The Keyword is Sustainability | Where the LeoVerse is Headed and Why LEO is Up 60%

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It's been quite an adventure in the LeoVerse since May 1st, 2023. Just 2 weeks ago, we launched the following changes into the world:

  1. Project Blank UI
  2. Zealy Marketing Campaign
  3. New LEO Tokenomics
  4. New Curation Parameters
  5. New LeoAds Protocol

In this post, I want to highlight a major shift in the LeoVerse. One that is toward our long-term vision of building the best Web3 social media app on the planet, increasing Monthly Active Users and creating a sustainable utility token economy.


A colossal amount of time and energy is being focused into the new UI. We've released something truly special with this UI and I think the whole community can feel it.

That being said, the UI is far from perfect. We have so much work to be done. If you regularly login to and use the UI, you'll notice tons of improvements constantly pushed onto the interface.

Our team has been working around the clock to assess bugs and fix them. May is a heavy bug-fixing month for us. Keep the feedback coming and we'll keep making the UI super smooth, fast and responsive.

We deployed a massive optimization update over the course of the last 7 days. That update has brought a ten-fold improvement in loading speeds. If you've noticed, the new UI is buttery smooth at loading and things are a lot more stable in the latest version.

Zealy Marketing Campaign

The Zealy campaign has blown past all expectations. We're seeing massive levels of participation as the community competes to win $10k USD and 200k HIVE POWER delegations. This has turned out to be one of the best ways to focus the energy of our community into real initiatives that have a measurable impact.

@anomadsoul has been crushing it with the campaign and I think it's safe to say that LeoFinance is well on track to hit our 5,000 MAUs target by December 2023. We started the year with just 500 Monthly Active Users and May is on track to crush all previous records - we're potentially going to achieve our goal of 1,500 MAUs for Q2 of this year in the month of May (currently at about 1,100 as of today with 13 days left to go in the month).

New LEO Tokenomics

The new tokenomics have been a direct cause in LEO's price going up about 60%. ICYMI: the bounties fund that used to fund @leo.voter HIVE POWER delegations is now over.

Now, @leo.bounties is buying LEO off the open market to pay the 16% APY to any user who delegates HIVE POWER to @leo.voter.

The inflation rate of LEO dropped from ~25k per day to around 5-6k per day as a direct result of this update.

In addition, delegators earn roughly 10k LEO per day at current prices.

This means that @leo.bounties is buying 10k LEO per day off the open market and distributing it to delegators while only 5-6k new LEOs are minted each day for author/curation rewards and the total rewards pool.

It's not deflationary but it's something else... A very interesting shift has happened in the flow of LEO Tokens in this LeoVerse economy and if you watch as stake moves around, I think the next few weeks and months are going to hold something very interesting.

It's wild to see the impact of this. It takes time for a supply/demand shift like this to have an impact on price but it's become readily transparent as the days and weeks have passed since the change.

In the last LPUD, over 500k LEO was powered up. That's over 3% of the total circulating supply or about 16.5% of the non-staked supply (12.8M LEO POWER staked and 15.9M total circulating supply).

The number of staked LEO has been growing exponentially. The economy and utility of LEO POWER has never been stronger.

New Curation Parameters

Speaking of @leo.voter, we released a post outlining the all-new curation parameters behind @leo.voter.

One of the biggest complaints we've gotten over the past year or so is that @leo.voter seems to have no rhyme or reason to upvotes. Upvoting was done manually by a set of rotating curators and this caused some concerns within the community.

We went to the drawing board several times to try and find a more fair, decentralized and transparent way to use @leo.voter's massive 3.3M HIVE POWER to reward our community.

Our goal with this HIVE POWER is to grow our community in both width and depth. It's extremely important that we reward existing community members for doing good actions that grow the project. It's also extremely important that new users have a clear path to gaining larger rewards.

The new parameters bring @leo.voter upvotes into a full meritocracy. Upvotes are given out to users who not only write high quality content for and Hive but also to users who are engaged in the community, actively use the platform and actively get new members into the platform. There are 6 different ways to rank up on the new curation list. I highly recommend reading the post to find out all the juicy details: New Curation Parameters.

New LeoAds Protocol

The new LeoAds protocol has also been launched. This is a multi-phase launch as a lot of work has gone into it and a lot more work is left to be done.

If you've been to the UI lately, you'll notice a HUGE change in the way that ads are displayed. We now have ads that are natively in-line with content on the UI.

