This Week in LEO | ProjectBlank? PolyCUB V2, LeoMobile V1, LeoThreads, Community Pages and CUB V2

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Welcome to this week in LEO. We'll be covering all of our team's developments over the past week and look at some KPIs (key performance indicators) for the LeoVerse.

In recent months, we've onboarded a ton of new devs. The progress we're making on new features and updates to existing platforms is unprecedented. Strap in, things are about to get crazy 🦁


  • LeoMobile V1
  • LeoThreads
  • LeoCommunity Pages
  • CUB V2
  • Multi-Token Bridge Update



This week, we released POLYCUB V2:

V2 entails the release of vexPOLYCUB, Governance UI, PIP2, Multi-Token Bridge and Buybacks. We've been working on this release for months for the PolyCUB Protocol. These are extremely important updates that all lead us to a sustainable future for our DeFi Platform on the Polygon Network.

The Multi-Token Bridge has been generating a disporportionate amount of revenue for the PolyCUB Protocol. With the release of vexPOLYCUB, we're now taking a % of that revenue and autonomously buying back POLYCUB from the market and then depositing it to all vexPOLYCUB stakeholders.

As of this writing, there is now nearly $400k in the vexPOLYCUB vault. This means that ~$6700 per month worth of POLYCUB needs to be bought back from the market and deployed into the vexPOLYCUB contract.

The dynamics of this setup are extremely interesting. They create a permanent buyer for POLYCUB which will establish a higher floor price. If the POLYCUB price drops, then the monthly buybacks will be even more effective at removing POLYCUB from the market.

If the price rises, then the protocol will remove less POLYCUB from the open market (since $1 buys less POLYCUB).

When the buybacks occur, they deposit POLYCUB into the vexPOLYCUB vault to create a fixed 20% APY for all vexPOLYCUB holders. This locks up newly bought POLYCUB for 2 years, reducing the liquid circulating supply.

After the first monthly report comes out, we'll see how this starts to play out. We expect some interesting shake-ups in the POLYCUB economy as circulating liquid supply is locked up. Over 2M POLYCUB has already been locked for 2 years.

LeoMobile V1

LeoMobile V1 has been approved in the Android App store. We're still waiting for IOS approval. In the meantime, our team has continued to deploy bug fixes and this week, we started our work on integrating some new features to LeoMobile Like Community Pages and Threads.



We posted this teaser of LeoThreads on Twitter yesterday. Our development of LeoThreads is coming along extremely well and the team is hoping to deliver a testable product to the community by the end of July.

ICYMI: we've been talking about LeoThreads extensively during the LeoFinance Weekly AMAs. LeoThreads is the culmination of our months (dipping into years now) of development toward ProjectBlank.

LeoThreads is somewhat of a live beta test of ProjectBlank infrastructure while also delivering a Crypto Twitter experience to

With LeoThreads, we're able to stress test the capacity of LeoInfra and LeoLightning DB while also building out a great UI and refining the UX.

This is not just a test, however... This is the future of LeoFinance. Microblogging directly on our UI and onto the Hive blockchain.

As it stands today, all content on LeoFinance is long-form. When LeoThreads goes live, that changes... Forever.

Get ready to microblog directly on Hive. We believe this will change your LeoFinance and Hive blockchain experience forever. We're already testing it as a team and it is so fun to use already!

LeoCommunity Pages


We launched nearly 15 new Community Pages in the past week. The LeoAmbassador program - which is run by @leogrowth - has placed 1 ambassador in charge of each of these new Community Pages.

Each Ambassador is in charge of populating the pages with content, moderating the pages and also reaching out to communities on Twitter to onboard them to Community Pages.

CPs are one of our most important developments for the long-term growth of LeoFinance. Our vision is being fulfilled, one step at a time.

This in conjunction with LeoThreads create an entirely new experience for LeoFinance users. Using Hive has been pretty singular up to this point: create long-form content or read long-form content.

With Community Pages, you can now setup a page and build your crypto community, right on

With LeoThreads, you'll be able to supercharge that experience and add microblogging to your community page.


CUB V2 was teased in yesterday's Live AMA. We've been working hard behind the scenes to deviver POLYCUB V2 and all of those features are being migrated straight into CUB.

We believe that the Multi-Token Bridge brings about the level of sustainability and growth in DeFi that everyone is looking for. The revenue it generates is astonishing.

