You're Invited to LeoMobile Private Alpha Testing!

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With LeoMobile finally in production version - Open Beta for the LeoFinance and Hive Community - on both IOS and Android, we're looking for a small group to be our LeoMobile Closed Alpha testers.

The workflow for LeoMobile looks like this:

  1. Development happens in our private team server
  2. New features are pushed to Closed Alpha for testing by a small, private group who provide feedback and bug reports
  3. Features are polished using the feedback
  4. New versions are pushed regularly to Open Beta when we are happy with the updates and the bug reports are solved

Want to Become a Private Alpha Tester for LeoMobile?

We're currently looking to fill 5 IOS spots and 5 Android spots for LeoMobile Closed Alpha testing.

This position is expected to be somewhat active. Not in that you need to be here daily to share your experiences, etc. but that we expect you to be regularly active in testing new features as we push them and provide feedback via a private Discord channel.

We don't want to add users who aren't ready to be active testers in the mobile app and provide feedback and bug reports to speed along our development and release pipeline.

If you are an active and engaged community member of LeoFinance and would like to help our team develop LeoMobile by providing us feedback regularly via Discord, please follow the steps below!

How to Apply for Closed Alpha Testing

To apply for LeoMobile Alpha access, you can fill out the LeoMobile Application Form - it takes about 30 seconds. This form will give us all the info we need to send you a private invitation to Closed Alpha on either IOS or Android.

We'll also invite you to a private Discord channel where you can provide feedback and get updates on what new features are available only to you as an Alpha tester.

  1. Fill out the Form
  2. Wait for the team to reach out (If approved, we'll send you a private invite via Email + you'll be added to a private Discord channel and tagged)

We're doing this on a first come, first serve basis. The first 10 applicants will get an Alpha invite.

Depending on how the testing goes, we'll also be adding more people to this group over time / switching people out in case they aren't active in providing feedback.

Our goal is to keep the group exclusive. This makes it easy for us to manage and also ensures that we get quality feedback and bug reports.



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Pick me ! :D
I am completely addicted to the iOS LeoMobile app

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I stand for an iOS tester. Will like to test

I recently wrote a tweet about this because I love using the mobile to comment but I have alot of suggestions and feedbacks. So many issues I think needs to be resolved. I like this effort to involve we users. I'd fill the form right away. !PIZZA

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I have ios, if in any case they do not fill the places I could try the app

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Would gladly like to test it on Android. I apparently am getting this feedback


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I've iOS and I'd like to try app the app. Nice update.

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Asking me for Permission to fill the form, if it's possible I can test it on Android :D

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Oh man, I am a Software Tester professional and this would come like a glove for me. Only if I would have the time to do it all... :( Probably I will let others play around, maybe we could collaborate in the future on this domain.

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Believe me, when I say this, there is a lot I will have to bring to the table when it comes to the Android sector. the bugs I face and how much hustle I will have to go through to get a post from the Android app rolling .so if there is space I am willing to help.

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I'm already in but I need to have some features that missing in LeoFinance mobile app alpha. I can't rehive from the app also can't see posts that I've rehived in my hive timeline. So my request to developers is that please include them to make the app more awesome and user friendly.
Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Thank you for your support all year!




I put in for Android. I wont be able to start however till Jan 3rd - Jan 5th because of the holidays. However I have 5 years of QA experience behind me writing up bug reports etc which should come in handy. Happy to help if you need more feedback.

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Just completed the form for android device. Since there's a lot of sign-ups already I am good if ever that I am not included on this batch. Just happy to be of help.

Great job folks!

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The differrnt push me way back to apply for testing....still I filled hoping to get a slot for Android.

Way to go for @leofinance with everyday new updates and development....Merry Christmas🎅🥂

I'd be happy to test the app on Android. Lmk

I can test this on iOS if you need testers.

Trying to fill the form but this is what am getting

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Trying to fill the form and this is what I am getting.


Need owner's permission.


I will happily test the alpha version of the mobile app I am enjoying the available release. I am keen to help and advance leofinance and the Hive any way I can.

I'm unable to fill the form. Please help with making it free for all.

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This is what am getting

This is what I noticed what is the next thing to do

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I will be happy to be included! :)

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I would be more than happy to give feedback via Discord. Just applied. =)

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Fantastic! Great work peeps and this is a move in the right direction.

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Have been using this app from day one because i have both iOS and android. I can be your tester if it is not too late

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Nice one from @leofinance

I just applied for the Android version of the testing and I look forward to the feedback.

Always nice to see you guys improving LeoFinance in many ways. I haven't been much active recently due to time constraints but I'm sure you'll find more than enough volunteers here!

Keep up the great work, team!


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Positing using leofinance leofinance mobile.
Smooth and fast👌

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well, i just filled out the form, hopefully, i will be chosen to test the app