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If $BTC isn't trending on leo today then something is wrong.

Just look at that chart.


I agree. $BTC should be trending by now otherwise we cannot claim us to be the most active UI #btc

I think 1st you have to agree if you want #bitcoin or #btc

#btc I prefer the shorter version :)

I would agree #btc should be trending

we have ten #bitcoin and 7 #btc tags

We will see if it stays up there for now :)

$BTC should be trending. Did anyone take any short term profits?

It's going crazy really. Maybe most dont own much of it? But it leads the market.

I can see #btc is trending however it seems like threads users only interesting in hive and leo price.

The Fear & Greed Index seems to be hotting up, even after a pullback from $64K. #BTC #Crypto #Markets

What an irony. We are almost at 69K and nobody is panicking yet. #btc

I agree with so many others. We should have #btc trending on inleo otherwise our priorities are not in the right place for today :)

I took some short term profits on $BTC around 63K and then bought back in.
I took some of those profits and put it into $AKT and holding some in reserve to move to Hive / LEO.

Did you make any moves today ? #btc #bitcoin

i have not. i am just waiting.

$73.4 billion volume in the last 24 hours is crazy #bitcoin


Sorry, I'll see myself out

Great questions from Godfish. This is why LeoAds payouts have variable activity requirements

You know who hates this? People who want to skate by doing the bare minimum

those payout requirements are easy one like normal thing for daily active users..

Yeah it's actually nothing

You could be active for 1/30 days in a month and still hit the requirements

Some ppl just want to do the bare minimum and get rewarded for it. Our goal is to make sure those people don't get rewarded so that the ones who show up daily get rewarded

Web2users won't care,don't want to care and shouldn't have to care.If this is the case then you will never gain mass adoption.How many who use FB are blind patriots?None and requiring its what has doomed Hive from the start. Losing Strategy

You can read my opinion about it in my Blogpost I posted today.

I think this is the wrong way

Kurt Cobain recently turned 57 years old since he left us so nothing better than sharing the band's most successful song with almost 2 BILLION views on YouTube "Smells Like Teen"

When people in your office want to talk about #btc now it is going up and ignored talking about it last 3 years.

huh, finally I get into Inleo after almost 4 days, relaxation for me.
How you guys are doing?
#inleo #neoxian

some growing pains hopefully the last of the large downtime.

Well.. things seem to be escalating before the halving.

I hope this does not mean that the $BTC halving will have same effect as $LTC halving.

#btc #crypto #bullrun

love waking up to cute texts like this

Any good retro porn DVDs? Those could be worth a fortune.

you will be the first to know, ser

I'm on the hunt

Pubic hair will make a comeback if you get enough of those DVDs out there.

True. So odd that it's out of style

The conspiracy theorist in me, while in the metaverse of course, thinks it was to normalize pedo.

The cool thing about creating playlists in Leo is that every now and then you end up finding some music that you really like and that you haven't heard in a long time.

It's fun and exciting at the same time. Have you created your playlist today?

#musiconleo #inleo #playlist

Very true! I'm just hesitant to create more playlists before #polls are back

That is a good point, @mightpossibly

I guess we can always go back and add the polls later.

I have already uploaded a ton crap of music this morning, lol

It's not been possible to go back and add polls by editing thus far. I've requested that feature a couple times already though, and hopefully it will be possible once they're back. Fingers crossed! And if it does, I'll also have a ton of stuff I need to back and add polls to as well :)

Yes, it's true... I had forgotten that detail, can you believe it? LOL

So I think it's good to focus on containers.... it's a shame the polls aren't available.

I had to research what "thoon" is hahahaha.... you're right.

yeah containers is a good option for sure. I really should get to making some myself. Still on my to-do list

I really like series... war films are my favorite (I think you probably noticed, because I've brought two so far) and today I'm going to bring one that became very famous outside of Brazil and I believe you've already watched it....

It's called Elite Squad (for you it's called Elite Squad).

Seems interesting! Bookmarked it and will check it out later.

This talk of containers and movies gave me an idea though.