On POLYCUB, this MTB revenue buys POLYCUB and distributes it as fixed 20% APY to all vexPOLYCUB stakeholders.

On CUB, this MTB revenue will buy CUB and burn it on a regular basis.

Multi-Token Bridge Update


We're currently working on a massive MTB update. This includes better refund handling and also an improved User Interface and UX.

We're hoping to have this live before the end of July, coinciding with the multi-phase rollout of CUB V2.

In general, our team has grown so much in recent months. The bear market is very nice to builders. We've managed to onboard several new devs who are all working on the project full-time. Our pace of development and delivery of new code has never been faster. It's truly amazing. This is my favorite time to be a part of this project - when devs and ideas are flowing fast and we're able to innovate rapidly toward our vision.



Top Pages or Articles

@leoglossary is a new LeoFinance Community Initiative headed-up by @taskmaster4450. Their mission is to create an index of terms - similar to what is seen on Investopedia.

This initiative now allows you to go to the "main glossary menu" and then link to terms you utilize in your LeoFinance posts. It's already having an impact on overall traffic as search engines tend to like articles that have infinite linking within them (i.e. Wikipedia).

If you're writing content, consider going to the LeoGlossary main menu and finding terms you used in your content and linking back to them!

The second most viewed article this week is by @carbonzerozone. This is the official account for the project by the same name and they were onboarded by @jk6276.

We also created a community page for them called "Comdex" at Jk's request - That is already starting to bear some fruit! One of their official posts is the top most viewed written article this week on LeoFinance as they're sharing all their official content on Twitter as well.

Onboard a few projects to do their official updates and community pages like this one and could you imagine the potential?




Monthly Active Users saw a slight dip month-over-month - likely due to the crypto markets. As we've seen on Hive for years, people tend to stop posting and using Hive as much when prices are low - since they feel less rewarded.

The veterans, however, know that when prices are low it's time to stack. It's actually the most rewarding time to be a LeoFinance / Hive user in a bear market as competition for post rewards drops off a cliff and you can stack for the next cycle.

MAUs is our core metric as a Social Web3 project. We're always looking for ways to grow this figure. With Community Pages just launched and Threads on the way, we've got plenty of new features aimed at increasing current userbase engagement while also reaching out and getting more MAUs onboarded.

LeoMobile will also be a significant player in this arena when V1 is approved in the IOS app store.

LEO Price


LEO has done nearly a full-round trip through this bear-bull-bear cycle. The time to build is when things look like they are their weakest. In fact, when LEO hit $1, our Team was less than 1/4 the size that it is now.

It's awesome to see the fundamental growth despite the drop in price. Our progress from a development perspective has never been so rapid.

With PolyCUB V2 just released a few days ago, LeoMobile V1 in app stores (or awaiting app store approval, but fully developed), LeoCommunity Pages done, LeoThreads nearly done, Multi-Token Bridge update for improved wrapping reliability and CUB V2 on the way, we've got so many things cooking at once.

We proved in the last bear cycle that building rapidly and making insane technological leaps was very profitable when the bull cycle hit. We'll show quite the same thing happen once again as we build in this bear market.

Our technology has never progressed so quickly. Sit tight and stack on. It's time to grow.

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to put Web3 in the palm of your hands.


Our Hive Applications

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Web3 & DeFi

Web3 is about more than social media. It encompasses a personal revolution in financial awareness and data ownership. We've merged the two with our Social Apps and our DeFi Apps:

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LEO Finance has a strong roadmap and that proves the commitment of the team to make a mark (if not already) on the Hive blockchain and beyond. So many new developments on the pipe that you cannot simply be an enthusiast about it. For sure a channel of growth for both this ecosystem and Hive in the same time.

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As of this writing, there is now nearly $400k in the vexPOLYCUB vault. This means that ~$6700 per month worth of POLYCUB needs to be bought back from the market and deployed into the vexPOLYCUB contract.

That's a decent amount of money for buyback! PolyCUB on Polygon is going to be used by thousands of people.

Each Ambassador is in charge of populating the pages with content, moderating the pages and also reaching out to communities on Twitter to onboard them to Community Pages.

We will be focusing on enriching community pages with the help of our talented lions. I think we will onboard many people with our informative and engaging community pages 😎

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It feels really nice seeing all this development take place in leofinance which is really a work well-done to appreciate and I believe this is a stepping stone to achieve more success in the blockchain.