This is an incredible step forward for us. We've already seen a noticeable change in ad engagement, impressions and clicks.

The first phase of the new LeoAds protocol is to make our ads more efficient and also onboard new ad partners to get more $$ revenue from our existing (and growing) userbase.

The next phase will see some major changes to the wallet UI to show the LEO POWER APY of Ad Utility.

After that, we will launch the LeoAds Marketplace where users can launch and vote to approve ads. This is a fully decentralized model for LeoAds where users control what ads do and don't get displayed on the UI.

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.


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Could you maybe focus more on making the UI stable? All these wallet features, ads and the rest really are secondary matters, I would expect that making the UI user friendly should be the priority first because you simply don't want people coming in and not being able to use the frontend.

Sure, activities seem to be up now but that is simply because of the contest, without that having kick start, activities seemed to have been on the dicline and this I believe has a lot to do with the UI being all shaking and having a ton of layout shifts like the one on the image above where I can scroll the body of the site to the left alongside the header and also occasionally error messages.

I, particularly have been discouraged to use the frontend because of this and I'm certain I'm not the only one. I could attempt clicking on a particular thread and another will open and the react and comment buttons are so small.

I know the team is really working hard on pushing updates but I would like to believe fixing these I've mentioned should be priority, I mean these are what users will experience on visiting the site.

Great feedback and thank you for the bluntness.

All of the changes above are handled by the business team of the LeoVerse. The development team of the LeoVerse is working constantly to improve the UX and the bugs. As we said before, May is a month for polishing the User Interface to being flawless.

This announcement and what Leo is working on in the business side doesn't affect or slow down the dev team's workflow. The devs are working on the desktop and mobile versions and we have a full pipeline of updates and fixes for the next two weeks, including that which you mention.

Leo is still in alpha, an alpha product is meant to have bugs. The good part is that we are working on them and the more feedback we receive, the better. We appreciate you speaking up, we want our users to experience a flawless interaction with the platform. Hopefully you continue using our alpha product and support us, we're sure you will see how much better it gets as days pass.

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This is a fully decentralized model for LeoAds where users control what ads do and don't get displayed on the UI.

Now this is getting interesting..

Really intriguing…A lot of work seems to be in progress. And yeah, leofinance UI speed is now sweet to thread unlike the previous update. I know this because then i use to wait “like am on queue” before it refresh.🫣

The team are doing great job 👏🏻
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🎯 Excellent developments! If you then also get the LeoFinance iOS App approved in the App Store the Adoption is ready to take off! 📈🙌🏻

The development team is focusing in making the mobile version flawless so users feel like they are using an app, but directly from the website. This allows us to have more freedom and independency from operating systems and their rules. Hopefully you'll see our mobile version is getting better as days pass. Thanks for the feedback!

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Keeps getting better!

Hats off to the team for their tireless effort and the results are pretty visible! While the devs have almost made the UI perfect, the tokenomics also gives us a vibe of a bright future ahead with all the steps they are taking in action! I think LeoAds will become a massive success!

yeah, With the constant bug fixes has actually improved the user experience of the everything application.

I really admire the number of updates they released and the way they managed to attract the eyes of new users to LeoFinance. Most of all I admire the work behind all the great results we are having.

I would hope that when the adoption campaign ends they will continue to take the platform to the next level. I for one have already fallen in love with this site and want to be part of something great.

Maybe there are a lot of things to work out about the UI, and maybe we should give it the priority, as it has to be ready to receive a huge amount of people. I think if we focus on that, then we can add new features to it without having the pressure of having a solid base to build on.

We are on the right track I think. We just need to solve those immediate problems, like indexing. I also saw one where a thread was being duplicated.

As for the continued adoption of the power up call, it was a good move. Proposing activities like that certainly brings a lot of people's attention. Following of the next updates.

I just jumped into Leo Finance so for me the biggest different is the sensation of openness that it now has, because before it really kept me away and still there is people that have that sensation. A lot of us have come around it now but still is a work in progress to get the rest of user to feel familiar with Leo.

The tokenomics is something I'm currently learning but I've heard the explanations about how and why Leo's supply has shifted and it sounds good to me, seems logic that it might help to elevate the value in a stable way, not just a pump like we see sometimes for specific events.

I have had many many issues with the UI but so has everyone because it is still in progress, May still has almost two more weeks to go so I hope we get to see more development in this time.

I'm here for the campaign and as for now, I intent to stay afterwards.

