LeoFinance Monthly Active Users: We've Grown 50% Since the Launch of Project Blank Open Alpha

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It's official, Project Blank is a soaring success. In early stage Alpha, we've already seen a 50% growth in monthly active users.

In 2022, we were one of the few crypto projects in the entire industry that didn't lose any users. there are likely a lot of reasons for this. One of the #1 reasons I'd like to cite is that we have the most diamond paw community out there. As Leo Lions, we've been through the trenches together.

A little bear market wasn't taking our core userbase away.

Open Alpha - https://alpha.leofinance.io - for Project Blank start exactly 8 days ago on February 14th.

Prior to Open Alpha, we talked about our goals to grow the LeoFinance Monthly Active Userbase to 5,000 MAUs by the end of the year.

A few kew steps to getting us to 5,000 MAUs:

  1. ✅ Launch the Project Blank UI to Open Alpha
  2. ⏱ Collect Massive Feedback and Roll Out Updates to Alpha
  3. ✅ Integrate Hive Lite Account Onboarding to the New UI (Pending for Open Alpha Release Right Now)
  4. ✅ Private Crew3 Test Campaign
  5. ⏱ Official Launch of Project Blank (Replace Production UI on https://leofinance.io)
  6. ⏱ Official Launch of Crew3 Public Campaign With Prize Pools and Marketing Partnerships

Growth So Far

So far, we've onboarded 14 Hive Communities to the Open Alpha. This Open Alpha has already given us so much feedback on what's missing from the user experience, bug fixes and overall improvements.

Open Alpha is a key step in getting us to production. Keep all of the amazing #feedback coming to us. You guys are doing a great job.

Growing within the Hive ecosystem is taking place as we speak. A lot of Hivers have never really used LeoFinance. The reason being the limitation on long-form, crypto/finance-related content.

Now, we've opened up the Everything App. You can post anything you want on LeoThreads. This is one of the amazing aspects of building out our app.

Right now, we've actually been working on scaling the backend architecture of Project Blank. With thousands of Threads being created on a daily basis, the architecture's ceiling is constantly being tested and raised.

Hopefully you've noticed that there's been little-to-no downtime on Project Blank and bugs are few and far between. We've built this thing to be strong like bedrock.

50% Growth in Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

As we said, there's been 50% growth in the MAUs using LeoFinance Alpha vs. our LeoFinance Production user count.

Keep in mind that this is only Threads. This doesn't account for people who are making long-form content. There are still plenty of users who make just long-form content and don't touch Threads.

We think of threads and long-form as a cohesive product. You create long-form and share it on Threads. You use Threads and you come up with ideas for long-form content. You ultimately build your brand by being active on both.

Steady and Consistent Growth

The launch of the new UI lead to some explosive growth i nFebruary. But as you can see from the chart, we've actually been seeing steady growth even prior to that on the Threads testing grounds hidden away on the LeoFinance.io site.

The original version of Threads on LeoFinance.io was simply to test the backend and get users involved in creating Threads. We needed a few hundred threads to be created per day to improve the backend and get ready for our new frontend to launch.

Well, after a few months of testing, you can see that the backend received constant improvements. Now that the Frontend is live at https://alpha.leofinance.io, using Threads is intuitive, wickedly fast and super fun.

Daily Threaders

There are now over 250 unique Hive accounts that create at least 1 Thread per day on the new UI. This is pretty amazing! Prior to this, we were hovering around 100-120. So the DAUs count is up 2x in just the past 8 days.

Now that's something you love to see. 100% growth!

Daily Threads

The # of threads created per day has seen the most growth, by far. We've literally 5x'd the number of Threads created per day since January. The growth started consistently at the beginning of the year but then you can see this absolute rocket ship of a spike.

What's that spike? That's the new UI going live!

The more fascinating thing is that the daily thread count has actually been growing since this spike. Typically, there is some reversion to the mean.

Not here. Threads keeps growing and all of you amazing lions out there keep creating more and more content.

I think it's safe to say that Project Blank's Open Alpha release has been a total homerun. We're constantly adding new features - bookmarks were just added today - and we're excited to keep progressing through Open Alpha and then release the full production version in the VeryNear Sooniverse.

The Ad program is about to get released to the Open Alpha UI. This includes a major revamp we did to the way ads are displayed which is to show them natively in-line with content. Shortly after this goes live, we're going to restart our regular (1x per month) posting of Ad Reports and buyback & burns with Ad revenue.

Web3 has never been so good. See you on Threads Frens.

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: LeoFinance.io allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.

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Amazing! You have an amazing opportunity to create a true Web3 Twitter. Drop everything else and get this thing going!

It needs a lot of work to reach mainstream and you don't have a lot of time! Keep it up.

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Great progress so far and love where things are heading.

we're going to restart our regular (1x per month) posting of Ad Reports and buyback & burns with Ad revenue.

Can't wait to see the ad reports as they were one of my favourite metrics to study.
Will it be buyback and burn as i've seen posted a few times lately or buyback and distribute to LEO holders as was written about previously??

Kudos to the LF team for all the developments. And 50% growth in so short a time is amazing. It seems Threads has been what we need to increase userbase and for communities to come together too. Congratulations to all who are behind the initiatives and cheers to more growth!

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14 communities already in less than a week. That's impressive. I'm looking forward to see other communities here soon.

One big happy family

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All great progress, long may it continue!

This is simply amazing!
14 Hive communities already?! Awesome!

Thread is going beyond my expectations thanks to the new UI 🚀

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I'm excited to see how fast we grow with some serious marketing on to the direct UI for LeoFinance.io I have a feeling we could see major scaling that could crush that 5,000 MAU to be honest.

