LeoFinance partners with SanR | Santiment's Trading Platform

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Leo is always looking to grow and to push mass adoption for LeoFinance and the Hive Blockchain.

One of the best ways to do this is by partnering with Crypto Companies that align with our vision and have that we share the same values and foundations, which is why we are proud to announce this...

Official partnership with SanR!

SanR allows their users to practice crypto trading without risking real money in a friendly and easy to use environment.

Lions will be able to Track their trading decisions and learn by doing - practice makes perfect, and experience means everything in the crypto world.

What best way to learn how to trade and make better decisions than by practicing first hand?

LeoFinance's mission is to democratice access and knowledge to finance, and with this partnership we strive to provide a tool for Lions and Hivers to learn about the crypto trading art with our own Crypto Trading Club by SanR.

We are already 59 Lions

So what are you waiting for? Join our club!

The first epoch (season) has already started, it lasts 14 days and this first epoch is a test run so our community Lions get used to the interface!

Live Partnership Announcement and Session

About Santiment

Santiment is the most respected and trusted Companies in the Crypto Space that provides data-driven insights on cryptocurrency networks, blockchain-based projects, crowd sentiment and market behavior.

They provide credible, actionable information on the crypto industry by eliminating information asymmetry in the crypto ecosystem.

Basically, anyone who is serious about the Crypto Space uses Santiment as a main tool to make decisions.

So now you know why this strategic partnership with SanR has everyone on LeoFinance excited!

See you in a few hours for the LiveStream! 10am EST!

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I don't know this service so I wait for post-announcement post about it and about partnership

One more for the club, count me in

I am in now too

Happy to hear about that, great work by LeoFinance team to make if happened

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a welcome development indeed. Well done!

This is really great news for Leo growth. I see this partnership to bring a lot of transformations.

Great news! Good job Leo People! :)

@tipu curate

Great partnership! I know a few services like this one but SanR is the first blockchain based platform of that kind! That's huge as we can be assured that out track record can't be tempered with.

Looking forward to this!

!1UP It's great to see great partnerships happening, especially with a project that provides a great way to learn how to trade (I'm not good at it but this is an opportunity to learn).


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@leogrowth , this one thing I wanna learn, thanks for sharing.😊

They provide credible, actionable information on the crypto industry by eliminating information asymmetry in the crypto ecosystem.

This is fantastic!

Time to combine our experience with useful data

More than excellent! This is really interesting.

This partnership is great and with this, we can expect more exposure for leofinance and leo tokens.

Wonderful partnership 🤝 I believe this will yield good benefits for both parties, and the communities involved!

I tried to join and connect using walletconnect, but there's a problem with it at mo.