Introducing Nested Replies | Microblogging on Hive Just Got 10x Better!

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Nested replies... Wondering what they are? They're a cool feature that allow you to engage with Threads and replies to Threads without clicking any extra buttons. In short, they allow you to read the 1st reply to a Thread without opening that thread.

This is a feature that exists on Web2 (Twitter) and we stole it for Web3. It's amazing and as of right now, it's live on - the #1 Web3 Microblogging App in the world!

What is A Nested Reply?

A nested reply shows the 1st reply to any Thread. You'll see Nested Replies on the:

As you can see in the image below, @josediccus made a Thread about LEO Discord Roles and the recent update we made to them.

Then, @ifarmgirl-leo posted a reply to his Thread. She happened to be the first reply, so her Thread shows up as a connected (Nested) reply to it.

This is indicated by a connecting line between their two threads.


Why Nested Replies?


Why is this important? If you've been using Threads, you'll notice that our team has pushed update after update. Threads today is nothing like the Threads that launched on August 4th, 2022.

Threads is so much faster, so much easier to use and is packed with a ton of new features since it originally launched, just 8 weeks ago.

We continue to ask you - the community - what features and improvements you want to see on Threads. Many asked for a way to sort their Threads and we gave you that on the Profile page where you can now see the option (next to Blogs) for "Threads".

Next on our list of highly requested features was Nested Replies. You all wanted an easy way to see replies to replies on Threads and this is exactly what Nested Replies do.

Now you can easily navigate replies to replies and jump into conversations without having to click through as many pages.

How Do I Use Nested Replies?

It's easy! The 1st reply to any Thread will show as a Nested Reply.

In terms of how you will use this feature personally, that is completely up to you. The user experience is extremely intuitive.

Personally, I've been using the feature heavily. It's made my experience on Threads so much better since I can quickly reply to a Thread and the 1st reply to that Thread without having to click through as many pages.

Another big use case is when I'm on my personal profile page looking at previous Threads I've made.

Many of the Threads I've posted got 1 reply to them and I want to engage with the person who replied to those threads. Now I can just click the comment icon on the Nested Reply and reply straight from there instead of having to click on my own Thread and view their reply.

It's a simple yet powerful feature.

If you haven't tried it out yet, head over to and give it a shot!

New to LeoThreads and Microblogging on Hive in General?

LeoThreads DOES NOT create top-level blog posts. Instead, Threads stores content as Comments on the Hive blockchain.

We still see a lot people say that they are afraid to make a Thread because they don't want to get downvoted / shitpost on their Hive account.

This is precisely why Threads is so powerful. We are NOT using top-level blog posts to store content on-chain.

Threads live as comments which means you can make 1 Thread per day or 1,000 Threads per day from your Hive account and nobody can tell you that you're spamming the blockchain and blog feed with shitposts.

You can post 100 pictures of your cat every day, nobody will yell at you. This is how Web2 does it and this is how we do it. Web3 is about remaking Web2 into something distributed, decentralized and beneficial to all who use it. Everything is posted on-chain without the worry of spam and nonsense.

We still see a lot of people scared to try Threads for many of these reasons. Get onto and try it for yourself. Start creating content on Hive and earning rewards without making blog posts.

We've seen a signficant increase in Daily Active Users (DAUs) on Threads since our last 3 updates:

  1. Performance & Scaling Update: improved Threads Loading speeds by a factor of 10x
  2. My Threads: added threads to profile page
  3. Nested replies (today): multi-fold improvement in the User Experience by making it easier to read/engage with replies to threads

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Thanks for the kind update and I think threads going to be more interesting with this nested replies.

~~~ embed:1575500606571413507 twitter metadata:ZmFybWdpcmxib3NzfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL2Zhcm1naXJsYm9zcy9zdGF0dXMvMTU3NTUwMDYwNjU3MTQxMzUwN3w= ~~~

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I have just started using Threads. It will probably take some time to get used to it. But I suppose this new feature ill help out a little. Since Twitter has been one of my go to platform and if it resembles that it would be a pretty neat addition to the threads!

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Amazing.. I was astonished with the updates myself. Nesta facilities efficiency and speed, I think a person can be easily feeding their cat and be replying a comment straight up from one click. The process is more fun-like. Awesome one guys...

The continuous update and improvement of the micro-blogging platform in the Leoverse is quite fascinating. Each update comes with something yummy and something to fire up the threading vibes.

Way to go LEO 👌

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Bravo to the team. You guys are doing great and pulling weights too. Well done 💪💪

#Threads is truly a game changer and the nested replies just made it even better. Thank you for the continuing developments, enhancements and upgrades!

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It is a much easier way to engage. Great to see the addition. Has more of a "discuss" feel to it.

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Things getting spicy! Amazing work!




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Already seen it and it's great for engagement. Keep them rolling! ;)

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Easier way to engage now, this is a great improvement and it's really awesome

Impressive! The user experience is really getting better.

Leo Threads is a joy to use.

Integrating web2 into web3 this a cool feature as development of LeoThreads continues

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Wow! This really looks amazing... I'll definitely try this out.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕😊

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That's purely amazing, Threads are getting more and more attractive 🤩

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The new features nested replies is so much an easy way to reply your thread. Thanks for the development we expecting more new features in the future.

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Sounds good.
Hopefully we may see pinning replies as well in future :)

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Interesting, so if I understood it right, threads are like tweets???

Fantastic work and Innovation!

@tipu curate

This is a plus on top of another giant plus.
#threads will eventually take over #twitter, #discord and all for the #leofinance community.
Glad you share and keep us updated


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It is much easier to engage on threads with this new features, Leo team should keep the update coming

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This new initiative is very lovely and nice which I really appreciate the work being put to it.

Interesting implementations, I haven't used threads yet as though I only just began my Leo journey, definitely gonna throw some thoughts in when I do.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Nice to see….nice to see everything coming together. Awesome work

Looking good with the latest update.
Great to see the progress.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Pretty slack feature and improvement which makes threads more natural and appealing to end users. Great to see this project take off and add community functionalities to it. This is the way!

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Quite simply they are fluffing awesome!
Now they really are an engagement tool, and anybody can have fun in the LeoVerse..

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Next step is to add support for level 2+ nested replies to all display on the same page.

And maybe a slight indent for increased clarity? (not sure what this will do to the page though as replies go deeper down the levels)

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Perfect one and I was never wrong joining btje community as a result of this initiative, what a perfect way to change engagement in the community.

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It's Amazing. I just want to add it would be more Cool if nested replies show "Hot Comment" liked by other Leo's or discussion more like Featuring a comment that have something nice discussion.

Though Really Good to see progressing at Good pace! Way more to Go. Keep building.

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The concept is beautiful, I’m assuming we’ll get personal feeds? What about a separate app/front end eventually? I’d love to have a short form content feed/followers separate from my blogging followers. Is this project blank? It sure looks like it.

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Interesting, I think I will take a look at this new feature, will it work on the mobile phone?

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good post pro

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The replies feature on Leo threads is a great one, thanks for sharing this

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Definitely want to learn how to deploy this so I can coach my team as well.

Really cool update, it ads a nice feel to threads for sure

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