Great progress from the development team on building the new UI. The changes on the leoverse will bring about an upward spiral on LEO. The future looks bright :)

All these great things happened in a short period of time.

Congrats dear team ✌🏼

Well, kudos to you guys. I appreciate all the work being done to improve leofinance. I am loving the new way of interacting with the hive blockchain via leofinance.

I understand the UI isn't where it should be but can the comment button on mobile devices be fixed as soon as possible? I can't engage with long-form content while on my phone which is most of the time.

Asides this, I think I am happy with every thing else.

there's only one direction we are headed... up, to the right!

let's fuckin go lions. these are great developments, and more to come.

from the improvements we notice that the team is working hard. With all this work i am sure @leofinance will make finance profitable and fun🦁

Congratulations, you have achieved great success in a short time.

Their is lot of positivity to bring out from the community right now, for me I will say let go lion

everything that leofinance is doing is impressive, personally I have always liked finance but I never joined leofinance, thanks to this campaign I decided to do it

@spt-shturm, the HiQ Smart Bot has recognized your request (1/2) and will start the voting trail.

In addition, @leofinance gets !LOL from @hiq.redaktion.

For further questions, check out or join our Discord. And don't forget to vote HiQs fucking Witness! 😻

Everything is falling into place. The Zealy is hitting up and the #lpud was a massive exercise. We

It's incredible what the team has achieved in just a few weeks.
The future looks so bright

The new $LEO tokenomics is a model for sustainability and its effects will be seen in time. This is something others should try out in order to bring more value within Hive blockchain communities.

I was just talking to Task after the show, this is why I'm so excited and bullish for LEO this year. I've changed my entire approach to crypto accumulation on Hive and will be focusing the bulk of my actions, into stacking $LEO

No brainer of no brainers!

Keep crushing it guys!!

The changes happening in LeoVerse are hugely beneficial not only for the Leo community but for all web3 enthusiasts as well, and have huge potential to bring new users to blockchains and more directly to Hive.

Knowing that this conversion is being done and many onboardings have taken place, I believe that seeing measures that make this transition smooth can be a good path. Efforts to showcase the thread platform to the world and make it very active among current web users3 have been successful, but I believe that measures focused on easing the transition of a twitter user for example could be the key to retention, and retention is sustainability.

Lots of great movement on all fronts and I believe it's going to start showing what's possible when you start treating your application like a real business.

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Everything is falling into place. The Zealy is hitting up and the #lpud was a massive exercise. We

You guys have put up some work to do all this! Massive respect for that. The little issues we have seen with the new UI are totally understandable - every new platform has those. Also, it's great to see and hear about AMAs that they tackled.

That being said, there's one thing I've been thinking about: is this the best time to try to get new users on board?

Yesterday I finally succeeded in convincing my brother to join LEO and...well, the sign-up process was a nightmare. No luck with Twitter or Google. I opened a ticket and provided info about this but it got me thinking in general how crucial this part is, to get signed up smoothly.

I've learned that people find other platforms pretty quickly and what's even worse, they are really hard to get back if their initial experience was bad. My ticket is now pending and I have high hopes that I can still get my brother to join at some point but back to my question, is this a good time, or should I wait to try to get more people on board until major obstacles are cleared?

Other than that, I've had a great time threading and love to see things taking shape, the community growing, and new ideas popping up on there! Thanks for the hard work you are doing!

First of all, This image shows a strong LeoVerse.
There is a lot going on Leo and this will lead to significant growth over time and this is why I think that is the best time to build. You are crushing it indeed and this will take the community to exciting times at Leofinace.

Changes aren‘t coming, they‘re here and in full swing and first of all kudos for the work the Team is doing behind the scenes 👍🏽 It can not be said often and clearly enough to everyone everywhere that were still in the middle of buidling and that … this is a product/platform/ui in the making, an open alpha or beta whatever, a community feedback driven work in progress … NOT A FINAL PRODUCT! … so join the journey if you’re up for it and want to help buidl or just leave! The thing is that most of us know that, but the world outside our bubble doesn’t! As much fun as i have with the zealy campaign, i‘m not sure if those parts/quests that are trying to pull new users in from elsewhere or reactivate those who tried and left maybe a little too early, because what someone already wrote, they come in, don‘t know the communication, see a site under construction with flaws here and there and they just leave again without even trying to dig deeper. Maybe it‘s a bit too much to bug fix and buidl and expand the bubble by telling the world to come in all at once, maybe … just my two $LEO … gotta go, Eric put up new quests … see ya 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

All these factors together demonstrate the strategy that Leofinance is outlining for its long-term goals, developing sustainable mechanisms and activities that benefit everyone, this is an incredible way of doing things and they are working very well so far.

