Zealy Campaign Walkthrough! $10,000 USD + 200,000 HIVE POWER Delegation + Limited Edition NFTs + LP Delegations and More!

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Hey everyone! This is a special edition of the LeoFinance Livestreams. Today, Eric joins me to do a live walkthrough of the entire Zealy Campaign.

In the Zealy campaign, we're giving away $10,000 in LEO + 200,000 HIVE power in giveaways! It's pretty incredible!

In this live walkthrough we show you the literal secret sauce behind the campaign. Eric gives his top advice on how to participate in the Zealy campaign and earn the most rewards from it while chasing those top spots for the huge prizes.

In this campaign, there are over 60 quests you can complete in Zealy. Each quest earns you XP. As you gain XP, you'll rank up in our Zealy leaderboard. High rankers will get massive prizes like $10k and 200,000 in HIVE POWER delegations.

Along with this are also:

  1. Additional LEO prizes
  2. LEO POWER Delegations
  3. Limited Edition NFTs
  4. Side Quests
  5. and more!

Checkout the first 30 mins of the video for the live walkthrough of all the quests. The last 45 minutes are all Q&A and there are some awesome nuggets in there from the community's questions!

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( stevenson7, ifarmgirl-leo ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

I won't definitely miss this great opportunity to earn more LEO tokens and Hive power by contributing positively in the community through the Zealy Contest.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you are having a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️💕

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This is very helpful. Been looking forward to the campaign for a while, so this walkthrough of task has made me understand some things, albeit I have a few questions. Would probably bring them up in the show. 😁

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What a comprehensive walkthrough! Consistency and determination is the only way to win, zealy campaign all the way,am on it and will not miss it, thank you @khal and @anomadsoul for this update

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This is great to have this coming to us and importantly it will help to bring more people into the community and increase the interaction on leofinance. happy to be part of this campaign. LFG

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I’m just get started use Leo Finance 💗

Very helpful