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There is a lot of things taking place. It is amazing to see what happens when people step up.

Collectively we can make a major difference if we all do our part. This will accelerate the results.

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Leofinance is showing how consistent work by the developers is vital. We are seeing a transformation in both DeFi with Polycub and the other EVMs as well as the Web 3.0. This is laying the foundation for a lot of powerful things.

Thanks for the mention of @leoglossary. Glad to see you adding some links to your post.

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That's a cool way to build SEO @taskmaster4450le What if we could have this with Threads???

We could make links not count as characters. Users can type as usual - then add links later with markdown :)

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That was the subject of my post last night which didnt go through due to the site being down. I will post it in a few hours.

I do agree, there is a lot of use case with threads.

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Great to get updates as a comprehensive article. Much preferred to watching video cuts from AMA's!

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Thats one heck of a lot of initiatives you have on the go - its very impressive. Keep up the good work !

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Looks like I almost can't keep up with the updates I see anymore 😂

👏🏻 Can’t wait to get the iOS App from the AppStore! Will make posting more convenient and easy I hope. And the microblogging thing sounds awesome, this is something I do everyday in Web2. Transfer this to @leofinance is a goal for this year.
Get on with the great development work, guys! 💪🏻

Great that you have so many developers now working on all the different elements. Vexpolycub is a great idea and the amount already staked shows how far-sighted Leo finance members are.

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It's so great to see all these updates. Especially the Leo bridge's with so many features and chains. As well as my xpolycub stakes, I have a few hundred cub tokens on my metamask !

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Big things popping. Love to see it. Momentum is building hard. Only few

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Alot is going on with leo finance and I am very happy to see all this development. It shows my investment is in save hands and let see what few month will bring

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Amazing progress, Leo seems to be taking full advantage of the building market.
One of my biggest mistakes in the previous bear markets was to slow down hive/steem activity. Learned from my mistakes and I'm doing the exact opposite this time around. Never been more consistent in posting and commenting 😁

Congrats to the team! We will see great results once the bull market comes back around.

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Very excited to see things coming together. I've been patiently waiting for crumbs related to Project Blank for over a year. LeoThreads looks well-thought-out. Having a Glossary of terms breaking down technical jargon - kudos, that's a smart move. The biggest hindrance to adoption of any financial technology or product is lack of education. Financial literacy is so important, and completely ignored by educational "institutions."

That's where my interests and professional direction are, and where they intersect with LeoFinance and what it represents to me. Having a place where speech is open, and one can talk freely about a variety of different topics without being "cancelled" or doxxed or any toxic treatment by an algo, you get what you put in. That's what directs good people to good projects. Having something to stand by is better than having nothing, like so many projects wind up with.

I was a day 1 investor in POLYCUB from day 1, buying CUB to stake and farm because I believe in the bigger picture, which is often ignored because it is the thing of dreams. Dreams only become real when they are manifested, and that appears to be what is happening with the whole direction of POLYCUB & CUB in general.

Like many others, I saw the gigantic spec bubble blown in DeFi gen 1 products. Yearn.Finance (YFI), Maker (MKR), Compound and Aave come to mind. To me, they were all too dependent upon Ethereum, one way or another. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a foolish idea, because if the underlying foundation is rotten, you wind up with nothing surviving. Having a Multi-Token Bridge is a perfect remedy.

In my view, the more interoperability is achieved, the better individual blockchains involved will become (hopefully). The more collaboration and open communication is, the faster geographic and spoken/written language barriers come crashing down.

Democratizing finance involves actually making an end product that everyone can use.

Also deposited all xPOLCUB into vexPOLYCUB. In it to win it.

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When LEO was $1 they were flocking like bees and now running like bitches. That MAU chart is going to change drastically once blank is out. Mark my words.

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This is obvious. And the case is the same with Hive. When the price is going down, many people leave. When the price going up, many people become active.

These developments are terrific. I see a new phase opening up for LeoFinance and its users/investors.

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Wow, this is indeed a great project and I believe by 2023 Leofinance strength in the crypto market will be 100x doubled with the help of the projects. Thanks to all the development teams.

Lot of stuff really going at leofinance despite the bear market. Love the dedication of the team in pushing this great platform all and beyond. Thanks for all you do