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If you've been watching our updates for the past several months, you'll see a major focus being taken on marketing and growing our Web3 Ecosystem here on LeoFinance.

LeoFinance's mission is to expand the width and depth of our Web3 Ecosystem. This means building innovative applications and simultaneously driving more users to those applications while also building ever-deepening value for our core community.

In the Our Vision section of the LeoFinance Whitebook, we talk about the vision we have for this project as a Web3 Ecosystem. We are in the very early stages of building the largest Web3 Community ecosystem on the planet and this is an extremely exciting prospect.

With this vision in mind and relentless development happening in the background, we need to also have a department of the team that is focused entirely on marketing and growth. If you build it, they will come is not an approach that we take.

We want to build it AND bring people to it. This is the focus of the LeoFinance Team and of many Community Leaders that have stepped up and taken charge on their own initiatives to expand our community - @taskmaster4450, @jk6276, @melbourneswest and many others including our 3 LeoCurators: @whatsup, @behiver, @jk6276 (@leoalpha).

There is so much happening in this community and we are making a lot of headway on our goals. It's important to stay focused while we expand. We need to expand but ensure that we expand in a way that supports the core mission. This has been the motto of the past several months.

Marketing on Web2 and Web3

Marketing for our community has recently taken an entirely new level. We hired a Head of Growth who is in charge of:

  1. Clipping short and long-form content from the LeoFinance Podcast
  2. Distributing short and long-form content from the LeoFinance Podcast on Web3 (Hive, @threespeak, etc.)
  3. Distributing short and long-form content from the LeoFinance Podcast on Web2 (Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  4. Working directly with Khal to create original content for Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts

Our newest hire has been absolutely crushing it. If you head over to LeoFinance on Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook, you can see a lot of views, followers and subscribers rolling in. On Web2, these metrics are extremely important.


We consider Web3 marketing to be primarily done on Hive and through collaboration with other Web3 platforms. She has taken over the entire content production and distribution of our Web3 content here on Hive by clipping great content from the Podcast every week and distributing it on both @khaltok and @khaleelkazi.

We hired this new team member from the Hive community. Her previous jobs included ghostwriting, community management and videography. This has made her an incredible fit to become the Growth Lead on the LeoTeam. All she has asked in return is a salary based primarily from the rewards generated on content posted through @khaltok and @khaleelkazi. I (khal) have also offered her some LEO Team Stake incentives for hitting certain growth targets like 10,000 followers on Tik Tok, 10,000 YouTube Subscribers, LeoFinance MAUs growing to 10,000, etc.

This has been an incredible experience thusfar and I'm really excited to see what she can do in terms of growing our Web3 community. It's incredibly important to have someone of this caliber working on the project as we aim to expand our width and depth.


I wanted to show off some of the great progress she's made just in the past few days and weeks as she has completely taken over on Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, Hive and @threespeak:

Tik Tok:

The LeoFinance Tik Tok has grown significantly in the past 3 days. She's really hit a stride with our content.

As it stands now, she sends me an idea and I have to record a clip of me doing something. Then she post-produces it - adding text, trending Tik Tok Music, etc. and then publishing it at the right times of day with the right hashtags, etc.

She has been killing it. 3 of our videos already have 3,000+ views and one has just crossed 11k in the past 2 days.

The followers are flowing in and while it's small, this is a relatively new operation. We're hoping to see 1,000 followers by the end of February. I hope you're cheering for her as much as I am.

p.s. the video with 11,000 views talks about CubFinance and has a link to https://cubdefi.com on the screen. You love to see that!




Clips from the podcast are being post-produced and uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and @khaltok / @khaleelkazi on 3speak.

She's been crushing this as well with 3+ videos per day across all of the platforms above. It's amazing to see this much content being produced.

In fact, @finguru posted Khal - The Gary Vaynerchuk of Hive? which is quite funny because she has been posting dozens of pieces of original content every single day on all of these platforms.

I think many have picked up on the fact that just 1 person can't be in charge of all of this. She is crushing it on all of these platforms and is just getting settled into the role.


