Wen LeoAds? How We're Building Native In-Line Ads to Boost Revenue 10x for the LEO Token Economy

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The LeoAds program is one of the most requested features in the LeoVerse. We've been building out a more sophisticated program both for displaying ads and for having ad provider revenue flow directly (via smart contracts) to buying LEO and burning it / adding it to LEO POWER.

We've been hard at work on all of this stuff and the new UI is going to supercharge the ad program. How?

We're building native in-line ads for the new UI. This means that - for example - your Thread feed will show you some ads mixed in with regular content. The ads will say "Sponsored" but they will be formatted like a normal Thread.

Same goes for the Explore page and long-from posts.

Our goal is to bolster this revenue program and continue to scale. The new Alpha UI just went live on https://alpha.leofinance.io and we're already seeing record visits and record #'s of Threads posted and engaged with on a daily basis.

All of this engagement is going to exponentially grow traffic, time on site, clicks, etc. for ads which ultimately leads to more ad revenue and more sustainability for the LEO Token Economy.

In This Clip:

  • The Leo Ad program will go out closely after the new UI launches
  • The numbers look great and adRev is climbing fast
  • More and more people use Threads on a daily basis - we have tripled since the beginning of 2023 and the # of threads has more than tripled
  • Threads is just a page in the new UI, the platform will be very robust
  • The current Threads UI is crude and raw compared to the new interface
  • The current UI is so Frankenstein’d that when users experience the new one they will be impressed with how fast, intuitive, and natural it feels
  • Down time in the old UI happens due to nodes crashing, lightning problems, Hive-engine issues and more, but the new one is almost 100% resilient to all of this

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!luv how the add revenue for Leo Adds is going to work. Its such things that give confidence to those investing in all things LEO.

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Great information and I think that we are all waiting for the LeoAds to kick in as that will motivate more of the users to pull in and will surely get new ones with stronger tokenomics. Focusing on LEO should be primordial for the success of the LeoFinace ecosystem and getting to the next level!

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Can't wait to burn a little LEO and get more exposure on my posts etc! Going to be an epic feature!

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!1UP I am sure that this kind of revenue will be extremely beneficial for the maintenance and development of Leofinance. Congratulations on the incredible initiatives!



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Looking forward to seeing the ad revenue kick in - another great game changer on #leofinance !

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