A new era for LPUD has begun!

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Hurry, the Leo Power Up Day has begun!

Like every month, LPUD takes place on the 15th of the month (UTC), so if you are reading this and you haven't powered up, hurry up and stake some tokens!

The reason this is the beginning of a new era for LPUD, is because @leo.voter now offers a 22% APR for delegated Hive Power. This means that a lot of $LEO tokens that used to hit the market every day from bounties, is no longer doing so.

The $LEO market is about to get thinner!

Powering up at least 50 or 150 $LEO tokens is going to get harder and harder as months pass by...

LPUD guidelines

The idea of LPUD - the Leo Power Up Day - is to signal how strong and long term minded community we are, so every 15th of the month we gather together and we stake our $LEO tokens.

There are two types of power up:

CUB attack: Power up at least 50 $leo on the 15th
LION attack: Power up at least 150 $leo on the 15th.

Being eligible for the rewards

  • Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be less than 25k.
  • You must power up at least 50 Leo on December 15.
  • You must not have powered down Leo since September 15.
  • Make a post on InLeo about LPUD, why are you joining, what do you think about the initiative, the community or anything related to InLeo (A Thread is not enough).

*Pro Tip: You can include an LPUD section to a normal post you make about any topic so you don't have to do a separate LPUD post. Just make sure to include "LPUD" in the title of the post so we know there's a section about it in the article you publish.

Depending on how much $leo you power up, you will be eligible for these delegations:

2k from @simplifylife
3k from @gadrian
5k from @l337m45732
5k from @tbnfl4sun
5k from @dagger212
5k from @forexbrokr
5k from @jongolson
5k from @scaredycatguide
5k from @silversaver888
5k from @steemstreems
5k from @whatsup
5k from @bitcoinflood
5k from @leogrowth
5k from @mcoinz
5k from @beststart
5k from @trumpman
5k from @trumpman
5k from @trumpman
10k from @edicted
10k from @taskmaster4450
10k from @niallon11
10k from @anomadsoul
10k from @alexvan
20k from @inleo

We will also have 10 InLeo Premium for ten random Lions who power up at least 150 $LEO!

Start the year strong!

Thanks to @hivebuzz, we have our very own LPUD Badges.

Make sure to collect all 2024 badges!

If you want your monthly badge, make sure you power up at least 150 $LEO on January 15th UTC <- the time zone is important!

So now you know, LPUD has begun!

Have you powered up already?

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Just did my part... 150 LEO from me.
Long live the lion!

That is great going

So the hivebuzz badge must be for 150 $LEO

Ahh a cub truly misses the good stuffs 😭😭😭