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14 communities so far! This is awesome and I guess more are still coming. Through #threads I have known some communities I never knew existed on Hive. Great job with the growth so far.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The growth has been redonkulous 🤪
I've been on tonight laughing my ass off with a couple of #frens.

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You've done Amazing job Making threads classy. Growth is inevitable and numbers will go up more... Congrats for 800 MAUs and 1000 won't take long.

Glad to see more hivers using Threads and enjoying it.

The way new features are coming almost every other day is making user experience way more better than twitter ain't even using like before since threads. It is fun! Keep on building.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

My daily average comments has risen from around 2-3/day to 25-30/day! Highest was probably 40 a few days back 😎

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The numbers say it all. But the excitement of this new UI for threads and the onboarding of many communities are also secret growth motivators. 14 communities already and counting. I am happy to be associated with this project and would do my best to take Project Blank, Threads and all other Leo projects to the moon!!

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The Gateway is opening. Bring on the users! Amazing progress so far. Hopefully we can see these numbers sustained and grown from here. There are a LOT of new people floating around on threads these days. Is awesome to see. Leo is injecting new energy into the entire Hive ecosystem. Let's keep building and really take off when the bull hits.

Great work!

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Congratulations to the LeoFinance team on the impressive 50% growth in Monthly Active Users since the launch of Project Blank Open Alpha! It's exciting to see the platform continue to gain traction and attract more users. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more updates on LeoFinance's growth and development.

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The growth on threads is really really amazing. One good thing I love about threads is that, you can share other people post and make it known to others. Although my phone could not allow me to comment or thread using the new UI, i read threads there daily and is awesome. I really love it and working hard to use it today.infact people really love it too

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

With this new interface, people's adoption will be even greater, 50% is just the beginning.

The practicality that Threads gave me to interact with people, Hive did not have and I believe that no place on web3 was built in this way.

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50% growth is very good however the fact remains that Hive users and communities are only waking up to the opportunities that #leo #threads offers.
Leo threads are offering a great opportunity for all hive users and as this realization sets in the Leo thread usage and growth would grow by a factor of multiple X

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In such a short time, it is really perfect that 50 %growth and 14 communities are onboarded in the open alpha. Frankly, I wasn't expecting such a rapid growth, and towards the end of this year, I am very excited when I dreamed how far Leofinance would go. Thanks everything is progressing great.

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Well, it is logic to have this growth, as it is moves fast, people like it and there is a lot of interaction, so nobody is left alone.

With a lot of communities flooding the #threads, we can only say that this is the start.

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Impressive results so far, when this keeps going in the future, this all will be a great success.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

These results are the obvious demonstration of a job well done. The Threads are already doing very well and the trend will only get better as updates are released and people continue to spread the word throughout Hive!

Thanks again for the excellent work of @leofinance in always creating ways to make Hive more accessible and attractive to new users.

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Great numbers! I was hoping for it but didn't expect it to explode like this! The onboarding efforts including the Crew3 campaign really helped kick this off. Looks like that 5K goal can be achieved much earlier than at the end of 2023!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Expressive numbers and I am happy to be part of this evolution, using leoThreads much more frequently and increasing my engagement!


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I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@jfuji(1/15) tipped @leofinance (x1)
shiftrox tipped leofinance (x1)

Send $PIZZA tips in Discord via tip.cc!

These are great numbers! If we keep this up, imagine what we can achieve in one or two years. Great work, Leo Team!

I will keep doing my part.

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@anomadsoul is fucking killing it. mad respect with the growth initiatives.

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Congrats to Hive community

Looking forward to those infrastructure updates! I know it wont necessarily translate into anything we see on the UI... but it will pave the way for feature rollouts.

Once Crew3 opens up, that will be a whole 'nother vector. With enough success there, I think that all of Hive could benefit from a dedicated Crew3 set up and team. And who'd be better positioned to lead that charge? ;)


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That is some decent size growth.


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The initial rollout was very encouraging, and I am sure once all the glitches and improvements are implemented then we shall see even more MAUS.
50% growth is great especially considering January was a great month too!
Let's crush 5000 way before the end of the year!

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Threads on Leo is a game changer and a new face of microblogging. Glad to see this fantastic growth on threads and its just the beginning. Great progress

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I'm really impressed with this. Not so much for the numbers themselves but for the enthusiasm for the project. It's refreshing for us old timers who have been waiting 2 years for blank.

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Wow, this is amazing news! Project Blank is on a roll and it's exciting to see the growth in monthly active users. The fact that the community has been so supportive, especially during the bear market, shows how strong and dedicated we all are to LeoFinance. The roadmap ahead looks promising and I can't wait to see the new features that will be added to the app. It's great to know that the team is constantly working to improve the user experience and make everything faster and more intuitive. I'm thrilled to be a part of this journey and can't wait to see what the future holds for LeoFinance!

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congratulations for the launch of Leo threads

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This is awesome. And I believe it is just the starting and we will see 100%, 200% and 500% growth in coming days.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Looks like a real successful initiative yet, homerun with style.

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This growth is profound and amazing. We are doing a great job of outreaching the potential of Thread on other communities on Hive ecosystem.

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We should be adding in a lot more users. Let's grow 1000% this year.

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The stats as captured in this post gives me the hope that 5k users is possible by the end of the year. When we have successfully on boarded 30 communities, LeoTHreads MAU should have hit 2500.

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This is amazing!!

Steady growing is the best. A little is a little to getting more.