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Lists have become a staple for X (formerly Twitter). If you've used Lists on X, then you'll know how useful they can be for sorting content. I would say one of the #1 issues we face on Hive and INLEO is content discovery.

If you've been on Hive for a while, then you'll know how important it is to have good content discovery and how many platforms on Hive have been trying to create better avenues for discovering content and authors.

In This Post:

  1. Why Lists?
  2. How to Add a List to Your Default Feed
  3. How to Create a List
  4. How to Add Users to a List
  5. How to Explore Lists
  6. How to Follow Other Lists

Leo Premium and Lists

If you've been following the progress of our development - and lately, we've dialed it to 11 - then you'll know we've released over 25 massive new features in just the past 2 months. The INLEO platform is unrecognizable compared to what we launched with on May 1st, 2023. Only 7 months ago.

Last month, we released LEO Premium. LEO Premium is similar to X Premium in that you get an orange checkmark next to your username along with an exclusive feature set to enhance your INLEO experience.

This is not meant to be pay-to-play. Rather, LEO Premium simply offers some exclusive features for users to customize their experience. Many features also offer more convenience to Premium users. Lists are one of these convenience features that allows you to both customize your experience on the UI as well as discover content better.

Below, we'll dive into the key features of Lists and how to use them. Lists is a massive development. We actually rolled them out ~5 weeks ago but we've been waiting to announce them until we made some significant bug fixes and improvements to how they work.

What Lists Let You Do

In a broad sense, Lists allow you to create a custom List of users and/or hashtags based on Hive usernames and Hive hashtags.

When you add users or hashtags to a list, the List will gather any threads or posts made by those users/tags and then sort them into the list for you.

It's basically a "build your own feed" module on the INLEO Frontend and Backend.

Add a List to Your Default Feed

I wanted to start by showing what you can do with a List. Once you're either following or have created a list, you can go to your settings page and actually change the default feed to that list.

You can also now set a default feed from the other options (For You, Latest, Trending or Following). Here I've shown the example of me choosing the "Premium Lions" List by @jongolson.

Create a List

Hit the "More" icon in the left menu, then select "Lists" to visit the Lists page

Once on this page, you can explore lists created by other users or create your own list.

To create a list, click the + icon in the top right.

Once you've done this, you'll see a pop-up to create the list. You can add an image, title and description. You can choose for the list to be Public or Private by checking or unchecking the "Private List" box.

If a list is a private, only you can see and follow it. If you make a public list, then anyone can find it from the Lists page and follow it.

Note that if you make a list public, anyone can follow it but only you retain admin rights to add/remove users or change the list data.

Adding Users to a List

After creating a list, you can now add users to it.

I created a List called "stats" and I want to add users to it who regularly post stats on Hive. I'll start by adding @dalz to this list. I searched up his username. Now all I need to do is find any thread created by him and click the "3 dots" menu. Then click "Add to Lists"

Now the UI asks me which List I want to add him to. This shows all the Lists I have created. I select Stats" and hit done.

Explore and Follow Other User-Created Lists

By navigating to the Lists page, you can also follow any public list created by other Premium users. Scroll to the bottom, click "See All Lists" and then you'll see the following screen. Click on any list and then "Follow" to follow it.

Have Fun and Create!

The whole point of Lists plays to a broader point on INLEO. Premium is a perfect example of this direction.

We now have Premium themes, customization options and Lists are a critical part of the new INLEO: a modular Web3 experience.

Our aim is to keep down this path of allowing users to create their own unique experience of Web3 on Hive through INLEO.

Creating a unique experience is about giving you all the tools to shape your experience and also the leverage to monetize it even further. The LeoAds contract is now also officially live and buying LEO off the market each week.

Meanwhile, LeoPremium subscriptions are used to buy HIVE and LEO off the market each week as well.

We're now seeing multiple value capture methods funneling capital into the LEO token. This will continue to drive long-term value to The LEO Token Economy.

Some major devleopments, fixes and announcements are underway. We've seen some instability on the UI the past few days due to some HE issues and now some issues with Hive nodes. We're doing everything we can to secure our end of things while we also allow Hive Core to fix nodes and make them stable again.

As this continues, we'll keep pushing the envelop on new features and upgrades. Be ready to end 2023 with a bang 🚀


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So you can't add individual posts to Lists? This would be the only reason I'd use it. Once I follow a user, lists are unnecessary and tags are easy enough to pull up, but discovering specific posts is where the problem lies.

So, it seems that being able to categorize bookmarks would be more beneficial.

That's a cool feature, new and good features coming out very rapidly, good to see. site hasn't been working correctly #feedback

Can't access the website #feedback

This is cool. More and more from you guys. One

Also Bookmarked this post, another great feature. My tired eyes will need to revisit this tomorrow with some coffee! Nice work, again.

Wow, I'm glad someone finally did this!...I have been asking for the ability for saved tags to show up in the feed for a couple years now, I bet!

Should be great to discover unfamiliar users posting about things that are of interest to the individual instead of sifting through endless posts!

My daughter (@kristina247) created the account through your Signup page 2 months ago (it was LeoFinance back then).
Her keys have been stolen, and according to the Block Explorer stats, her account data has been "updated" (keys changed) 17 days ago (on November 18, 2023).
I gave her INLEO's Discord server link so she may request help there (as she is not able to post anything here on blockchain.)
Her recovery account was automatically set to @hive.voter as her recovery account, but as nothing has been there for 4 years, I'm kindly asking for QUICK HELP here.

My daughter got in touch with your team on Discord, and in the meantime, the problem has been solved!

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Greetings @leofinance, I am starting to resume my work in hive, I had to pause it due to new circumstances health reasons. I am reading your contents and I would like to learn how to do these jobs or tasks.... Could you explain me where I can start?

In the meantime I have been getting experience on Hive, so with time I will get over it., Keep on the good work.