Our Facebook Group has grown from 80 members to 250+ in just 2 weeks!



She began posting on YouTube just 2 days ago. Along with some advice from Gualter, she has been focused on creating 2-6 minute clips + posting YouTube Shorts from Tik Tok over to YouTube.

Up until 2 days ago, we averaged 30-85 views on all of our YouTube Videos. Since she took over, we've had 1 video get 1,100 views... Incredible. Sometimes it just takes the right person with the right experience and knowledge in a certain area to make something do well.


What Does This All Mean?

This post is meant to accomplish a few things. One is to welcome our newest team member who has taken on some incredibly large tasks in her new position.

Her overarching goal is to hit certain KPIs that I mentioned above. At the end of the day, we want more Monthly Active Users here on LeoFinance and that is the driving mission behind her daily role here at LeoFinance.

Day-to-Day, she is creating original content with me as the centerpiece, clipping and post-producing content from the LeoFinance podcast and then distributing that content strategically accross:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Tik Tok
  4. 3Speak
  5. Hive
  6. Twitter
  7. LinkedIn

So far, we've seen some short-term success with a few Tik Toks and 1 YouTube Short getting some viral traction.

Our goal now is to take this to the next level and continue that streak. From there, we'll closely monitor the KPIs of LeoFinance: MAUs, LEO Token Price, Traffic to LeoFinance.io, DailyLeo Newsletter Signups, etc. and see how her marketing efforts have been making an impact on growing our Web3 community.

I am extremely fired up to have her on the team as Head of Growth and I hope you give her a big welcome here in the comments of this post. She prefers to stay out of the limelight (for now) but she has really appreciated all of the kind words across Tik Tok, Twitter, @khaltok, @khaleelkazi and elsewhere.

From Her:

"See you guys at 10,000 LeoFinance.io Monthly Active Users!"



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The traditional society media is still the best place to onboard users so good job posting to all those sites. I think 10k monthly active users is definitely possible so long as it keeps up.

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I wondered who was putting together the awesome short clips that look like professional marketing.

To The Point
Hard hitting!

Well done!

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She's crushing it! So excited to see what becomes of this in the coming months and years 🦁 🚀

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She prefers to stay out of the limelight (for now) but she has really appreciated all of the kind words across Tik Tok, Twitter, @khaltok, @khaleelkazi and elsewhere.

I was reading hoping to finally see a handle so I can go and follow and shower her all the kind words for all she has done, only to see this. I have been wondering how @khaleelkazi has been keeping up with giving us quality content and also developing. Glad to see that she has been the one behind the content creation. Thank you very much for what you are doing for the Leofinance team. I’m grateful, we are all grateful.

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Awesome work, CTAs are going to be important and when you blend them in smoothly like you did with your last video for top 5 cryptos for 2022 with LEO in the middle are perfect little marketing examples that will bring the curiosity and traffic.

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Great seeing the increased attention been placed on marketing of leofinance, cubfinance and PolyCub since the start of the year. Whoever manages the TikTok and Facebook channel is doing an awesome job with the short videos. I see the community hitting really great strides this year if we continue this way and keep building. Bullish for the future of the leofinance projects

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I really commend the Leofinance teams of this big project doing on both polyCUB and cubfinance which I believe this innovative ideas towards this community since the year have started will never be in vain. Awesome job 👍

The Leo Finance branding is quickly expanding in all social media metaverses and marketing is upped through any channels available. I think this is the way for consistent growth and having the mechanics established, this ecosystem engine will keep on running over and over again. And it runs on electricity, not petrol or diesel :)))

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The marketing expansion will no doubt catalyze the growth of LeoFinance's ecosystem. Also, it gives us more reasons to be bullish on $LEO and its extended projects.

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The marketing this days from you guys has been amazing and consistent. Marketing has always proven to be a nice way of pulling traffic and garnering attention. Kudos to the team and whoever is managing the social media accounts. I must commend, really great job

Dang amazing results!