If we can get more people to create containers for their favorite movies, we could create a mega-container for those containers. So I would put MY favorite movies container in there, and you could put yours. And then maybe others will join as well. The mega-container can use the tag 'metacontainer' - a container for containers

I liked that and we do need more people involved in this. We can do it and it only depends on us.

What do you think @taskmaster4450le?

That is true. I can also make a LeoGlosary page with each container. We also can link the LeoGlossary page for the film and also have the container linked.

For example, imagine a container for Star Wars and doing what I just mentioned.

There is actually so much potential.

Morgan Stanley, one of the largest broker-dealer platforms in the United States, is evaluating whether to offer spot #bitcoin ETFs to clients. #newsonleo

Everyone will join the party sooner or later #btc

Definitely. Nobody wants to miss great opportunities

no. #btc is all rage right now

That's why there is a lot of demand, and companies see this as an opportunity.

I agree. #btc will lead the way.

The banks are going to have to do it to remain competitive.

Was a good run in the top 20 hive-engine witness nodes. Needs more support and sales of BBHM to get back there.

Are you playing #kompete?

Which game is this?

Kompete! It is written on the top left side of the image ;)
It is in the epic game store and on android

If you are a daily player and take the splinterlands game competitively, then most probably you are putting all of your energy into the game right now because there are only 22 hours left for this current ranked season to end.

#outreach #threadstorm


I am fighting my way in the Champion League as usual and currently playing in the Champ I tier with only one goal in mind to secure a good spit in the lb. But sadly, even after playing for several hours and draining all my battle energies I couldn't secure a spot yet.


I backed of a little as I want to make sure I have 50 energy to start the new season with the new ranking system and rewards!

Well, what started as a few updates turned into a full on UI upgrade, lol!

But that's how it goes!

Excited to show off this new chapter of the #hivelist saga!

#ecommerce #hivecommerce #cryptopayments #neweconomy

The joys of programming.

But it's finally all coming together!

Actress, Hunter Schafer, famous for playing Jules Vaughn in the HBO series "Euphoria," was arrested during a protest against Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.


Breaking #bitcoin all time high was not on my bingo card for February but I’m here for it.

A Beautiful Friend of mine surprised me with this Artistic Drawing After Our Christain Meeting, How does It look?


15 minutes.
Thousands of millions.

Welcome to #crypto 🤣

Fast down.

none flash is so fast like this

As volatile as gasoline and lighters.

The last couple of minutes before the game starts. Let's go #mufc

To make this known in a few places, we go with a broad reach/approach

And don't forget you can bet on games with crypto, using

#freecompliments #neoxian #sgslife #leo #crypto

Do you guys prefer doing a business in real life or online business/startup?

Both ways people can make #money but In my country mostly prefer irl #business

Curios to know what people think about it in your country?

Resistance to change is fatal.

some places take more time to adapt the change..

Tho no matter how digital era become.. business in streets will still have scope imo

My wife conducts her business online via video conferencing, this is part due to anxiety issues and the nature of work she does. So it more about what works for you

Começou umas obras na rua da quebrada, agora se pá teremos asfalto.

Are you even a crypto bro if you haven’t thought you don’t have enough crypto stacked for the bull run?

There is a lot of stake missing in my stash for the next run!

lol I don’t even have anything to sell again at this point

No moon tonight, just few stars. The air is a bit cold and fresh, looks like it might rain 😁hope it does

My most recent altcoin pick, ALL.ART (WEB3, NFTs & Tokenization) doing its thing! #Altcoins #Crypto #Trading

$ETH Whales continue to accumulate. They withdrew nearly 21,000 #ETH from Binance and Kraken in the last six days and staked it all.

Everyone rn: C'mon #Altcoins do something.

March: hold my beer.

So yesterday I asked why you are not premium yet?
and people went kind of crazy.
So lets try this question :

Why are you not continuing your premium ?
What 1 feature would make you continue ?

i continued #btc:P

we need more #btc tags to get the all mighty $BTC trending.
I wonder if LTC will ever have an increase.

I used to have a LTC. Lost it on some cold storage wallet I had back in the day. I wonder how often that happens.

i bet a lot of early mining of coins were lost

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