancel a lease that you've given out or you can renew leases.

Note: if you undelegate (cancel) a lease you've given out, then the LEO payment will be returned to the user who leased the LEO POWER from you - less any LEO that was already paid out.

How Do Payments Work?

User A requests 1,000 LEO POWER and pays 60 LEO total for that lease for a 12 week duration.

When User A submits their Lease Request, the LEO is sent to @leofi where it is held in escrow.

User B fulfills User A's lease request by clicking the "Lease" icon and delegating 1,000 LEO POWER to User A.

Afterwards, User B will now start earning Daily LEO Payouts from the @leofi escrow account. It will take the 60 LEO payment and distribute from that total LEO each day.

If User B undelegates and cancels the Lease before the 12 weeks are over, then they will have received payouts up to whatever day the Lease was active. Any remaining LEO from the original 60 LEO payment will be refunded to User A.

LEO Burn Fees for Leasing

There is a 10% fee on each LEO Power Lease (i.e. if a total Lease payment is 60 LEO, then 6 LEO is subtracted as a fee - making the final payout 54 LEO).

100% of fees generated by LeoFi leasing are sent to @null and burned from the LEO supply permanently.

More In-Depth Guides for LeoFi?

This post covers the basics of LeoFi. We'd love to see some community posts talking about the more in-depth mechanics, use cases and functionalities of the LeoFi application as everyone digs in to the latest use case for LEO tokens.


Please Note LeoFi is in Open Beta. We've spent several months testing frontend and backend, but there can still be bugs that we haven't yet caught. Please use the application at your own discretion and if you find any bugs, report them in Discord so we can quickly fix them and improve LeoFi!

Future of LeoFi

There are a few amazing features coming to LeoFi. You'll notice the "Lend" page says coming soon - this will feature a similar marketplace to LeoFi leasing but instead allow users to lend LEO to each other via various collateralized and other means. We've modeled this feature based on some of the most popular DeFi lending applications currently in production.

The next stage for LeoFi is to improve the Leasing App while we are in Open Beta.

Once we are comfortable with the Leasing App and everything is working smoothly, we'll exit Open Beta and then release the next 2 major features of LeoFi Leasing:

  1. HIVE POWER Leasing Marketplace
  2. Tribe POWER Leasing Marketplace

When these features are released into Open Beta, you'll be able to Lease and Request HIVE POWER delegations the very same way as LEO POWER currently works.

With Tribe Power - it's the same. Use the app to lease your favorite tribe tokens on Hive Engine.

All fees from LEO POWER Leasing, HIVE POWER Leasing and Tribe POWER Leasing will be converted to LEO and burned permanently from the native token supply.



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Cool initiative...
More Leo power to us all.
Happy Curating.

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 last year (edited) 

Now imagen instead of burning you give back those fees to the leo power holders :)

I think this could definitely become a thing in the future as all of our platforms scale.

I.e. when leasing volume is massive (likely when HIVE POWER + LEO POWER + TRIBE POWER leasing is available and doing large volumes of leases), then we'll start modeling out the idea of creating a daily reward for having LEO POWER staked.

The reward being derived from all of the various forms of revenue that LEO has - ads, leasing, DEX, LeoBridge etc.

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That would be great!

LEO tokens have value, let us use that for growth of the platform(s).

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Don't ask me how, but what about using those fees to allocate liquidity permanently into ETH/WLEO or BNB/bLEO pools (excluded from geyser payments ofc).

Yes, that is a great idea as well .... liqudity is no.1

Another great suggestion.

With so few tokens available, relatively speaking, we are going to enter into a liquidity issue very quickly.

It is great for the price in other tokens but not great for operations.

Funding the LPs is the best idea yet.

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We already have some decent liquidity. Maybe with another new pair with stable coin.

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I am with you. We already have liquidity issues with LEO so I am not a fan of burning. We can use the value of those tokens to grow the system.

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Now imagen instead of burning you give back those fees to the leo power holders :)

Burning reduces the float and gives back to LEO holders.

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Oh boy oh boy!!

I'm a kid on Christmas morning!

And it looks like it worked no issues :) Smooth stuff guys, fantastic new offering to the chain.


Wait until there is CTP Power leasing.

Then anyone on there will have an additional reason to stake CTP.

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Soon is now and we see another dapp breathing life within the Leo Finance ecosystem. And opening it for HIVE and Tribes will make a killing out of it!!!

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It will enhance the value of the other tribes simply because they will have that option with their tokens.

This will be a win across the board.

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It's great to see this project finally rolling out

Instead of just automating upvotes and letting a small selection of authors continuously earn rewards, you can lease out your LEO POWER to another LeoFinance community member who may do more hands-on manual curation.

This is all nice and I hope it's going to be used for a good purpose.

I don't want to see history repeating. We all know what's happened on the old chain.

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What happened on the old chain?

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Leased steem power was used to downvote certain users as well as for circle jerking.

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That front-end looks great.

I've never once leased HP through the current system because the front-ends are so messy and that's meant I just haven't been bothered to learn.

