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It seems $UNI wants to finally turn on the fee sharing system that they had since the airdrop!

This is actually amazing news!

People don't get that these might be protocols but they work basically like companies, decentralized companies, but a company nonetheless, and the only way to distribute value generated by the company to token holders is either with buybacks and burns, or with fee sharing.

Amazon has buybacks, Apple has buybacks, Microsoft distributes dividends, META has buybacks...

This is the only way for our ecosystem to get seen by the outside world has something of value.

Protocols are finally starting to stop being afraid of being called a security because of fee sharing mechanisms, and are finally trying to make the value generated in the protocol be seen as tied to the token's valuation!

I just wonder how this will play out since now the fees need to shared between tokens holders, frontend owners and LPs 🤔

#crypto #leofinance

Gud to hear! Revenue sharing is fine and sum models have been working in such direction. We do that with Hive with rewards from the reward pool in a sense. Will watch for this. !BBH

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these are the projects that I want to see more of. People building real things with real value.

"The Lions Den" Episode #06 - InLeo SocialFi Web3 Podcast: Decentralized Social Media Blockchain Technology by @taskmaster4450le 😇 🔥

Available on 3Speak, YouTube & Spotify 🙌

Links in comments 👇

$BTC has been a bit fragile since its drop into the $50K zone. However, zooming out paints some hope. A classic bull flag formation. Solid moves above $52K could trigger a rally.

Update: 37.12% of the total $NOOK supply has been minted

#factsonleo #freecompliments

In 1985, a drug smuggler threw $15M of cocaine from his airplane into a national forest in Georgia. The cocaine was found by a black bear who ate all of it, went on a rampage, and then died of a massive overdose.

The bear was found dead in northern Georgia and was stuffed and displayed at a mall in Kentucky. It inspired the 2023 comedy thriller film Cocaine Bear, as well as the 2023 documentary film Cocaine Bear: The True Story.

Real-life story movies are interesting to watch. Thank you for sharing this information.

such things always exciting...just imagine 15m$

This is what's inspired Cocaine Bear.

i have not heard of incident. Will be intrsting to watch the movie

This is a test. Wondering if a comment published on Peakd shows up on Threads.

How did you do that ?

Go to peakd. Find the @leothreads account. Threads are just comments under those posts displayed a different way. Leaving a comment under the most recent post shows up on Threads.

So it did work but not sure why you would want to do that !BBH

Like it says above, just a test. I can respond to a thread faster if I'm on peakd.
I find browsing the comment section on peakd to be more efficient as well if I feel like looking at everything and don't have much time.

Fair enough

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nope. Can't see it.

test failed

LOL I'm so confused now...

And here I am being confused on PeakD, wondering if my confusion shows up on Threads.

Testing my confusion in two places at once was successful.

Yup. It does. Test complete. I wonder if I can edit this response without paying for premium.

Editing was successful.

Binance admits to money laundering. It seems centralization is in the air.


Elena Cardone, the wife of real estate businessman Grant Cardone, made the GoFundMe page titled "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment"

*Link in comments


Today between swap.hive, $LEO, Alive, and CTP tokens: 1342 Drips where sent out. A new record! Please share a screen shot here on threads, tag me and hashtag #bbh please :)

Good morning friends!

Does anyone have an idea what to do to get out of this? I've been like this since yesterday and I thought today would be better.

I've tried many things and so far nothing. I don't even know if I'll be able to send this.

#help #feedback #inleo

Good morning. It's the same with me. Threads aren't loading properly, as are the comments in articles.

Difficult days ahead.

Same here also.. Labs is the another option

Thanks for tip!


In Istanbul during the 1960s, it was common for bars to hire "Basket Men" whose entire job was to carry home people who'd drank too much and were unable to walk home.

The tradition of “Basket Men” in Istanbul was not just a service, but also a source of income for many. Most of these men worked as porters during the day and then would work as basket men at night to earn some extra money.

#silverbloggers Nature In Town, South Coast of Durban at midday today had the feel of 41C hot and humid, say no more! #nature #weather

nature photography always looks beautiful nice click

Nature replenishes our inner being.

Very cool picture but 41 C in Durban? I don't think I can stand the heat.

Have had some most uncomfortable days this Summer.

The planet is just heating up every year.

Goes in cycles, was extremely hot in 2010 as well....

Yeah, I heard it's the El nino effect too.

I'm afraid to call it "warm" lol, the photo is cool. but it doesn’t look like midday, but like early morning or late evening :)

Late afternoon here now, humidity hanging in the valley :)

It is indeed hot and humid. Nice shot.

Only venture out early morning or late afternoon at this time of the year.....

It's a safe way to be protected. Last summer there was a heat wave so the temperatures were above 40 most of the time. So unbearable.

Summer is never my friend.... !LOLZ

What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?
It gets toad.

Credit: reddit
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Durban humidity is insane... #respect

Eats into your brain.... !LOLZ

Why was the banana denied bail?
Every judge knows bananas splits.

Credit: reddit
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Gorgeous pic! And how hot!!!

Heat has been turned up high, most uncomfortable !LOLZ

What do you call a row of people lifting a giant mozzarella?
A cheesy pickup line.

Credit: reddit
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I didn't realise you lived in Durban. I lived there for a year a very long time ago. I bet I wouldn't recognise it now.

