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This week, we are releasing a series of posts that are the foundation of our Full Marketing Strategy to grow the Hive Blockchain's Monthly Active Social Userbase by 2x.

If you haven't yet seen our DHF Proposal, you can read and vote for it here. We've spent a lot of time building a killer Hive Onboarding Funnel and we are aiming to scale it up with the help of the DHF. This funnel has already helped us 3x our user base since the start of 2023 and we have been continually refining it.

We believe the time to onboard thousands of users is now. Our app is ready to handle them and our new Onboarding Flow is doing a killer job of turning normies into Hive users by first getting them to sign up with a Hive Lite Account and then teaching them about Hive and getting them to self-custody and learn more about other Hive apps as well as the Hive blockchain and HIVE token that runs this whole ecosystem.

We're keeping these posts relatively short and to the point. The idea is to expand on our marketing strategies and give you a closer look at what our plans are.


Join a Social Ecosystem where you own your digital identity and build stronger branding.

Keywords to Leverage:

Digital Identity, Full Ownership, Communities, Freedom of Speech and Action, Engagement (think: the benefits that Hive provides)

Keywords To Avoid:

Crypto, Decentralized, Blockchain, Rewards.


The success of this Marketing Plan is amplified by how much synergy and leverage we create with our Adoption Campaigns - where the Hive community gets involved in peer-to-peer marketing and earn rewards in the process. We showcased the strength of this with our Zealy campaign in May where Hive community members got involved to help us onboard hundreds of users. We were able to exponentially grow the reach and scope of all the activities in the campaign (for example, tweet impressions, signups, comments on posts, reply threads, etc.). We plan to implement the same strategy here where the adoption campaigns will amplify all the the activities on the list below.

Every strategy will have its own referral code so we can measure the success of each of them.

The following list showcases some of the strategies that we will follow at one point of our Hive Marketing campaign; in this link you can read more about our audience segmentation and potential onboarding candidates, reading this previous document will give you overview context on how and why we determined the following strategies:

Traditional Marketing Strategies

1. Banner Ads on Crypto-related Websites:

Advertise our Hive onboarding funnel (to sign up in 30 seconds with a Hive Lite Account and later be prompted to self-custody your keys after taking a Hive Onboarding Educational course) on reputable, mid sized, crypto-related websites such as BeInCrypto, CryptoPotato and CryptoSlate, to place strategically designed banner ads.Cryptocurrency enthusiasts with low to high level of experienceTop of mind placement, Traffic# of clicks - outlet dependent

2. Featured Articles in Crypto News Outlets:

Collaborate with reputable, mid-sized crypto news outlets to publish in-depth articles about our Hive onboarding funnel, highlighting the keywords mentioned at the beginning of this document.Crypto EnthusiastsSEO improvement (backlinks), Legitimacy Confirmation, Reputation Growth, web3 spread and reach# of clicks - outlet dependent

3. Featured Articles in Niche Outlets:

Collaborate with high traffic blogs to publish in-depth articles about our Hive onboarding funnel, highlighting the keywords mentioned at the beginning of this document with a focus on our communities feature.Small niche audiencesSEO improvement (backlinks), Confidence improvement,, web2 spread and reach# of clicks - outlet dependent

3. Content Promotion on Web2 Platforms:

Promote content on Twitter, Medium, Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. The content will be organic and relatable to the audience of each platform. We will focus on our platform’s value proposition against each of the social media platforms in order to drive them into our Hive onboarding funnel.Average social media user from 17-35 or 35 - 51y old - Dependent on the platformOrganic growth, top of mind placement, familiarity with the audienceSocial media presence and audience growth*, # of website visits.

*This week, we will publish a detailed Social Media Marketing Plan with details on our goals

4. Small Event Sponsorships:

Sponsor small niche events and gatherings related to the most active communities on Hive. Create a presence for our platform and the benefits it offers by having a booth or presentation about the platform's capabilities and a call-to-action for the audience to get into our Hive onboarding funnel.Niche audiences. Sponsor a gardening meetup and highlight how we offer a space for gardeners and green enthusiasts to share insights, discuss trends, consume content, learn and collaborate.Face to face Sign-ups, Brand awareness10% the size of the event

5- Guest Posts on Industry Blogs:

Identify popular crypto and niche blogs. Offer to write guest posts about various aspects that normally trend on our Platform. Craft an engaging post about "Building a Strong Community" on a social ecosystem, with a community-focused approach that highlights our features that foster meaningful interactions with a call-to-action to come to our Hive onboarding funnel.Crypto and content specific audiencesTraffic, online sign-upsLong term. Depending on the traffic of the Blog/Website

6- Collaborative Webinars with Experts:

Collaborate with well-known niche experts to host webinars related to the most active communities on Hive.Ultra Niche audience - Example: Webinar on "Motherhood and Family" featuring a renowned content creator, incorporating Threads to share real-time insights during the session - We call this a Threadcast and they gather massive engagement (one received over 1600 comments recently). The value prop here is both for the Expert and for the Audience to get unprecedented levels of engagement.Niche audience reach and signupAttendance to the webinar vs signup ratio 10:2

7- AMA Series with Founders:

Host a series of "Ask Me Anything" sessions featuring Leo’s and other Hive founders, where they share the platform's journey, future plans, and engage with users. We will bring back Chain Chatter aimed at entrepreneurs, tech and money enthusiasts. The idea here is to give the audience high-quality content and end on a call-to-action to our Hive onboarding funnel.Big Hive communities related audienceBrand awareness, networking, signupsStrengthen relationships for our Collaboration Marketing plan

8- Founder Guest Appearances on Niche Podcasts:

Collaborate with niche-focused podcasts to bring us on as a guest, discussing the niche of the creator as well as our platform’s features and impact on the social media space. Deliver multiple call-to-actions throughout podcasts to drive audiences to our Hive Onboarding Funnel. Many niche podcasts we approach will also be offered the opportunity to host it as a Threadcast so the podcaster themselves can see what Hive could do for their audience building activities.LeoFinance related audienceBrand awareness, networkingStrengthen relationships for our Collaboration Marketing plan and Long term networking.

The list above includes some of the key aspects of our Traditional Marketing Strategies. As mentioned in our Proposal Article, we are prepared and expect to measure the success and effectiveness of each of the strategies outlined in this document. What gets measured, gets managed and we will change course where we consider necessary to focus our efforts on the strategies that yield the best results in terms of onboarding and retention of users on the Hive Blockchain (CaC).

Want to Help Us Double the Userbase of Hive?

Our DHF Proposal is currently 94% of the way to getting funded. We need about 1.6M more HIVE POWER to vote our proposal into the current round of funding. The funding begins on September 1st and so do all of our marketing funnels.


If you are interested in learning more about our proposal and the details of how we plan to onboard 9,615+ new monthly active users to the Hive ecosystem:

Previous Marketing Plans:

1- Proposal to Double the Hive Userbase
2- Overview of our Marketing Strategy

Posts We’re Releasing This Week:

1- Collaboration Marketing
2- Guerilla Marketing
3- Adoption Campaigns
4- Influencer Marketing
5- Social Media Strategy and Goals
6- Hive Onboarding Course, Revealed

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Crypto, Decentralized, Blockchain, Rewards.

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As stated on the UI, please open a Discord tech support ticket. That's how any refunds that are required to be manually done are handled ->

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