I'm sure as time goes by and more updates come, it will get better!

Amazing changes thus, far, I'm impressed with the huge impact of reduction on the inflate rate. I think we can all agree that the glitches are limiting the numbers that could potentially be put in. The add protocol could potential overblow when the UI is balanced and this is exactly what I'm waiting for. Good changes to leovoter and a lot of effort is being thrown into making Leofinance "the" flagship Hive project. Congratulations for the massive progress.

1100 MAUs by an increase of 600 MAUs in just 2 weeks of May is very great achievement. If we continue going with this speed, we certainly achieve 5000 MAUs target at the end of DEC 2023.

I Notice that Speed of New UI is increased significantly.

3 % of Total circulating supply was powered up in just 24 hours. It is amazing, I never seen this big achievement before in any platform.

All the changes launched in Leoverse is amazing.
Carry on this great growth of the community.

You look back at what has been achieved and its just outstanding. It's only upwards from here. I would like to mention that the team fix the mobile UI. Comments to photo upload, etc. Lots of bug

The new LEO tokenomics is drawing a cool graph. I'm bullish on this.

Eric is doing great with the campaign but I would like to know something:

How will that 10K USD be distributed? Genuine doubt.

Hmmm I'm not so sure that it's such a good idea for the community to choose the type of ads that are posted. If you want to go that way, the team should first choose the ads and then they should ask the community to choose from those selected. Companies care a lot about their image, or well, large companies care about their image and they will not want their ad to be published on a platform that does not take care of their image, that is what happened to Twitter, which lost a large part of their advertisers for the changes Elon made.

Honestly, I don't know where to start to congratulate LeoFinance for the work is doing. A lot of things has improved in the new UI. The adoption campaign has helped us all to see that we can do more on hive than what we have been doing.

For the new way of curation, it is great and offer each one an ample opportunity to do better on Leo community.
Threads is really the right place to stay.

I can tell you I have nothing bad to say. The best thing that has happened with the new UI ,Zealy campaign and threads is my engagement level is gone through the roof.

Thank you.

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This is getting interesting. and i am having a nice experience with the UI launch. and the campaign is also full of fun. Thanks for the good job done.

Honestly the team are doing great job, the new UI is now working perfectly. all the updates so far are good, both curation revamp, fixing bugs on thread and others. But there is still one thing we are requesting for, publishing through on mobile.

Fully agree, the sustainability is key. We see some great changes, and also a lot of interactions resulting from them. Can the community beat the transactions of some games in here? That would be awesome.

Imagine all these activities just in the matter of two weeks. This is massive. Still anticipating the UI updates, especially the android and IOS applications. There is going to be a massive adoption after these updates. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

These are very interesting developments in the Leoverse, one that would help the Leoverse in short-term and long-term.

The updates in Project Blank UI have been deployed little by little, and although we have some notable changes and growth, there are still some things needed to be done to make the ui swift and more user friendly (especially with the mobile version). I believe with time this will be done effectively.

The Zealy Marketing Campaign is awesome! And I am hopeful that it'll record some great records in terms of marketing the Leoverse, creating more partnerships and helping the UI to maintain stability.

The New LEO Tokenomics is mind-blowing! The buyback is a game changer, and I really hope we continue to buy up Leo from the market and push the price up, + sustain it the more.

The New Curation Parameters is simply da bomb! Great work on this!

For the New LeoAds Protocol... it is also great and it is a really awesome source of revenue ...

We hope for more successes and progress for us in the Leoverse!

I'll be very curious to see if the 5K MAU target can be hit without bringing new users to Hive. Part of me thinks that there's an upward limit of Hive users that will use threads (with many being pulled in by the huge Zealy campaign). Growth will certainly dampen once the big carrot goes away—by how much is anyone's guess (or maybe I'm wrong and momentum from other projects jumping into Threads will snowball!)

Either way, new users to Hive via Threads feels like a solid spearhead + priority tactic in the medium term. Excited to see how it all plays out!!



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Indeed the new UI has been greatly improves within the space of the past weeks in the month of May. I therefore acknowledge the efforts of the moderators. However, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that using the New UI to make a long post with a mobile phone is still problematic. There is no space to input the title and as such those of us who do not have a pc find impossible to make long post using the new UI.

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