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Fantastic work and it's amazing how much Leo Finance has grown. Some complain about price but it's more than that it's a community and something that's worth doing.

I think the biggest achievement so far is that Leo's price has stayed relatively stable within this latest dip.

We'll all profit together once Leo makes it.

Consistency can do wonders. The harder you try, the easier it is to get lucky with something that go viral. It is refreshing to see a HIVE project give enough attention to marketing. LEO is an example for other projects to follow.


For the woman who has been behind all this work: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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@vimukthi(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

TikTok is so popular these last few months so it was a really smart move to promote LeoFinance and PolyCub there and their recent updates/development.
Youtube Shorts are another way to go too!

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Awesome. Thanks a lot for the update Khal. Ms. head of growth is doing a phenomenal job, especially on Tik Tok. 🙏

Growing your team is the most important part of the progress and many startups fail to realize that early in their journey. Hopefully, you get the business developer soon so that we scale in terms of the. of users & partnerships.

Although, organic growth is the best! Are you thinking about doing paid ads in the future? If yes, then wen? wen? wen? I would suggest spending some money on social media ads and influencer marketing as well. But it's not a must.

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Okay you convinced me: I will hold onto my $LEO.

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Welcome She-who-Publicizes


I wanted to reach out and shake your hand!


It sounds like your doing some amazing things, as the list of tasks and goals, plus the progress to date is amazing!


Those of us who have been here a while have always thought of this place as an undiscovered gem, and it looks like you will change this soon!


So for all of us I wish to say Thank you!



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LeoFinance's mission is to expand the width and depth of our Web3 Ecosystem. This means building innovative applications and simultaneously driving more users to those applications while also building ever-deepening value for our core community.

I strongly believe that Leo finance really have a very strong innovative towards the community and I'm so excited I didn't missed out


Good one and all eye is on the leo finance community too

This is a very good one for the community


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If you've been watching our updates for the past several months, you'll see a major focus being taken on marketing and growing our Web3 Ecosystem here on LeoFinance.

Absolutely, the technique behind it is extraordinary which I appreciate anytime I view the Leofinance interface and I believe more are yet to occur with this lovely leo platform

LeoFinance's mission is to expand the width and depth of our Web3 Ecosystem. This means building innovative applications and simultaneously driving more users to those applications while also building ever-deepening value for our core community.

Great seeing this development on leofinance, the brain behind the marketing is so awesome, both for cubfinance, PolyCub and leo. These video really bringing more traffic to the community I can see that the team is really going higher to drive more people into this Community

Absolutely amazing content. I'm going to take my time and go through the contents again. Now polycub is really going to offer choices and value. I need buy more Leo, its good value !

This is me applauding the hard work and energy SHE is putting into the marketing of LeoFinance. Certainly, a positive impact would be seen especially in the aspect of new members and monthly active users.

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I can remember those early days in 2020 when every little step in the development around LeoFinance was communicated and that helped to build a great trust on the LEO project. This community has clearly arrayed itself as a champion of effectiveness in leadership and business strategy that continues to draw many to the LEO projects. keep it up.

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I am glad that you guys are ramping things up, but you really need some videos other than podcast clips and basic selfie clips of speaking into the camera. You need a few well produced videos that explain the benefits of LEO with graphics and professional narration, etc. Also a few produced video with graphics explaining to how use LEO and the ecosystem is very important.

Also, get a channel on LBRY network and publish there too, I am pretty sure it is #1 or #2 ranked in the crypto social platforms space, the traffic there is getting high and they have 140000+ uploads a week, ~1400000+ users, and 20000000+ visits/month now. Best to get established there before the site explodes, after that it will be much more difficult to get traction.

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I must really commend this awesome work, in my view, the CTAs really are going to play a major role, when smoothly structured as done in your last clip. Marketing in the present days and from what i see you guys do is amazing, the consistency is out of this world, the pulling together of traffic from the marketing structure is amazing. this indeed an awesome team work and i must commend the management of the project, more grace. thanks for having me

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