Place has changed, old buildings still there simply run down! They are trying to revive some areas, repeating what others tell me who still walk in the area. Personally I never go into the city.

Wow. That does sound very different. It was pretty neat and well kept when I was there. But as I said that was eons ago.

A long time ago the whole country was a place to be proud of, not so much at the moment. Hopeful of change happening soon!

Kindness Idea: Donate outgrown clothes or household items to local shelters. Your decluttering can help others. 👚 #Kindness #CWH

If you see someone on the street, smile and say "good morning."

Even though doing this is somewhat out of style, more people doing it is beneficial for everyone. #freecompliments

I agree, it's one of the things that made me feel very welcome when we moved to Spain, that people greeted and said good morning or hello at least.. This was not the same in our home town in Holland where everyone was rushed.

A simple gesture often brings the biggest smile! #freecompliments

Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience from Spain. Have an amazing week. We need simple things to have smiles.


The weather here in Mérida-Venezuela is somewhat varied, a day can dawn with cold weather.

And it just makes you want to lie in bed.

But at sunset the landscape is dressed in a characteristic color of the landscapes.

Merida has always been one of my favorite states, here I was born, and here I am....

On sunny days, it motivates us to go for a walk, to cool off in a nearby river, to go in the company of friends and family.

All the pictures you see here are mine. What do you think of Merida?

What beautiful landscapes, I would love it if I lived there too.

It really is a very nice place for its climate, and thanks to you for commenting my publicaicon.


funny, after my partner saw the #eldenring trailer yesterday, he’s now playing the game and relearning the commands 😂 he’s too early for the DLC release! LOL

It doesn't cost anything to be kind to another human being. The cost of cruelty is far higher than that of kindness. #freecompliments

INLEO is working very slowly this morning.


Inleo wasn't working at all especially the direct threads here.

Yeah, I hope they get it worked out.


Thank you for the tips.

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Indeed. O.o'

"Try Labs, it's better, although not perfect." OK, let's log in to labs:

Oooops... even the error page didn't load completely, so the "Retry" button is dead...
#feedback #frustration

yeah, too many errors today!

What giveaway would you like to see next by us?
or something else?

ill toss a vote for dcrops! :)

I never understood why #united sold Matej Kovar. He showed brilliant signs in pre season if you ask me. And he has only played one single match in #Bundesliga.

  • Clean sheet ✅️
  • 100% shots saved ✅️
  • 100% pass completion ✅️

Seems to be a steal for Bayer Leverkusen

#keeper #epl #manu #bayer #leverkusen #germany

It's not loading for me. Just stuck on refreshing cache.

Yeah. This was sarcasm. lol

Gud to hear. No need to change your mind. :) !BBH

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I cannot dispute this since I do not know what your definition of flawlessly is.

I wanted to include the dictionary but there wasn't enough room on the meme template.

I understand. You are very thoughtful.

It kind of hard for me to decide if this is beautiful or not. But I agree that it is outstanding and unique.
What do you think? #ladiesofhive #nature

either every thread is a poll or there's a weird bug that makes it look like it #feedback

Hello friend! I haven't been able to see my notifications, my threads... anything since yesterday... I thought it was an isolated case. It's very strange.

Everything is slow and buggy. I wannna thread!!! Plz fix asap ❤️ Hope this is a sign that things are under construction and more stable user experience is on the way 🔥

Use instead

it keeps booting me out so I have to log in every day but ooook

It is building by community not entity

it's smoother 🤷‍♀️

I think they are working on node let's see

I am moderately ready for my exam but before going to sleep I must revise all the important topics for my exam. Feeling a little bit confident now. I just hope that tomorrow's exam will go well.

#exam #thoughts

Don't underestimate what you know, @intishar

Yes. I can't lose confidence. I am prepared and hope that the outcome will be good. Thank you for your inspiring words.

I hope all of you are having a blasting day with your family and friends. If you are a splinterlands player like me, then I hope you have started pushing your trophy count toward your goal already

#outreach #threadstorm


Taking a look at my own progress in this ongoing season, I am currently fighting in the Champion II tier with a current trophy count of 4,208 and so far, I have collected a total of 68 season reward chests.


Is Saturday the scent of flowers? Not always, often it’s the aroma of cutlets and it’s no worse than the aroma of flowers :)

Grand kids Are here



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enjoy !


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Threads is working better in labs.

I should try the labs too, how can I access it, please.

Thank you, it works better.

of course. I am glad it is working better for you.

In time, the INLEO team will get all of these issues ironed out.

Again, don't hesitate to ask questions.

Thank you, sure I'll do that. Best of luck for the Inleo team to make it smooth and marvelous.

My name is dauda hammed, I am new on this platform, hope I am welcome looking forward to have nice time with you guys.

The shell of a hermit crab changes many times during its life. The shell from one step might not work with the next phase. You can get a new shell if you need to.


Buenos días mundo, ya están activos? no dejen de pasar por el canal del sabor #creativecuisine #foodie #threads #food

Aquí les comparto la receta de este rico pan, feliz día para todos #creativecuisine tu canal del sabor y la imaginación

#factsonleo #freecompliment

Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson once backed out of a fight because he had a dream he was going to kill his opponent in the ring. However, after being convinced by a priest, he agreed to fight. He knocked his opponent out cold, who was taken to hospital and pronounced dead the next day.

Wow never heard of this before

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