From just 2 seconds of looking at LeoFi however, I already see how easy it is.

Great work team!

Keep distributing and creating demand for LEO!

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Providing another use case for Leo Power.

It is fun to watch all this stuff rolling out.

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Looks sexy af! Can't wait to see lending in action.

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This is a great use case as stated, many repeat users were being voted automatically and this gives an opportunity to the manual curators to distribute the votes far and wide .

Instead of just automating upvotes and letting a small selection of authors continuously earn rewards, you can lease out your LEO POWER to another LeoFinance community member who may do more hands-on manual curation

I also like the burning of the fees 🔥

When Leofinance App though?

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Before 2025, guaranteed.

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Hehe okay

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Oh SNAP Hive and tribe token lease sounds AMAZINGGGGG great way to boost some profits for the price of LEO.

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Yeah a true breakthrough that will add value across the entire ecosystem. H-E tokens will then have another use case.

It is wonderful to watch things expanding on Hive.

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So, let me know if I have this right. Say I only do manual curation (which I do), and I try to keep my voting power between 80-99% every day (which I do), then if I were to lease say 10,000LP from different people, would I be able to make more with my manual curation than I would be paying to lease that 10,000LP? And, if so, how much? Would it be a pretty significant leap? Or not so much? Not sure how to calculate whether it's worth it or not. It seems like a prime vehicle for me and the way I operate if this is the case....

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That remains to be seen. Have to find out what APY you are paying on the lease. That will take a while to see what they are put up there at.

Also, need to find out what your present APY is on your leo voting.

In the end, it might not be worth it to lease the LP. Of course, if that is the case, then it might be worth it to take the other side and lease some of your LP out.

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I like what I see


Awesome job! Can’t wait to start renting out some LEO power for this account to vote and curate for the site! Reblogged for our audience as well!

very good. more awesome utility. It just keeps getting better and better round here!

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Hive Engine Tools has a feature that lets people see the interest that they receive for a token for the last 30 days.

I've noticed that my APR for LEO is usually under 5% despite my voting on a few leo posts every day. The lowest lease price is 15.5% . People should check the APR of their votes before leasing.

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You are right, users are going to have to weigh what is the better return. For those leasing, they might have to beware.

Of course, there are reasons for leasing other than just a direct ROI. Some might want a bigger stake to have more impact on chain and help to make a name for themselves.

But as you pointed out, be mindful of the numbers.

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Very exciting ! Thank you for this great update, it is great to have some on Leofinance again as the platform is maturing and still attracting very good writer.

As you mentioned it will help curation projects to have access to bigger Leo Power.

Do we have any idea of the average curation APY on Leofinance?

Thanks in advance.

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Leofinance has taken Hive to another level. I can only imagine what this thing could be in five years from now.

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Leofinance, Hive Application Framework, SpkNetwork to just name a few things happening.

Let us not overlook the changes made to HBD. That is going to really help out over time.

A lot taking place right now and we are not even to the 18 month market with Hive.

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This is a kind of project have been waiting for on LEO, this is awesome!

Posted via

If that is the case, then your wait if over.

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Oh very nice. I assume this is the new updated version of Dlease when everything is rolled out.

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Not updated since this has nothing to do with DLease.

However, it is the same concept but for Leo Power. Once HP and the other tribes are added, this will be a very powerful applications.

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This is an awesome use of LEO! Might have to look into leasing some LEO power to help build the stake!


Wow. And it works !

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Even Arnold likes this

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This is something the community was waiting for. I hope a lot of people test the application out and help to uncover bugs.

The step in HP and Tribe leasing is going to be tremendous. That is something that the ecosystem really needs.

Leofinance is really beginning to make strides.

Any idea on the upgrade to

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great work!

Great work @leofinance !

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very cool work, gonna go lease some! !PIZZA

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@leofinance! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (9/20)

~~~ embed:1428689663074705411 twitter metadata:aWxiaXNjb218fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vaWxiaXNjb20vc3RhdHVzLzE0Mjg2ODk2NjMwNzQ3MDU0MTF8 ~~~
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Looks great guys!

Maybe I missed it but "Lending is coming soon"? - so how can I provide something to be leased?

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Cool beans but I am especially interesting in seeing the Lending option going LIVE. Keep it up!

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I already filled a couple of leases and I think I'll get some more Leo power today while it's still on a super sale.

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I am amazed at these projects that are taking back, as they promote LEO staking instead of roasting and continuous burning.

I wonder if they to make it finally come out the project blank

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nice improvement in the LEO community.

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Another product I would recommend is staking DEC to earn LEO. Splinterlands is pumping and LeoDEX is fighting with Atomichub to be the definite go-to mktplace. I would love to stake all my coins at Leo

There's a lot to dig into here. It'll be interesting to see this continue to develop.

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Can we fill a lease request partially? Let's say someone requests 1000 Leo Power, can we put 500 Leo Power towards the lease and let others after us hopefully add more to the lease so it eventually reaches 1000?